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HEAD - A free guide to <head> elements
All the crazy shit you should/can put in the HEAD of a page.
html  markup 
december 2017 by treevis
Accessible expanding and collapsing menu
Roger demonstrates how to create an accessible expanding/collapsing menu
css  accessibility  web-development  html  javascript 
january 2013 by treevis
Make HTML Entities
Convert text into HTML entities.
email  entities  html 
december 2012 by treevis
Create a new Fiddle - jsFiddle
Online Editor for the Web (JavaScript, MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, YUI, Glow and Dojo, HTML, CSS)
javascript  html  css  programming  _treevis  web-development 
november 2010 by treevis
Mollio CSS/HTML templates
Mollio is a simple set of html/css templates. The aim was to create a set of page templates that use css for layout as well as some sample basic content which has also had some css applied. It's definitely a work in progress.
css  html  templates  _treevis 
march 2007 by treevis
Bronto Blog: The Scoop On Outlook 2007
another article on the abomination that is HTML email in Outlook.
email  html  _treevis 
february 2007 by treevis
7 reasons why HTML email is a bad thing
"HTML email can be dangerous, HTML email is not always readable, HTML email wastes bandwidth and HTML email is simply not necessary." Here, here!
email  html  _treevis 
february 2007 by treevis
Page Source Order & Accessibility
Recommendations for ordering HTML source for those who use assistive devices such as screen readers.
accessibility  web-design  xhtml  html  usability  screen-readers  _treevis 
february 2007 by treevis
How To Code HTML Email Newsletters (All New Version)
Tips and tricks to getting HTML emails to work across several clients
email  html  CSS  reference  tips  _treevis 
october 2006 by treevis
CSS support in HTML emails of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail
Matrix of selectors, properteries and style methods supported in various mail clients
email  html  tips  css  reference  _treevis 
october 2006 by treevis

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