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White House opioid commission to Trump: 'Declare a national emergency' on drug overdoses - Baltimore Sun
Things they ask for:

"—Expanding capacity for drug treatment under Medicaid;
—Increasing the use of medication-assisted treatments, like buprenorphine and suboxone, for opioid disorders;
—Encouraging the development of new non-opioid pain relievers;
—Mandating that every local law enforcement officer in the nation carry naloxone, the drug that rapidly reverses opiate overdose;
—Broadening "good samaritan" laws that shield individuals from prosecution when they report a drug overdose to first responders or law enforcement officials.

Things they don't ask for:
"Notably absent from the report are a number of tough-on-crime measures that the President and his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, have repeatedly help up as solutions to the opioid crisis, including building a wall on the Mexican border, expanding the use of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug crimes, and seizing more cash and property from individuals suspected of drug crimes."
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The Addicts Next Door | The New Yorker
Horrific on what it can be like in small-town America
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