Working with timezones | David Turner says…
Lots of good stuff here. Store both times always.
timestamp  utc  time  zone 
2 days ago
With Goals, FAST Beats SMART
FAST not SMART. Fits with OK SO.
8 days ago
Focus on the product
A great product is all you can possibly work on.
product  development 
15 days ago
Summer festival essentials: Make the most of your weekend dancing in a field.
Apple's recommended music festival apps.

Some interesting things like find my tent.
tappit  Apps  festivals  Music 
26 days ago
Ignaz Semmelweis had blood on his hands – Seth Godin – Medium
Wow. Working out what was going on through one lucky break.
science  medicine 
27 days ago
Sizing engineering teams.
Teams should be eight. And grow a team and bud it if you are making new teams.
management  team  engineering 
4 weeks ago
City Street Orientations around the World - Geoff Boeing
Brilliant visualisation of cities by their street networks. Hong Kong is mad. London surprisingly cruciform.
cities  data  maps 
4 weeks ago
How To Encode NFC Tags | NFC.Today
More info on the SUN unique code per tap. A little like an OTP for banking. Lots of good stuff on tags.
NFC  tappit 
4 weeks ago
Web 101
Very basic web infrastructure.
infrastructure  web 
5 weeks ago
MTR Map Swapped Translations, Transliterations.pdf - Google Drive
HK MTR stations in English, unless they are English.
5 weeks ago
NTAG 413 secure dynamic messaging
New dynamic secure messaging from NXP. Worth thinking about
nfc  tappit 
5 weeks ago
Extended Industry Sort Code Directory | VocaLink
Sort code directory for UK banks and financial institutions.
5 weeks ago
Working Backwards - All Things Distributed
Work from the press release rather than the platform.
product  management  tappit 
5 weeks ago
Building a Design Language System
Great way of building your design elements once rather than worrying about endless variations.
tappit  design  product 
6 weeks ago
Four steps that enable you to write in flow
Really good advice on getting your research done first, then organise as a story and then just bang through a first draft.
7 weeks ago
Quora on CPO
Has a portfolio approach and could include marketing.
product  tappit  CPO 
7 weeks ago
The VP product role
Great summary of what you need in a product role. But not why you need it.
tappit  CPO  product 
7 weeks ago
Roon Labs: Pricing
Looks good for NAS music.
8 weeks ago
Sunset for Liberal Democracy http://www.monbiot.com/2018/06/18/sunset-for-liberal-democracy/
Fascinating view of how bad Nafta is: allowing companies greater sway over nation states than the states themselves in some cases. But should this be how all these agreements work?
trumpxit  nafta  business 
8 weeks ago
This is, without a doubt, the coolest Sketch technique you’ll see all day.
Sketch nested symbols with 1px or so differences so they fliter in lists correctly.
design  sketch 
11 weeks ago
Invisible asymptotes — Remains of the Day
Brilliant article. Prime = up front shipping payment. Find your limitations and excise them.
business  fit  management  product 
11 weeks ago
How the Internet Gets Inside Us | The New Yorker
Great on why we surface stuff we don't in real life.
writing  internet 
12 weeks ago
Grid Experiment No. 6
So clever! Check for a restaurant in CSS+HTML
html  css  development 
may 2018
Service worker resources
Progressive web apps guides and tools
tools  development  web  Apps 
may 2018
Seagods Bible 2018
Useful for some exercise patterns
PE  exercise  PT 
may 2018
MacOS monitoring the open source way | Dropbox Tech Blog
Worth thinking about for tappit. Useful set of open source monitoring tools.
monitoring  osx 
may 2018
Mermaid declarative chart generation
A useful markup language for e.g Gantt charts.
diagrams  drawing  flow  charts 
may 2018
Open source Mac apps
Lots of open source Mac apps for learning and use.
Mac  application  development 
may 2018
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