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Artificial intelligence and machine learning for executives | McKinsey
Some early pointers to using AI in business. Worth a second read.
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9 weeks ago by traggett
Building diversity by putting women on boards | McKinsey
Gender diversity on boards. But bringing skills rather than direct industry experience is an even better message.
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9 weeks ago by traggett
The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail
Some expected but very clear explanations of what happens as you fail.
startup  failure  business  management 
9 weeks ago by traggett
Remote Only
Great list of things that make remote working work better.
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10 weeks ago by traggett
Getting your organization's advanced analytics program right | McKinsey
How to do analytics. NB the impact vs feasibility matrix. Nice alternative to impact / effort.
AI  analytics  management 
11 weeks ago by traggett
The AI-first startup playbook | VentureBeat
Test your model first.

Test the data for predictiveness
Test for model-market fit, and
Test for data and model shelf life
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11 weeks ago by traggett
The Science of Decision Fatigue - Erin Wildermuth
1. Limit unnecessary or unimportant decision making

The most straightforward way to avoid decision fatigue is to make fewer unimportant decisions. Many successful men and women, for example, wear the same outfits each day. Eliminating or automating some decisions will help you save mental energy for other decisions.
2. Make important decisions first thing in the morning

Make important decisions in the morning. When possible, sleep on those decisions that pop up unexpectedly. A good...
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11 weeks ago by traggett
Apple is a hedge fund that makes phones on the side
Alternative view of companies. I guess the relative returns on the capital vs manufacture is the key.
companies  management  finances 
september 2018 by traggett
Why Sococo - Sococo | Online Workplace for Distributed Teams
Has a neat visual office metaphor that allows people to collaborate.
distributed  work  teams  management 
september 2018 by traggett
Sizing engineering teams.
Teams should be eight. And grow a team and bud it if you are making new teams.
management  team  engineering 
july 2018 by traggett
Working Backwards - All Things Distributed
Work from the press release rather than the platform.
product  management  tappit 
july 2018 by traggett
Invisible asymptotes — Remains of the Day
Brilliant article. Prime = up front shipping payment. Find your limitations and excise them.
business  fit  management  product 
may 2018 by traggett
How to Rands
Great managerial info / welcome doc.
management  business 
march 2018 by traggett
Littles law
From queueing theory. Put more WIP into a team without increasing delivery rate and you increase the time it takes in the system.
Scrum  development  management  tappit 
january 2018 by traggett
Interview Questions for the 6 Types of Product Managers
Six types of product manager

Growth hacker
Workflow warrior
Community connector
Data (AI)
management  business  recruiting 
january 2018 by traggett
Software engineering management
All-in-one guide on how to set up and run the human side of software engineering.
Software  engineering  management 
january 2018 by traggett
Focus on finishing
Don't just empty your to do lists in Kanban. Focus on getting items to delivered.
management  development  Scrum  agile  tappit 
january 2018 by traggett
Backstage Blog - Deliver software faster by managing work in progress, not by adding overtime - SoundCloud Developers
Incredibly good article about running dev teams. So much to learn in here. U-shaped flow cells, not maximising every node in the network to ensure flow.
agile  management  development 
december 2017 by traggett
10 Andy Grove Quotes from High Output Management
Andy Grove (Intel) on management. Lots of good stuff there.
november 2017 by traggett
Why a Flat Organizational Structure will Fail as You Grow
Flat structures have power relationships, its just that they are hidden and therefore dangerous.
management  business 
november 2017 by traggett
Run Better Meetings with This Expert-Level Advice | First Round Review
Good advice on all sorts of meetings.

And BANT for sales qualification: Budget, Authority, Needs, Timing.
management  meetings 
october 2017 by traggett
The Modern Marketing Model (M3) - The modern marketing model (M3)
Interesting review of what it means to be a marketeer in the modern world.
marketing  business  management 
october 2017 by traggett
10 Things I’ve Learned About Customer Development – Cindy Alvarez
Lots of true points about product development, especially at the interview and reserarch stage.
customer  development  product  management 
august 2017 by traggett
The second most important metric for every company – Gokul Rajaram – Medium
The North Star Metric and how to mitigate it to create good behaviours.

Ecommerce = orders (and checked by gross profit)
Media = DAUs (checked by time on site)
Enterprise = number of seats (checked by number of customers)
business  metrics  analysis  management 
august 2017 by traggett
The evolving role of product management - O'Reilly Media
What a product manager should be. Neat UX / Tech / Business overlap
product  management  business 
june 2017 by traggett
Should Uber’s next CEO be a robot? | ROUGH TYPE
Robot CEOs taking big data and doing resource allocation and gung ho statements for colleagues and the press.
ai  robots  management 
june 2017 by traggett
Go For Culture Add, Not Culture Fit
Interesting on one woman on a short list won't get employed and on culture add vs fit.
management  culture  add  fit  diversity  stephanie  johnson 
june 2017 by traggett
When startups need program management
Program management

Driver, Approver, Contributor, Inform model DACI

Scaling an agile methodology.
management  tappit  development 
june 2017 by traggett
The business logic in debiasing | McKinsey & Company
How to try to avoid your standard biases in decision making.
debiasing  business  management 
may 2017 by traggett
Management is not about asking people to do stuff – Learning By Shipping
Don't let management be a separation point: ensure you work with the team not get it to work for you.
management  strategy  organisation 
may 2017 by traggett
Blockchain for personal identity.
blockchain  identity  management 
may 2017 by traggett
How to write a paper
Has a good piece on essentially SCIR in the introduction.
writing  science  management 
may 2017 by traggett
Front Matter · The Practice of Reproducible Research
How to do computational research in a reproducible manner.
research  science  management 
may 2017 by traggett
Alan Kay's answer to What made Xerox PARC special? Who else today is like them? - Quora
Some Xerox Parc principles

Visions not goals
Fund people not projects — the scientists find the problems not the funders. So, for many reasons, you have to have the best researchers.
Problem Finding — not just Problem Solving
Milestones not deadlines
management  business 
april 2017 by traggett
Spaghetti graphs — a better solution for measuring customer engagement.
Tracking customer retention by cohort plus some useful estimating functions.
management  business  sales 
april 2017 by traggett
Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive | Fast Company
Don't spread your key employees too broad: they need to cluster.
management  HR  talent 
march 2017 by traggett
How to launch software changes without pissing people off
Think that you can never remove anything. Keep legacy ones running for people who don't want the new and the new can be properly new rather than cobbled on to the old.
product  update  management 
march 2017 by traggett
Warning: This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Talent Planning | First Round Review
Good couple of frameworks about how to be a good manager and how to manage superstars alongside rockstars (e.g. who don't want to be CEO).
hr  management 
march 2017 by traggett
Discussions on digital: How strategy is evolving--and staying the same--in the hypergrowth digital age | McKinsey & Company
It’s a very simple, two-by-two matrix in which you have four zones: the efficiency zone, where you put all your noncore activities that you need to be really efficient; your performance zone, which is your core business—that’s 80 percent of what you do, and it’s all about execution. But you need to never forget the two other quadrants: the innovation zone—that’s your lab. It should never have more than one or two things you want to try. Then you have the transformation zone, where you put one or two things that in two years will become the performance zone.
company  management  strategy  McKinsey 
february 2017 by traggett
The Three Machines - Feld Thoughts
The three machines are: (1) the Product machine, (2) the Customer machine, and (3) the Company machine.
business  management  structure 
january 2017 by traggett
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