Tether – Tether for Individuals
Interesting fiat-to-electronic wallet provider.
bitcoin  blockchain  ICO 
19 hours ago
Scripting News: August 13, 2017
Indieweb storage to allow easy web publishing.
user  storage 
The second most important metric for every company – Gokul Rajaram – Medium
The North Star Metric and how to mitigate it to create good behaviours.

Ecommerce = orders (and checked by gross profit)
Media = DAUs (checked by time on site)
Enterprise = number of seats (checked by number of customers)
business  metrics  analysis  management 
The End of Season Tickets - The Ringer
How season tickets and the secondary market in tickets works.
ticketing  season  tickets 
Isolated Integration Tests in Shell
Using shell to test not the source language
testing  development 
3 days ago
Libor is a fraud
How to redo all those contracts?
3 days ago
Abandoned villages HK
Useful guide to the northern deserted villages
Kong  Hong  hiking 
3 days ago
Get Started | Counterparty
Extension to bitcoin on its own platform. Can create named assets.
Bitcoin  ticketing  tappit 
3 days ago
Blockchain: The New Technology of Trust
Goldmans on blockchain. Surprisingly not great and a funky but unhelpful presentation style.

NB for tickets in section 3?
blockchain  tappit 
3 days ago
Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice? | News | The Guardian
Would be great if this was true, but no good way of telling. They’ve had some success, but...
singing  surgery  medicine 
6 days ago
airbnb/binaryalert: BinaryAlert: Serverless, Real-time & Retroactive Malware Detection
Great lambda-based malware detection system. Only pay for what you use and fully configurable. Neat.
malware  tools 
7 days ago
JavaScript for People Who Hate JavaScript
Good summary of how to do JavaScript apps using the new frameworks.
development  javascript 
8 days ago
Useful for webcamming.
8 days ago
Unlearning the myth of American innocence | US news | The Guardian
Really interesting how a collective belief in exceptionalism can lead to fascism of a sort.

It was a quiet kind of fascism that would mean I would always see Turkey as beneath the country I came from, and also that would mean I believed my uniquely benevolent country to have uniquely benevolent intentions towards the peoples of the world.
america  culture  history  journalism 
8 days ago
Discovery – The Great 78 Project
Fabulous collection of 78s. Let's hope this format will be preserved...
music  archive 
9 days ago
A Breathing Earth
The vegetation cycle on earth. Neat.
animation  climate  data  visualisation  earth  vegetation 
10 days ago
The Business of Artificial Intelligence
In our view, artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, is the most important general-purpose technology of our era. The impact of these innovations on business and the economy will be reflected not only in their direct contributions but also in their ability to enable and inspire complementary innovations. New products and processes are being made possible by better vision systems, speech recognition, intelligent problem solving, and many other capabilities that machine learning delivers.
ai  machinelearning  business 
10 days ago
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
It looks like there is something going on with youngsters but was it caused by technology or just assisted? Neoteny has been a constant since the war, I think.
culture  technology 
11 days ago
BBQ mats
Sound like a great idea for keeping things less messy. Especially on gas.
bbq  kitchen  cooking 
11 days ago
Personas vs. Jobs-to-Be-Done
Useful summary of how to use jobs to be done and personas effectively.
ux  ui  design 
11 days ago
Quackspeak ascendant: China's subject-changing astroturfers rule the Chinese internet / Boing Boing
China's approach to networked control is one of three dominant strategies used in the world: in Russia, they fill the channel with an untanglable mess of lies and truth, leading people to give up on understanding the situation; for the west's alt-right trolls, the strategy is to be so outrageous that you get picked up and retransmitted by every channel, which lets you reach the tiny minority of otherwise too-thin-spread, broken people and recruit them to your cause; and in China, it's quackspeak, this anodyne, happy-talk-style chatter about nothing.
China  russia  government  censorship  trumpxit 
13 days ago
Challenge 5.2 | geddski
Flex Zombies is a great learning tool for css-flex.
css  design  development 
13 days ago
CS4G Network Simulator
Learn to network and how to spoof packets as a hacker.
hacking  network 
13 days ago
Startup Growth 🎯
Lots of nice ideas and a great simple presentation.
business  growth  marketing  startups 
13 days ago
Thoughts on Tokens – news.21.co
A useful guide to what tokens are and how they work.
13 days ago
400 Awesome Free Resources You Can Use To Grow Your Business
Lots of free resources for businesses. Open legal documents, for example.
business  free  tools 
13 days ago
No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites (Except This One Weird Case) | Big Medium
Only show share buttons to people coming in from mobile networks and only show a couple and make their source network the major one.
design  social  sharing  ux 
13 days ago
The Tiny Satellites Ushering in the New Space Revolution - Bloomberg
Hit another button, and the software will calculate how much oil is in a given tank. “There are floating lids that sit on top of the tanks,” Crawford says. “If the lid is all the way up, there’s no shadow, and we know it’s full.” If there’s a shadow, Orbital Insight measures its angle and the dimensions of the tank to calculate the volume of liquid inside.
satellite  space  algorithms  images 
13 days ago
[no title]
Apps with ultrasonic beacons are out there in the wild. Mostly Android of course. Used for advertising of course.
privacy  hacking  advertising 
14 days ago
How We Save Face--Researchers Crack the Brain's Facial-Recognition Code - Scientific American
205 locations to work out faces. I wonder if the neural networks have worked out the same process or a totally different one.
brain  science  vision 
14 days ago
Great all domain search engine.
domain  search  bulk 
15 days ago
GitHub - graphcool/chromeless: 🖥 Chrome automation made simple. Runs locally or headless on AWS Lambda.
Clever massively parallel lambda-suitable chrome-based browser test automation package.
development  testing  Jade 
15 days ago
White House opioid commission to Trump: 'Declare a national emergency' on drug overdoses - Baltimore Sun
Things they ask for:

"—Expanding capacity for drug treatment under Medicaid;
—Increasing the use of medication-assisted treatments, like buprenorphine and suboxone, for opioid disorders;
—Encouraging the development of new non-opioid pain relievers;
—Mandating that every local law enforcement officer in the nation carry naloxone, the drug that rapidly reverses opiate overdose;
—Broadening "good samaritan" laws that shield individuals from prosecution when they report a drug overdose to first responders or law enforcement officials.

Things they don't ask for:
"Notably absent from the report are a number of tough-on-crime measures that the President and his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, have repeatedly help up as solutions to the opioid crisis, including building a wall on the Mexican border, expanding the use of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug crimes, and seizing more cash and property from individuals suspected of drug crimes."
drugs  government 
16 days ago
Hackers Find Fresh WordPress Sites Within 30 Minutes
Be careful setting up WordPress with an included SSL certificate.
hack  ssl  WordPress 
16 days ago
DoNot - Whonix
So hard to keep anonymous. This is a partial guide.
anonymity  privacy 
16 days ago
Watch a Homemade Robot Crack a SentrySafe Combination Safe in 15 Minutes | WIRED
If only Feynman were alive today. Interesting: the robot can use techniques humans can't easily replicate.
robot  safecracking 
17 days ago
Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming from Inside the White House | Vanity Fair
Very sad to understand a little about what the DoE does and how important it is and how many extraordinary things it will cease to do.
energy  politics  science  trumpxit 
17 days ago
On Matthew effects
Arguments for a global national wage
social  government 
18 days ago
Ideologue managerialists
Managers are often out of touch with their subject area
government  business 
19 days ago
Small Pictures on Big Screens: Scaling Up from Mobile to Desktop
Pictures are complex at multiple screen sizes. Think about the in between states as well as breakpoints.
design  ui  images 
19 days ago
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