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goTenna mesh network
Clever idea, if not cheap at USD80 per device.
mesh  network 
11 weeks ago by traggett
goTenna | goTenna Mesh
Nice implementation of a mesh network. Just SMS and locations so far.
hardware  mesh  network 
11 weeks ago by traggett
India and WhatsApp
Loads of crazy going on with WhatsApp groups. All the same issues that we've seen with email and other social networks.
social  network  India 
january 2018 by traggett
CS4G Network Simulator
Learn to network and how to spoof packets as a hacker.
hacking  network 
august 2017 by traggett
Introduction · ssb-handbook
Interesting non-centralised social network.
distributed  social  network 
april 2017 by traggett
Business proxy network
Proxy via residential vpn users.
network  vpn  proxy 
october 2016 by traggett

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