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Remote Starter Kit by Hanno
Good list of tools that Hanno uses and has tested.
app  collaboration  remote  tools 
february 2018 by traggett
App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer
Helpful public guide to app store submissions.
apple  app  guide 
january 2018 by traggett
One Weird Trick to Lose Size – Halide
Some good suggestions on how to keep apps small, not the 300Mb megaliths currently available.
ios  app  development 
june 2017 by traggett
New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better at andrewchen
Days 1-7 are critical if you are going to win in apps. Also: how to monetise 20% of your intitial peak.
analytics  app  mobile  retention 
march 2016 by traggett
The Facebook-Loving Farmers of Myanmar - The Atlantic
Myanmar uses a lot of Facebook because it isn't too data hungry and their friends are not really friends: they use it to find news.
mobile  app  development 
january 2016 by traggett
Why Day 1 Retention Matters
Massive fall off in app usage after day 1.
app  ux  retention 
january 2016 by traggett
Apache Cordova
Cross platform app development with html
HTML5  app  development  framework  Apache 
december 2015 by traggett
Docs – App Links
Deep linking from the web to apps
mobile  web  app  links 
august 2015 by traggett
Tweet by Jeffrey Broer on Twitter
28/04/2015 21:27
Should you go Vertical or Horizontal? A good "Uber for X" viability
explanation <>
#startups <> <>
Download <> the Twitter
april 2015 by traggett
AppsFlyer Pricing Plan
Useful and simply priced app analytics tracker.
app  analytics 
april 2014 by traggett
Ulmon | Apps for Smart Travelers
Offline travel maps for major cities.
offline  app  travel 
january 2014 by traggett

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