NFC enabled device matrix
OK list of which devices can read which tag types. Summary don't use 1k / Classic.
tappit  nfc  device 
17 hours ago
Walls always fail
Very smart thinking from the history of walls.
trumpxit  walls  defence  government 
2 days ago
Why the Web 3.0 Matters and you should know about it
Web 3.0 is decentralised. Not in the next five years.
blockchain  web  future 
9 days ago
Common Smartcard
EU smartcard organisation we need to be members for for BvB
9 days ago
Placebo interventions for all clinical conditions. - PubMed - NCBI
We did not find that placebo interventions have important clinical effects in general. However, in certain settings placebo interventions can influence patient-reported outcomes, especially pain and nausea, though it is difficult to distinguish patient-reported effects of placebo from biased reporting. The effect on pain varied, even among trials with low risk of bias, from negligible to clinically important. Variations in the effect of placebo were partly explained by variations in how trials were conducted and how patients were informed.
science  medicine  placebo 
16 days ago
Placebos don't work - just regression to the mean
But what about the nocebo effect et al?

But a Cochrane is usually a good sign that the work is real.

Issue is that most people just would have got better.
medicine  science  placebo 
16 days ago
Leia projector
Clever 3D images created by moving and illuminating a particle in space.
vision  images  3D 
20 days ago
GDPR and Google Analytics
Lots of food for thought. Our restful interface could be an issue e.g. with card IDs.
GDPR  tappit 
21 days ago
An Introduction to Scrollama.js
Tool for producing those NYT style scrolling stories.
21 days ago
Finding the Right Color Palettes for Data Visualizations
Useful tools and tips do do nice colour palettes.
colour  data  graphs 
21 days ago
New words by year in SOTU
Nice look at what SOTU language is about.
trumxit  SOTU  US 
21 days ago
Hong Kong drowning in waste as China rubbish ban takes toll | Reuters
What the future is like without being able to dump your shite somewhere else.
Hong  Kong  recycling  waste 
21 days ago
GDPR on embeds
You'll need to get consent for everything, Google Analytics, embedded YouTube.
GDPR  tappit 
21 days ago
Well designed payment gateway.
tappit  payment 
22 days ago
China's version of GDPR
Looks like it is deeper and wider than GDPR. This is definitely the future.
gdpr  privacy  China 
22 days ago
Making China Great Again | The New Yorker
Osnos on China. Are the US, China, Russia all trying to do the same thing? Looking back at being great powers rather than looking to what could be?
china  politics  government  US 
22 days ago
Littles law
From queueing theory. Put more WIP into a team without increasing delivery rate and you increase the time it takes in the system.
Scrum  development  management  tappit 
23 days ago
India and WhatsApp
Loads of crazy going on with WhatsApp groups. All the same issues that we've seen with email and other social networks.
social  network  India 
23 days ago
Event manageemnt software solutions
There are loads of areas to think about covering.

Need to rate them / rank them.
tappit  events  Software  services 
23 days ago
Reskilling pathways from data
Interesting approach to getting more out of workers whose jobs are being made pointless.
work  government  skills  learning  lobahn 
24 days ago
China Visa in HK outsourcing
New location / same process for visa application
China  visa  hong  kong 
24 days ago
What will autonomous cars do for us
No point in ownership, data is half the value of a road network.
cars  driving  ai 
24 days ago
The Blockchain Man
Not sure on this one, but a valuable attempt at looking for the future of work when we are blockchained everywhere.
blockchain  economics 
24 days ago
Is plastic good or bad? The surprising benefits of the world's most wasteful material — Quartz
Plastic is the symptom. Our centralized food system is the disease. To get rid of plastic would quite literally be to change the world—and that is what we should be fighting for. A world in which we phase out plastic, yes. But first, a push to change how we source food (like buying more at local gardens and farmers markets), and a push to make retailers change their food sourcing practices, including supporting permaculture organizations and training.
future  science  plastic  food 
24 days ago
The Follower Factory - The New York Times
Interesting and nicely put together with the multiple scrolling aspect.
twitter  bots 
24 days ago
It’s not the prices, stupid. A response to Austin Frakt’s and Aaron Carroll’s NYTimes article – Random Critical Analysis
Important: US healthcare spend isn't as high as we all think. Mostly doing more in a wealthier country.
healthcare  US  budget  government 
24 days ago
Tweaking4All.com - QNAP - How to set the VNC Password for Linux Station
Very helpful guide to getting Linux station working and accessible via screen share. Saves any of that painful connecting directly to the NAS.
qnap  linux  rdp  screen  share 
24 days ago
Developer Toolbar and GCLI
Another reason Firefox is great:

Shift+F2 then screenshot --fullpage --clipboard and you get a full page screenshot in your clipboard.
cli  command  tools  web  browser 
26 days ago
Interview Questions for the 6 Types of Product Managers
Six types of product manager

Growth hacker
Workflow warrior
Community connector
Data (AI)
management  business  recruiting 
29 days ago
Discover The Wechat Empire in China
Good summary of the current 2018 state of WeChat.
wechat  marketing 
4 weeks ago
Software engineering management
All-in-one guide on how to set up and run the human side of software engineering.
Software  engineering  management 
4 weeks ago
The Policy Hack – Terence Eden's Blog
Here's how it works. You ask someone to do something and they reply with "I'm sorry sir, that's against our policy."

You should say "I'm sorry to hear that. Please can you send me a copy of the policy?"

Turns out, most times, there is no policy!
social  engineering  hack 
4 weeks ago
Disciplined agile delivery - Wikipedia
Great summary of a simple agile process.
4 weeks ago
Focus on finishing
Don't just empty your to do lists in Kanban. Focus on getting items to delivered.
management  development  Scrum  agile  tappit 
4 weeks ago
Future for several industries
Useful data-driven approach to forecasting.
tappit  payments  forecast  future 
4 weeks ago
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