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The Uncounted - The New York Times
We found that one in five of the coalition strikes we identified resulted in civilian death, a rate more than 31 times that acknowledged by the coalition. It is at such a distance from official claims that, in terms of civilian deaths, this may be the least transparent war in recent American history. Our reporting, moreover, revealed a consistent failure by the coalition to investigate claims properly or to keep records that make it possible to investigate the claims at all. While some of the civilian deaths we documented were a result of proximity to a legitimate ISIS target, many others appear to be the result simply of flawed or outdated intelligence that conflated civilians with combatants. In this system, Iraqis are considered guilty until proved innocent. Those who survive the strikes, people like Basim Razzo, remain marked as possible ISIS sympathizers, with no discernible path to clear their names.
november 2017 by traggett
North Korea: Why the West freaks out but South Korea doesn’t
The United States is remarkably safe. Ensconced between two oceans and two weak neighbours and far from the tightly-packed Eurasian cauldron of competition, the US is one of the most secure great powers in history
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september 2017 by traggett
American Politics: Bad Boys vs. Mean Girls
Can we break out of the cycle? It's a new problem so who knows?
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august 2017 by traggett
Hacking the Nazis: The secret story of the women who broke Hitler's codes - TechRepublic
Women in code breaking.

2.5 million messages by Enigma alone. Astonishing.
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june 2017 by traggett

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