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The Meekan Slack Robot Manual | Meekan
Meekan is a Slack calendar connector from Doodle. It's very good indeed.
slack  calendar  google 
march 2017 by traggett
Monitor the Web with Google Alerts (and Slack) — Medium
/feed subscribe URL_FOR_FEED

e.g. to get Google Alerts into Slack.
slack  Google  alerts  RSS 
march 2016 by traggett
Using Slack as a command center for digital marketing — Ably: simply better realtime messaging — Medium
Slack integrations. Some useful stuff there. Get Google Alerts into a feed, for example.
slack  bots  marketing  feeds 
march 2016 by traggett
Slack, I’m Breaking Up with You — Better People — Medium
“Revolutions have never lightened the burden of tyranny; they have only shifted it to another shoulder.”
— George Berna…
march 2016 by traggett

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