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Lessons from an independent journalist.
Former CNN Editor Jon Ostrower shared three takeaways from his first six months of independent journalism: know your audience, put content first, and automate business processes.
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4 weeks ago by trevormeier
The October 1944 edition of Fortune magazine carried an article by a corporate executive that makes for amazing reading today. It was written by William B. Benton — a co-founder of the Benton & Bowles ad agency — and an editor’s note explained that
The October 1944 edition of Fortune magazine carried an article by a corporate executive that makes for amazing reading today. It was written by William B. Benton — a co-founder of the Benton & Bowles ad agency — and an editor’s note explained that Benton was speaking not just for himself but on behalf of a major corporate lobbying group. The article then laid out a vision for American prosperity after World War II. At the time, almost nobody took postwar prosperity for granted. The world had just endured 15 years of depression and war. Many Americans were worried that the end of wartime production, combined with the return of job-seeking soldiers, would plunge the economy into a new slump. “Today victory is our purpose,” Benton wrote. “Tomorrow our goal will be jobs, peacetime production, high living standards and opportunity.” That goal, he wrote, depended on American businesses accepting “necessary and appropriate government regulation,” as well as labor unions. It depended on compa
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6 weeks ago by trevormeier
Clevver | Top business addresses worldwide with digital postboxes
Currently a digital mailbox. Soon to expand to all kinds of nomad-related services. Recommended on Nomadlist. Currently only a Toronto address (no Vancouver)
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