How to Change a Culture: Lessons From NUMMI
Great article here about learning and process transformation
lean  culture  learning  process 
june 2018
CSS Modules Welcome to the Future
Useful article about CSS Modules
article  css 
may 2018
Wedding thoughts: All I know about love
This is just beautiful, and you can bet it'll be read by nerds at weddings for years.
writing  love 
october 2017
Physics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta Stone
In physics, Feynman diagrams are used to reason about quantum processes. In the 1980s, it became clear that underlying these diagrams is a powerful analogy between quantum physics and topology. Namely, a linear operator behaves very much like a ‘cobordism’: a manifold representing spacetime, going between two manifolds representing space. This led to a burst of work on topological quantum field theory and ‘quantum topology’. But this was just the beginning: similar diagrams can be used to reason about logic, where they represent proofs, and computation, where they represent programs. With the rise of interest in quantum cryptography and quantum computation, it became clear that there is extensive network of analogies between physics, topology, logic and computation. In this expository paper, we make some of these analogies precise using the concept of ‘closed symmetric monoidal category’. We assume no prior knowledge of category theory, proof theory or computer science.
logic  pdf 
september 2017
Vens Vanbelle | a f a s i a
Fun house, nice exteriors, great warm colours.
architecture  design  inspiration 
august 2017
Maida Vale soft apartment on Architizer
Cool bathroom (grey herringbone pattern with tiles) and cool kids bed.
architecture  design  inspiration 
august 2017
Oberon House | Habitus Living
Some cabinetry and storage going on here.
architecture  design  inspiration 
august 2017
A for Architecture Transforms a Cottage into a Two-Story Home - Design Milk
The large arrow motif on the wall is pretty interesting. It works well with the texture of the bricks though.
architecture  design  inspiration 
august 2017
House in Sukumo / Container Design | ArchDaily
How much fun is the crazy rope ceiling thingy! That'd let in light and also be kinda fun.
architecture  design  inspiration 
august 2017
Elliot Road Home by Klopper and Davis Architects | HomeAdore
I like the bright yellow in the kitchen and the texture of the fine tiles. The study cabinetry is also pretty nice too.
architecture  kitchen  design  inspiration 
august 2017
Undulating paving connects inside and outside spaces at Twisting Courtyard house
This captures the "crouching tiger hidden dragon" courtyard aesthetic perfectly. Ancient yet totally modern. Cool.
architecture  design  inspiration 
july 2017
Baffle House by Clare Cousins Architects | Yellowtrace
Everything tied together nicely here, not just one detail.
architecture  design  inspiration 
july 2017
Blairgowrie House by Powda Con | HomeAdore
Love the exterior door panels for shading / privacy. Not a fan of the besa brick / brutalist concrete interiors.
architecture  exterior  design  inspiration 
july 2017
Gallery of Coppin Street Apartments / MUSK Architecture Studio - 7
Love the kitchen cabinetry and colours, don't like the kitchen tiles arranged like that.
architecture  cabinetry  design  inspiration 
july 2017
Hide Out House | Uncrate
LOVE these spaces, they're fun, human, cosy.
house  inspiration  design  architecture  perfect 
may 2017
The Hitchhiker's Guide to AWS ECS and Docker
Handy introductory document to these technologies.
aws  ecs  docker 
may 2017
Emily Shaw
Such a great drummer.
music  musicians  drummer 
april 2017
Jon Danielsen Aarhus — Cabin Ustaoset
I like some of the recessed seating areas here.
house  design  architecture  inspiration 
march 2017
BRICK HOUSE — Andrew Burges Architects
Love the exterior here, sliding window shutter and other exterior features.
house  architecture  inspiration 
march 2017
RISD Fleet Library: Special Collections
Such a great collection of Razzle Dazzle designs for ships!
design  inspiration  ships  dazzle 
january 2017
UWA Scouts Research Project
Interesting Survey conducted by UWA here are my scores;

Your motivation scores:
Your "External regulation" score is: 1.50
Your "Introjected regulation" score is: 1.67
Your "Identified regulation" score is: 5.00
Your "Intrinsic motivation" score is: 4.33
scouts  research 
august 2016
Irving Smith Architects | offSET Shed House
I like the colours and textures here. Nice warmth.
house  architecture  design  inspiration 
june 2016
Visual CSS flexbox builder | Webflow
THe Flexbox Game is a great way to learn how flexbox works.
css  design  generator  tools 
june 2016
Use Dir.glob in find_root_with_flag to return correct case · rails/rails@7b1a6c3
This is quite a thing, for some reason this helpers path problem has completely fucked up my entire system. I've hacked this method change in to the railties/engine.rb and it has made it go away.
rails  fix  hack 
may 2016
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