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8 days ago
The dining table is cleverly hidden in the countertop of this chic kitchen
love how the table swings out to accommodate a large group but is a bar table normally
housing  inspiration  housing-ideas 
5 weeks ago
The Living Vehicle offers long term off-grid living - Living in a shoebox
love the rain shower area - shower unit plus the wood wall/floor and the ability to hang things on the wall
housing  housing-ideas  inspiration 
8 weeks ago
Pinwhell House – A “Tube House” by CEEarch in Ho Chi Minh City
like the balconies and the openness of the floors and the brightness of the colors
housing  inspiration 
january 2018
HEAD - A free guide to <head> elements
All the crazy shit you should/can put in the HEAD of a page.
html  markup 
december 2017
50.50 House Embraces the Argentine Environment
love the room flow and cantelevered room/ wrap-around porch
housing  inspiration 
december 2017
A framework for spacing systems
A framework for creating a predictable & harmonious spacing system for faster design-dev handoff
design  developer  web-design  web-development 
august 2017
Hire me! | susan jean robertson
an example of how to show your skills to potential clients
consulting  reference 
august 2017
How Can I Help Your Company? | Ryan Irelan
an example of how to show your skills to potential clients
consulting  reference 
august 2017
Ark Shelter - Ark-shelter is a concept of mobile architecture.
Love the flow of this; bathroom and kitchen near (small kitchen plus storage)
tiny-house  inspiration 
july 2017
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