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Scraping data with the browser
Harder than it should be to get data out of e.g. the h3 tags on a page.

Google console then

var nl = $$('h3');
var str = '';
for (var i = 0;i<nl.length;i++){
str += nl[i].innerHTML;
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february 2015 by traggett
web development - How can I make Chrome stop caching redirects? - Super User
When Chrome only goes to a redirected page you can fix it by putting ? at the end of the URL.

I was able to prevent Chrome from using the cached redirect by passing a bogus query string, or adding a bogus parameter to the existing query string. For example, adding a simple ? to the end of a URL that didn't have q query string worked for me on Chrome 30 on Max OS X.
february 2015 by traggett
How to Delete One Specific autofill or auto complete item - Google Groups
Shift-Fn-Delete removes the selected item from the Chrome awesome bar.
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may 2014 by traggett

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