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I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything
Because I’m blocking Google, Dropbox thinks I’m not a real person and won’t let me sign in.
google  internet  privacy  bestof 
january 2019 by trevf
Important kitty litter questions answered — Medium
"Internet cat culture exists because, collectively, we would prefer to remain in our chairs."
cats  internet  history 
june 2014 by trevf
The Reputation Market Is Getting Nearer
An excellent and timely read from @choire re: identity in the internet age... "How do we know who people are?" —
culture  identity  internet  anonymity  bestof 
march 2014 by trevf
Horse_ebooks campaign speech
The @Horse_ebooks Campaign Speech is one of many reasons why the internet was invented —
internet  art  twitter  rofl 
september 2013 by trevf

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