The Slate Cabin offers a panoramic view of the Welsh landscape
loves: the dining table/separator; the high windows; the slate on the outside
tiny-house  inspiration 
16 days ago
Shifting Walls Offer Privacy in This Tiny Home
I like the stacked nature of the house; and then also the little pods and ability to close them off
tiny-house  inspiration 
16 days ago
Home Renovation Completed With the Help of Salvaged Materials
Enjoy the center enclosed kitchen and bathroom/study upstairs
tiny-house  inspiration 
16 days ago
Tent House Brings Nature Inside
Love the panels and windows that slide open
tiny-house  inspiration 
11 weeks ago
Erika Osborne - Wearing Place
Wearing Place | necklaces made from twine and an item found at a location on your trip.
art  cool-stuff  gift-ideas 
february 2017
First Light
Max Sandvoss' cheese farm
february 2017
Home Insulated With Pumice Stone
Love the grass roof and tree down the middle of it
tiny-house  inspiration 
february 2017
Flat 35 m² on Behance
innovative storage in stairs and under the bed
tiny-house  inspiration 
february 2017
SSH keys : fix issue with macOS Sierra
terminal - macOS Sierra doesn’t seem to remember SSH keys between reboots - Ask Different
december 2016
Racism in the gay community
No Asians, no blacks. Why do gay people tolerate such blatant racism? | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
gay  gay-pride  racism 
november 2016
Travel Pack — Aer
Modern gym bags, travel bags and accessories designed for the city
travel  clothing 
november 2016
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