Long Beach’s Grand Prix report is $150K worth of obvious points
That report was made public Monday afternoon, and it’s loaded with an absence of surprises, although there are a few bits of weirdness involved. Rather than submit what KPMG said would be an ideal computer-aided design plan for the proposed F1 track that would identify all mandatory components required following FIA (the governing body of motorsports) guidelines, WACC offered a hand-marked, low-resolution track plan, which, stated the report, “does not appear to conform to an FIA drawing standard.”

More curious, the cocktail-napkin bit of cartography shows the proposed circuit running in the opposite direction to the current IndyCar track. “The only indication of this is a small arrow identifying the direction into the pit lane entry,” said the report, noting, “If this is the case, this change of direction may add to the circuit upgrade costs driven by required changes in safety infrastructure.”

More importantly, Pook’s group stated that it could not get a race on the track until 2020, and only then if the city gave the go-ahead by Nov. 30 this year.

And if the city had green-flagged F1, the question remains: is Formula 1’s owner even interested in bringing that format to Long Beach in the first place? Pook’s group submitted a copy of a 2013 letter from Bernie Eccelstone “stating Formula One’s interest in returning to Long Beach,” which would indeed be exciting news if Eccelstone still had anything to do with F1 racing. He sold his company to Liberty Media in January, and the report notes that “the level of formal support from Liberty Media is currently unclear.”

The report repeatedly cited shortcomings in the WACC responses and it is clear that group is basing virtually all expenses and profits on speculation, including the sanctioning fee for the race, which it puts close to $20 million, as opposed to reports of other venues paying in excess of $30 million per year. The report reckoned that “it is possible that a special commercial deal could be negotiated between WACC and Liberty Media.” Sure! Maybe Liberty will just waive the fee altogether in the spirit of goodwill.
august 2017
Here’s who won the race between Formula 1 and IndyCar in Long Beach
In October last year the city released a request for proposals seeking “an open-wheel auto racing format” to run the annual Grand Prix event. From the start it was only a two-horse race between Michaelian and Pook. Pook, of course, was hardly a carpetbagger. He founded the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1975 and brought F1 racing to Long Beach, where it enjoyed international acclaim and success from 1976 through 1983 until he found then-F1 president and multibillionaire Bernie Ecclestone’s price too rich for Long Beach.

After Pook and Michaelian submitted proposals, the city of Long Beach paid the accounting firm of KPMG $150,000 to study the feasibility of staging an F1 race in Long Beach and the relative costs associated with the notoriously expensive F1 format versus the IndyCar race.

The finished report supplemented lengthy interviews of the two principals conducted by city representatives from public works, Long Beach fire and police departments, the department of Economic and Property Development and the City of Los Angeles’ special events department.

The collected research, as stated in a memo from the city manager’s office obtained this week, identified the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach “as the most qualified firm to promote and operate the Long Beach Grand Prix race.”

The fairly glowing recap of the research also noted that Michaelian’s group “was the best proposal in fully demonstrating the ability to deliver a race and providing the breadth of information required to financial stability, race implementation, marketing plan, minimizing negative impacts and conformance with the terms of the request for proposal.”
july 2017
Q&A: Printup talks future of WGI, IndyCar, Phish
Everybody was excited, but I take a lot of personal interest in IndyCar. I always have. I kind of grew up in IndyCar, so I was glad that we were able to get them back. The fans themselves, for only having a little bit less than 90 days to sell the race last year, we were pretty happy with the outcome as a management group. I never ran into so many happy fans in my career here. People really wanted to see that race.
april 2017
Rick Mears – still the ultimate pro at 65
Over the past 20-something years writing about racing, I’ve encountered three people from whom I learn something about the art of racecar driving every time we speak for longer than five minutes. One of that trio is Rick Ravon Mears, born this day 65 years ago in Wichita, Kansas, and brought up in Bakersfield, Calif.

As a writer whose engineering knowledge is at the primitive end of the scale, I’ve always sought to compensate for not knowing why something works by instead learning what effect it has on a racecar’s handling, how it affects the driver, and then its knock-on effects. And in order to convey to this reader, I often end up quoting Mears verbatim because he explains it so damn well; it’s like having Van Gogh telling you how to paint, or Nat King Cole teaching you how to sing.
december 2016
Memoir helps widow cope after IndyCar driver's death
Tonya Bergeson-Dana talks with her son, Conor, about his father when he brings it up, which is often. If he’s asking the questions, she reasons, he’s ready to hear the answers.

