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Chinese inequality
Some numerical illustration of the incredible change in China in a decade.
China  US  inequality 
march 2018 by traggett
Gun ownership and crime with data
But still one pro, one anti doesn't help the "it's wrong, dummy" argument.
Guns  US  trumpxit 
february 2018 by traggett
New words by year in SOTU
Nice look at what SOTU language is about.
trumxit  SOTU  US 
february 2018 by traggett
Making China Great Again | The New Yorker
Osnos on China. Are the US, China, Russia all trying to do the same thing? Looking back at being great powers rather than looking to what could be?
china  politics  government  US 
january 2018 by traggett
North Korea: Why the West freaks out but South Korea doesn’t
The United States is remarkably safe. Ensconced between two oceans and two weak neighbours and far from the tightly-packed Eurasian cauldron of competition, the US is one of the most secure great powers in history
korea  government  war  US 
september 2017 by traggett
The Addicts Next Door | The New Yorker
Horrific on what it can be like in small-town America
US  drugs  scourge 
june 2017 by traggett
Angst in America, Part 2: Men Without Work | Thoughts from the Frontline Investment Newsletter | Mauldin Economics
Middle aged men aren't working in the US and they are killing themselves far more than anywhere else.
culture  economics  work  US  men 
april 2017 by traggett
Election maps
Amazing maps especially the cartograms.
election  maps  US 
november 2016 by traggett
Why Donald Trump as president might not be all that bad
Mr Trump’s election would represent a triumph of demagoguery over common sense. But there are causes for optimism, too, says Sholto Byrnes
US  president  Trump 
march 2016 by traggett
Encryption is not the enemy — Backchannel — Medium
In the wake of the cowardly terrorist attacks in Paris, many politicians, intelligence officials and pundits are predict…
encryption  us 
november 2015 by traggett

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