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The Long, Remarkable History of the GIF
Watch Good Dog GIF by popmech on Gfycat. Discover more GIFS online at Gfycat.
internet  history  graphics  gif  web  aesthetics  popularmechanics  article 
august 2016 by tsanzer
Typography for User Interfaces | Viljami Salminen
Our interfaces are written, text being the interface, and typography being our main discipline.
fonts  typography  ui  design  webdesign  history 
june 2016 by tsanzer
Crypt of Civilization Time Capsule at Oglethorpe University
The Crypt of Civilization time capsule at Oglethorpe University is the first successful attempt to bury a record for any future inhabitants of planet Earth.
crypt  civilization  oglethorpe  highered  history 
may 2016 by tsanzer
A wall of color, a window to the past | Harvard Gazette
Forbes pigment collection serves as teaching tool, resource, and even artwork | Curious visitors who turn left off the Harvard Art Museums’ elevators on the building’s fourth floor are greeted by the Forbes Pigment Collection, a floor-to-ceiling wall of color compiled from about 1910 to 1944 by the former director of the Fogg Museum.
art  color  pigment  history  material  colour  painting  harvard 
april 2016 by tsanzer

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