Paul Conor Dana, at age 9, knows that his father was Paul Dana, a journalist and IndyCar driver who died in March 2006 during a practice run before the first IndyCar Series race of the season in Homestead, Fla. Conor never met his father, but he knows he has his dad’s eyes, his smirk, his persuasive spirit.
october 2016
Rick Mears on cockpit protection for open-wheel racecars
IndyCar legend Rick Mears discusses with Motorsport.com the practical issues involved in the safety devices proposed for open-wheel racecars, and considers the unintended consequences. David Malsher reports.
september 2016
Carlin aims for IndyCar “when we can do it right”
He told Motorsport.com: “I’ve got nothing concrete yet. I’m pressing as many buttons and opening as many doors as I can, it’s something we’re trying desperately hard to do, but I need a certain level of investment money to put everything together and a certain level of running money to put the first car on track.

“I’d say the chances of being on the grid next year are the best they’ve ever been, but there’s a long way to go before we’re confident of putting our entries in.”
august 2016
Indy 500 winner Alexander Rossi has F1 and IndyCar options for 2017 - F1 - Autosport
"I have options both in IndyCar and Formula 1 for 2017," Rossi told Autosport.

"There have been talks with Manor for a race seat and we've also been approached by another F1 team that's quite interesting. There are options in IndyCar that I can't elaborate on, but I can say Andretti and I have a great working relationship. Everyone at Andretti is aligned and working in good faith to extend our deal for several years. There's a sense of loyalty to Michael [Andretti], his team and Honda. As a driver there are some really good opportunities here and the competition is fantastic."


An offer was made in Hungary to take over Rio Haryanto's seat for the remainder of the season as the Indonesian requires more investment.

But the final three IndyCar races on the schedule clash with F1 grands prix, and as his American programme takes priority, Rossi declined Manor's offer.

"My management and I are in constant communications with Manor and we knew there might be an opportunity to race for the last half of the 2016 season," he said.

"We gave it careful thought but declined the race seat due to my IndyCar contract. I have a lot of respect for Manor giving us first right on the seat as we agreed."
rossi  f1 
august 2016
Gateway hopes to bring IndyCar race here | Sports | stltoday.com
Gateway Motorsports Park is in discussions with the IndyCar series to add a race at the track in Madison in 2017, with a decision expected by the end of August.

Gateway general manager Chris Blair said the biggest challenge is finding a date that avoids major conflicts and fits into network television schedules. The Indy Racing League, as it was previously called, last ran at Gateway from 2001 to 2003.

The two sides have talked about a race for a couple of years, and IndyCar chief executive Mark Miles visited the facility last week for the first time.

“We’ve been kicking the can down the road for some time talking to them, but this was the first opportunity the CEO had to look at the track,” Blair said. “We’re pretty far into the conversations, but we don’t have a signed agreement yet. There are a few things we have to sort out, the main thing being the date.”

Blair said Gateway ideally would get a Saturday night for the race.
august 2016
Uncertainty clouds future of Honda Indy in downtown Toronto | HONDA INDY | Motor
“It’s got history. Thirty years is a long time,” said Paul Tracy, the lone Canadian to win the Indy in Toronto (in 1993 and 2003). “But with the construction that’s going on around here and future projects, it could bring the race into jeopardy. They’ve changed the track this year to nobody’s really liking, because of the hotel. I would anticipate in the future with all the construction that’s going on around downtown, that there’s going to be more on this property at some point. How that does to the race track remains to be seen.”

Development in downtown Vancouver in the leadup to the Olympics ultimately led to the demise of that city’s Indy race, and Tracy hopes that doesn’t become the case in Toronto.

“They keep building, building, building. I’m amazed there’s that much demand for condos downtown,” the Scarborough native said.

“The teams and the drivers love coming to Toronto. It’s a great city. Great nightlife. Everybody loves to come here. But the track, it would be nice to see the track get a bunch of improvements to it.”
july 2016
Racing driver Dario Franchitti to donate brain to medical researchers after escaping death in Houston IndyCar crash (From Herald Scotland)
Franchitti, from Bathgate in West Lothian, said he had been inspired by friend and fellow US driver Dale Earnhardt Jr, who also suffered trauma in a recent high-speed crash.

