Britney Spears Opens Up About Illuminati: ‘I Pray To God For Forgiveness’
“That is all I ask of them. To be decent people and live decent lives.“
britney  spears 
january 2019
Steamed Hams But It Takes Place In Hyrule by SayYesToGiygas
Mr. Clickbait at 0:47:
predictable but worth the wait
november 2018
How To Sculpt A Crowd: Ctrl, Alt, Left, Right
Niels van der Donk, Bachelor Graphic Design Thesis.
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. 2018
memes  meme  wars 
november 2018
Trump is preparing to meet Putin this week by reading tweet-length memos - Vox
t’s a well-reported fact that Trump doesn’t read his daily briefings and prefers “killer graphics” like pictures, videos, and charts, or in-person briefings.
trump  memes  twitter 
july 2017
The Warriors (film) - Wikipedia
After reports of vandalism and violence, Paramount temporarily halted their advertising campaign and released theatre owners from their obligation to show the film. Despite its initially negative reception, The Warriors has since become a cult film, and it has spawned multiple spinoffs, including video games and a comic book series.
movie  1979 
may 2017
Donald Trump: TIME Interview on Truth and Falsehoods |
If y consider 9/11 greatest art-works ever, #Trump is the ultimate author & word-smith; MUST READ THIS!GREAT ARTIST!
interview  trump 
may 2017
Generative fashion design: Fashion between art and technology - Goethe-Institut
In times in which aesthetic standards for Google’s high-tech head-worn display “Glass” are being sought, designers are demonstrating that linkages between art, technology and fashion often show the most promise where technological aspects serve to realise a conceptual idea.
february 2017
Image-to-Image Demo - Affine Layer
The pix2pix model works by training on pairs of images such as building facade labels to building facades, and then attempts to generate the corresponding output image from any input image you give it. The idea is straight from the pix2pix paper, which is a good read.
february 2017
(1) Building Global Community
It's an honor to be on this journey with you. Thank you for being part of this community, and thanks for everything you do to make the world more open and connected.
journalism  zuckerberg  facebook  manifesto 
february 2017
Danny Lyon's Photography Is a Great Lesson for the Trump Era
Were there any artists who documented the rise of Trump? His rallies, his voters, his America? The election was a return to history, though liberals were perhaps too sure of themselves to see it at the time: Where is the history painting? Where are all the close-in pictures of fomenting populist rage, racism, nativism, bigotry? As far as I know, no artist captured this. (Or all did in abstract, still indiscernible ways.
february 2017
Best of 2016: 100 kostenlose Iconsets | DR. WEB MAGAZIN
Best of 2016: 100 kostenlose Iconsets
30. Januar 2017 Nataly Birch Best-of HTML/CSS/PSD-Ressourcen, Essentials, Icons & Fonts 2
icons  icon  sets  set 
february 2017
Selling out or buying in?: Looking at artists + their merch as an act of self-support | atractivoquenobello
For many contemporary artists, the notion of a lucrative art practice is an oxymoron. With it one becomes accustomed to perpetual labour, a mix of both paid and unpaid work, where everyone becomes burnt out. But there appears to be something interesting emerging from between the polarized economic model of being either successful or’unsuccessful’ as an artist; a desire for a more horizontal redistribution of wealth and to find financial autonomy from the institutional gatekeepers of an industry. The white-washed elephant in the room is the fact that the hierarchy of accomplishment is a biased one, steeped in structural violence. It comes as no surprise, then, that the evolution of making (for some) is in some ways attempting to sever this unequal umbilical cord by producing and selling their own products.
january 2017
Videos You Might Like
Videos You Might Like
by: traumawien
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printondemand  paom 
january 2017
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