Sold a cargo bike? Help me do depreciation research! Pretty please? via /r/CargoBike
I'd love to compare the total cost of ownership of cargo bikes vs cars, starting with a Prius and directly comparing misc cargo bikes to this nice Prius TCO breakdown. If you've bought and sold a cargo bike, would you mind filling out this google form? Results will be shared both in Google Form's standard post-fill-out summary, as well as via the raw data in this export, which I will update periodically as the data comes in.[Plea]Depreciation for bikes in general, and especially non-cargo eBikes, seems pretty steep. The first year is something like 30-50%, according to everything I can find on Google. However, cargo bikes, especially with e-assist, and extra-especially the high end ones like Riese and Muller, seem like they're in a bubble. They are in such demand that it's not really practical to plan on buying one used. I've only heard whispers of them passing hands, never actually seeing the offer myself.​So, I've heard the claim that cargo bikes don't depreciate as fast, but I haven't even seen nice ones change hands, much less any real data. So let's get some![/Plea]
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21 days ago
My job is putting wristbands on people at a museum. My boss says I’m the best wristbander at the place. Here’s all my wristband-related wisdom. via /r/CasualConversation
When you’re getting a wristband put on, always put out your wrist with the palm of your hand facing up. That way it won’t stick to your arm hair.If the adhesive part of the wristband doesn’t align and sticks to you, fold it over.To take off a wristband, grab the loose part on the interior and pull it in the opposite direction it’s facing, towards the adhesive.When putting a wristband on a small child, make sure you ask them if it’s too loose/tight.As for dealing with a child’s wrist size, you can either wrap the band around the wrist until it fits, or you can make a “whale’s tail” with the band (stick the adhesive strip to the underside of the band so that it fits the wrist and the rest of it will stick straight up). You can either cut off the excess or let it stay depending on the child’s preference.If you know you will be wristbanding a lot of children, it can be helpful to cut some short in advance so that they’re sized appropriately.If someone obviously wants to put a wristband on you, don’t try to take it and do it yourself unless you’re confident you can do it. You probably can’t. It’s hard to do one-handed.When you have a lot of practice wristbanding, you will be able to do it very, very fast. Use the time you save with the application of the band to make sure the adhesive is lined up.Brace the band against the wrist with your middle fingers while you line up the adhesive with your thumbs and index fingers.And finally, every single person makes the joke that it’s like going to the hospital/to the club. You’re not funny or original for that one. Sorry.
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6 weeks ago
Jonah Hill deserves credit via /r/Maniac
This was the best performance of his career. He really showcased his range as a dramatic actor. At the very least he should be nominated for the next emmy's.
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7 weeks ago
I kicked my son out of our house for being gay. He became an alcoholic and nearly drank himself to death. via /r/confession
This was in 1991, my son was 18 and going to a local college. Me and my wife considered ourselves sort of a normal new jersey italian catholic family, we were traditional and fairly ignorant to most things. We hated the perceived feminization of culture, images of drag queens in NYC and AIDS and the tight pants of modern kids made us recoil in horror.My wife found gay porn magazines in my sons room. I came home to a shit storm, she was freaking out at him, I asked why and she showed me what it was. I felt my heart drop down into my stomach, it was like a punch to the gut. He was GAY? It felt like the ultimate betrayal to us, betraying our religion, betraying the normal, 'healthy' upbringing we gave him. We had zero concept of the idea of being born gay, we thought it was something you made a choice to engage in, and once you did it you couldn't stop. Everything that we had given him, a normal, religious, traditional home, with enough money to go to college and relative freedom to do what he wants, and he just threw it all away. At least, that is what I thought at the time. He was my only precious thing in the world, my son, the person who would inherit my families name, the man who I raised from a child to BE a man, but at that moment was the furthest thing from a real man in my mind I could imagine. I made the choice right then and there that he was no son of mine, he was just a sissy bitch who happened to live in my house.I know how horrific this sounds, because it was horrific. And it was how almost