“Dale came out recently about donating his brain to medical research. When he announced that, I thought, ‘Yeah, I’m going to do that too’”
july 2016
IndyCars tipped to return as V8 Supercars lock in deal to secure Gold Coast race until 2019 | Gold Coast Bulletin
A private consortium is negotiating with Tourism and Events Queensland to bring the US version of Formula 1 back to the Gold Coast streets during an annual weeklong motorsports extravaganza.

This “back to the future” move was revealed yesterday as Supercars announced their cars will be on the streets of Surfers Paradise until 2019 under a deal brokered with the Queensland Government.

The Bulletin has seen documents giving a Coast-based consortium the right to negotiate for an IndyCar race in Australia.
june 2016
What It Really Feels Like To Race In The Indy 500
You’ve never felt nerves like those on the morning of the Indianapolis 500.

It’s tough to eat; tough, even, to sip your morning coffee. To say you get “butterflies” is a gross understatement. Racing in the Indy 500 is like filling your stomach with a school of flesh-eating piranhas.
alexLloyd  indy 
may 2016
Flat Spot On: ‘Wind Screens’ Coming for IndyCars
The new concept has been shown to half a dozen drivers or so to get their comments. Ultimately, I missed seeing what is more accurately described as a windscreen due to my credential-carrying status as a journalist. But Horton was available and we talked about the new safety project that includes Dr. Terry Trammell, longtime medical director for the IRL, as well as others recruited by Horton. PPG, long involved in Indy racing, is the manufacturer for the project.

To be made by a PPG department that specializes in military and transportation glass, the windscreen will begin at the cockpit opening and reach as far back as the steering wheel at a height of one inch above the driver’s helmeted head. The cockpit will remain open in the sense of the fan’s view and, perhaps more importantly, the driver will be able to get in and out.

“It’s actually a small piece of glass,” said Horton, who pointed out the windscreens have been used in various forms throughout the history of the Speedway.
may 2016
How the Indianapolis 500 became more than a race
"There was Christmas, there was Easter, and there was the Indianapolis 500."
may 2016
No concert weekend for Watkins track - observer-review.com
Printup was also asked about the possibility of Indy cars returning to the track. He said he would like to see them return, but added their last Indy car race lost the track $580,000. Printup said if they were to do it, it would not be beneficial to only do it for one, two or three years.
march 2016
Firestone celebrating 15 years with IndyCar - Tire Business - The Tire Dealer's No. 1 News Source
In 2015, IndyCar introduced aero bodywork kits developed by Honda Motor Co. and General Motor Co.'s Chevrolet brand, and the next evolution of kits are scheduled to launch in 2016. With these new aero improvements in mind, Firestone Racing said its off-season development efforts have centered on ensuring its tires are optimized for use with the aero kits.

“Firestone Racing has focused our race tire development efforts on determining tire specifications for the series' return to Phoenix International Raceway (April 2) and Road America (June 26), while preparing for the inaugural Grand Prix of Boston street race,” said Dale Harrigle, chief engineer and manager of race tire development for Bridgestone Americas Motorsports.

“In total, Firestone will produce 64 different specifications of tires for the 16-race 2016 schedule, all developed and built by our team of engineers, chemists and technicians at the company's Americas Technical Center and Advanced Technology Workshop in Akron.”
january 2016
Dave Kallmann - Lack of Milwaukee Mile date is all about business
I don't know how to say this any more clearly: It's all about business.

The lack of a Milwaukee Mile date on the 2016 Verizon IndyCar Series schedule isn't personal. It's not about a sport that isn't given its due. It's not about disrespect for history. It's not about a State Fair Park board that doesn't like racing.

Again (for the umpteenth time).




Racing is a business. Promotion is a business. And they're tough, tough businesses. They're businesses smart people, well-intentioned people and rich people try and, more often than they'd like to admit, fail.
october 2015
Rick Mears sounds IndyCar warning
Mears’ message is clear: cut the downforce and you reduce the risks, improve the racing and ensure the oval races are a genuine reflection of driver and team talent. And he has logic to back up his argument.
october 2015
Drive to win brings Will Power keys to Toowoomba | Toowoomba Chronicle
The word Toowoomba sounds normal to Power, but draws laughs in his adopted home.

