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How to Use Responsive Images
In the world of responsive web design one core, yet complicated, spec can net you substantial reductions in page size across the device spectrum. In this post I’ll demystify the complexity in the responsive images spec so you can use these powerful HTML attributes on your site.
css  responsive  images  html  image 
may 2017 by tsanzer
Improve Your Billing Form’s UX In One Day – Smashing Magazine
In less than one day, you can improve your billing form’s UX by adding some simple and useful features to your project. This article explains how.
css  ux  form  autocomplete  checkout  billing  creditcard  forms  html  javascript 
march 2017 by tsanzer
Using SVG | CSS-Tricks
SVG is an image format for vector graphics. It literally means Scalable Vector Graphics. Basically, what you work with in Adobe Illustrator. You can use SV
css  web  html  image  svg  animation  vector  webdesign  csstricks  design 
february 2017 by tsanzer
Using the fieldset and legend elements | Accessibility
This is for everyone: documenting how we're rebuilding inclusive digital services across the UK Government
a11y  accessibility  forms  html  fieldset  legend  bestpractice 
july 2016 by tsanzer
Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator, A New Open Source Tool – Smashing Magazine
A new open source tool for finding responsive image breakpoints and generating and srcset-markup for responsive images.
generator  html  image  images  responsive  breakpoint  css 
january 2016 by tsanzer
Web Design Stack — Web Design & Development Tools, News, and Inspiration
Web Design Stack is a curated selection of essential web design and development tools, news, and inspiration.
css  design  development  resources  webdesign  directory  resource  tools  web  html 
may 2015 by tsanzer
Cliff Seal's Resume | Web & WordPress Development, Design, Creative Direction, and Graphic Animation | cliff@logos-creative.com
I create experiences delivered via the web, video, and print by identifying boxes- and helping others think outside of them.
resume  html  responsive 
february 2015 by tsanzer
David Paul Ellenwood | Résumé
Résumé / CV for David Paul Ellenwoood, Interactive Designer, Front End Developer & Web Geek.
responsive  resume  html 
february 2015 by tsanzer
Wysihtml editor
Wysihtml is an advanced rich text editor in html — the typewriter for the modern web.
editor  javascript  html  library  wysiwyg  text  webdesign  rich  font 
december 2014 by tsanzer
When to use target="_blank" | CSS-Tricks
Anchor links1 may have a target attribute which controls what happens when that link is clicked. One of the possible values of that attribute is _blank, wh
css  html  target  webdev  development  html5  link  links 
december 2014 by tsanzer
Responsive Images in Practice · An A List Apart Article
When we design responsively, our content elegantly and efficiently flows into any device. All of our content, that is, except images. For years, we’ve catered to users with the highest-resolution screens by sending giant images to everyone. No longer. Eric Portis takes us through the new picture element and other attributes to let us mark up multiple, alternate sources. Find out how to use responsive images now: send the best image for each context, cut down on page weight, and speed...
css  image  images  responsive  rwd  html 
november 2014 by tsanzer
Making Embedded Content Work In Responsive Design | Smashing Magazine
In this article, we’ll show you how to make embedded content responsive using CSS, so that content such as video and calendars resize with the browser’s viewport.
html  responsive  video  css  iframe 
october 2014 by tsanzer
Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques | Smashing Magazine
The Web is 95% typography, or so they say. I think this is a pretty accurate statement: we visit websites largely with the intention of reading. That’s what you’re doing now — reading. With this in mind, does it not stand to reason that your typography should be one of the most considered aspects of your designs? Unfortunately, for every person who is obsessed with even the tiniest details of typography, a dozen or so people seem to be indifferent. It’s a shame; if you’re going to sp...
fonts  typography  css  webdesign  design  web  html 
october 2014 by tsanzer
Built-in Browser Support for Responsive Images - HTML5 Rocks
Take advantage of the new <picture> element and new features of <img> in your next responsive website.
html  html5  images  picture  responsive  rwd  webdev 
september 2014 by tsanzer
Making Forms Fabulous with HTML5 - HTML5 Rocks
Take advantage of improved forms support in HTML5 to build better forms, more easily.
css3  forms  html  html5  form  webdev  reference  validation  css  webdesign 
september 2014 by tsanzer
CSS outline property - outline: none and outline: 0
The CSS outline property is an accessibility requirement, yet often abused by many web designers, why do they do it?
accessibility  css  html  web  outline 
september 2014 by tsanzer
What 22 Billion Newsletters Tell Us About Designing For Mobile Email | Smashing Magazine
This article interprets the Campaign Monitors Email Marketing report to help making informed decisions about what works in mobile email newsletters.
design  development  email  emails  html  mobile 
august 2014 by tsanzer
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