everyone who lived in our community felt. We were constantly spewed with propaganda to hate gay people and ideas that the youth were all gay and experimenting and getting AIDS and dressing as women. The hair metal, men wearing makeup, David bowie, the drag queens in new york across the hudson, Freddy Mercury, the ridiculous clothing of the era, it all gave the worldview that the world was turning into some gay, womanly wonderland.Anyways, I barely even spoke to him. My wife was the one who did all the yelling. I just went red in the face and couldn't even look at him. She told him to get the fuck out and go to new york to live with his friends, who she assumed were all gay (and she was right, mostly). She physically hit him, a lot, and got him to pack his stuff while he was crying and told him to get out.Me and my wife were just devastated afterwards, we went to church a lot, my wife told all the other families in the area and they were horrified at my son. I remember when we told our priest, who was a very nice, accepting man, about our son he looked to be disgusted, but when we told him we kicked him out he looked at us in disgust, or at least hided it a tiny bit. Living without my son hurt. It also made me rethink things over time. I still saw him almost as a inhuman person, to be gay, to me at that time, was so sinful and horrific that it was impossible to truly consider accepting them as real, normal people.Me and my wife grew apart in the 6 months following my son leaving. She started to drink a lot, and she was a nasty drunk. She had a history of alcoholism, I knew how bad it could get. This was the worst I had ever seen her. We fought constantly over stupid things, and all I could think about was that when our son was here, we never fought, he always calmed us down.In the end, I got kicked out of my own home, she just told me to leave. I moved to New York to live with my brother in bay ridge, we got divorced officially a few months later. She would die from liver failure 7 years later.I made the choice, a conscious choice, to find out where my son was. At that point my life was just in shambles and I was rethinking everything about how I viewed my religion, my life, and I was just so horribly depressed and lonely. Finding him was a nightmare of itself, it took two weeks of calling homeless shelters and asking around at them if they had seen my son months ago. I finally found him in an apartment in Williamsburg. I saw him and apologized, and I told him that I am so sorry I kicked him out. Part of me was still in the same mindset as before, I was still a raging homophobe, but I tried to push that part away and just be with my son and ignore everything else.He was a severe alcoholic. My first thought when I saw him, sweaty and skinny and sickly looking, was AIDS. But no, it was alcoholism. It runs in the family. He said that it started soon after I kicked him out, and that he was horribly depressed and turned to drinking heavily. Even his roommates said it was a major problem.For the next 3 months I spent a lot of time focusing on getting him clean. I met his friends, about half of whom were gay, and we worked together to help him. He went to a detox clinic, he went to rehab. We spent a lot of emotional days together. I didn't want to lose him, even though just a year before I was desperate to get rid of him. The thought of him dying, right after this... because we kicked him out... it was just too much to bear. I made the decision that if he died, I would probably commit suicide after. But he would get clean, then relapse 4 months later, then get clean again for 2 years, then relapse again. Then he quickly recovered. And he would never touch another drop again.Spending that time with my son, and seeing how he lived and more importantly actually seeing how these gay men lived their lives, mostly completely normally, it completely changed me as a human being. In 1996, I went to my first pride parade with my son to support him and his boyfriend at the time. I took a heavy interest in the LGBT community and went with my son to visit his friends in AIDS clinics. If you were to have told me in 1991 that I would be going to an AIDS clinic with a drag queen and being friendly with everyone by 1997, I wouldn't believe you in the slightest.Anyways this post has been days in the making. I love reddit even if I am a bit old for it haha. I have told my story before to a journalist and it was published. If you feel deja vu reading this, I would VERY MUCH prefer if you didn't reveal my identity on this post or post the article.
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8 weeks ago
PETITION for young Carol, Barb, Frieda Spinoff! via /r/orangeisthenewblack
I would love a spinoff of OITNB set in the 70s/80s with the younger versions of Carol, Barb, and Frieda!
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11 weeks ago
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