"It's a running joke in America that I'm from Toowoomba and they think it's a town with one pub, they don't realise it has about 100,000 people.

"I always talk about Toowoomba and I'm proud to say I'm from Toowoomba - I really am - I love the place.

"It's good when you've beaten the best guys in the business and you can say you're from Toowoomba."
october 2015
IndyCar Racer Marco Andretti’s Pennsylvania Palace - WSJ
Mr. Andretti has kept his childhood room, with its racing memorabilia, intact. He’s done the same with the room of his sister, Marissa. “It was just so cool for me to be able to keep it in the family,” Mr. Andretti said. “You know, it’s home to us and you love your home.”
august 2015
A (nother) fantastic save! (long, a bit technical, surprise ending) | A Former F1 Doc Writes
Make no mistake about it – only the knowledge, skill and teamwork of the Holmatro team at the scene made it possible for Hinch to get evacuated alive. They deserve massive credit for this. I sure take my hat off to them.
june 2015
In-car cameras put IndyCar viewers in fast lane | USA TODAY Sports
Still, Rahal wants more. Not for aesthetics, but for transparency.

“I wish we could come up with a way to get in-car cameras in every car,” he said. “It’s good for fans and it’s great for sponsors, but it also makes it easier for officials and officiating consistency. People are hard on the officials, but a lot of times they can’t see. That’s the truth. Those of us who have in-cars are in trouble because they can see our every move. With the rest of them who don’t have in-cars, you’re trusting the odd (external) camera placement here or there. If everybody had in-car cameras, there’d be no question.”
technology  tv 
may 2015
In the Blink of an Eye | The Players' Tribune
A year and a half after the accident, my first thought in the morning is occasionally still about getting in the car. It’s just an old habit. When I was racing, I focused 100 percent on what I did. It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up. It was all I thought about. You’re just so focused on what you’re doing — if you want to be successful, you have to be. When I was a driver, everything that other drivers and I did felt so normal — the training involved, the attention to detail, the complete dedication, the fact of driving a car at that sort of speed, the intensity level, the risks.

Now I sit back and watch these other guys do it, and I think, Wow, maybe that’s not so normal…
may 2015
IndyCar paddock hoping for shorter caution periods | FOX Sports
Walker wants to make it clear, however, that he has heard the complaints from the fans and the drivers about the length of the cautions.

“We get the message,” he said. “We didn’t enjoy the long yellows any more than the fans did. We really didn’t.”
april 2015
Hub IndyCar race plan 
in high gear | Boston Herald
“We’re working on it, we’re looking to see if it works for the city,” Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in an interview. “Certainly it would be a great opportunity for promotion of the city.”

As first reported in the Herald last August, Walsh sent a letter to IndyCar chief executive Mark D. Miles, expressing his interest in hosting the race. IndyCar Boston is pursuing the event with the backing of IndyCar, which must give the green light to the proposal.

“Everybody’s positive and everybody’s optimistic about the potential of an IndyCar race in Boston,” said IndyCar spokesman Mike Kitchel.
IndyCar Boston has begun laying out its plans to neighborhood groups, including at a meeting of the Friends of Fort Point Channel, hosted at the headquarters of Zipcar last week.
march 2015
IndyCar wants to be an alternative for countries priced out of F1 - IndyCar news - AUTOSPORT.com
"I think there is a great value proposition when you look at where we can come in, and what we can offer compared with Formula 1 when you think about price versus value.

"We don't have to charge the kind of sanctioning fees that race promoters in countries, and sovereign funds are paying for Formula 1.

"But I think we can offer a product that is seen as uniquely American, but is extraordinarily exciting racing. So I think there is a big opportunity for us."
march 2015
Once an inconvenience, St. Pete now embraces Grand Prix | TBO.com and The Tampa Tribune
Not long ago, the invasion of race cars on downtown streets was hailed as more of a roaring inconvenience than a weekend festival.

But as the 11th Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg lays out track along the city’s bayfront, the 1.8-mile road race has replaced baseball as the city’s annual spring rite.

The three-day IndyCar racing series, which begins Friday, has found a home in St. Petersburg, as well as a place among drivers and their crews as the much-anticipated season-opening race.

“I really believe now we are hitting our stride as a community in finding a balance of how to run a city and run a race at the same time,” said Chris Steinocher, president of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. “Now it’s all about how do you embrace the opportunity.”
march 2015
Indy Car drivers test local track - FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social
Charlie Kimball of Chip Ganassi Racing added, "Coming in 10 years after an event that was so big in the city's history, to be able to put on our show and show New Orleans and Louisiana what IndyCar racing is all about. Obviously the track, they put a lot into it. Its going to be a lot of fun; it's already a lot of fun to drive, and I cant wait to get back here in April."
january 2015
Auto Club Speedway promotes executive Dave Allen to president - LA Times
The track, initially called California Speedway, was built in the late 1990s by racing mogul Roger Penske. Allen joined Penske at the track in 1999 and became senior director of sales and marketing in 2002.

Allen was promoted to vice president of sales and marketing in 2006, and two years later he helped Zucker secure the Auto Club deal that led to the track's current name.
december 2014
Pit Pass: Mikhail Aleshin's IndyCar return unlikely
Sam Schmidt, a co-owner of Indianapolis-based Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, told The Star this week that Mikhail Aleshin's financial contributions to the race team are not only behind, they're frozen.

"There's a clear road block in terms of the transfer of money," Schmidt said. "We can't seem to get any."

The U.S. government placed sanctions on SMP Bank, along with other Russian institutions connected to Putin, beginning last spring amid tensions in Ukraine.
november 2014
IndyCar crew on hand for first Ambrose test - Speedcafe
A five-strong crew of Team Penske IndyCar mechanics will be on hand at Lakeside for Marcos Ambrose’s first V8 Supercars drive in nine years.

The IndyCar mechanics have been at Dick Johnson Racing’s headquarters this week completing the preparation of Ambrose’s brand-new Ford Falcon V8 Supercar.

As Friday’s Lakeside hit-out is classified as a ‘ride day’, the imports will largely play the role of observers before Ambrose’s first full-fledged test at Queensland Raceway on Sunday.

The Americans have been flown to Australia to provide the backbone of Ambrose’s NRMA Sydney 500 pit crew while the IndyCar Series enjoys its long off-season.

DJR will field a full crew and extra pit boom for Ambrose in Sydney, rather than sharing with single-car squad Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport, but is yet to confirm a race engineer for the entry.


“They (the IndyCar mechanics) have already been a big help this week,” added Story.

“They’re experienced guys that we’ve been able to throw in the deep end straight away.
november 2014
Racing legend's wife takes ride on wild side - Sport - NZ Herald News
Speaking from their United States home in Indianapolis, Dixon's wife of six years says that on the road he finds gaps no one else can see.

"He's so good at judging the pace of other cars and has such good timing. While other people are braking and being hesitant he just cruises through the traffic almost effortlessly," said Emma.

"I'd have to say that he's a good driver but sometimes he sits right up someone's bum like he's drafting [slipstreaming] or something. He's got great reaction but the others don't."
november 2014
Sam Schmidt auditions for Crash Test Dummies | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Sam Schmidt, the Indycar auto racing team owner who makes his home in Las Vegas, navigated the paddock at the NHRA Toyota Nationals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Halloween in the guise of a crash test dummy.
november 2014
Latest Stories - Zanardi ticks off another milestone in Ironman Triathlon
Alex Zanardi has mastered his latest big challenge. On Saturday, the former IndyCar and F1 star turned BMW works GT driver successfully contested his first long-distance triathlon in Hawaii.

The 47-year-old Italian completed the overall distance of 140.5 miles in a time of 9h47m14s. He was 272nd overall among the 2,187 athletes – fewer than a dozen of whom were competing with physical handicaps like Zanardi, who lost both his legs in a Champ Car accident in 2001.
october 2014
An IndyCar Champion Who Stays Sharp by Driving Go-Karts - NYTimes.com
Q. Do any of your brothers race?

A. They all raced. But my youngest brother is a stand-up comedian. Next oldest from me was break dancer and now choreographs those types of shows. My oldest brother is quite strange. He’s an accountant.
september 2014
Sports Media Watch – IndyCar Finale Down, But Season Hits 3-Year High on NBCSN
NBCSN finished a successful IndyCar season on a down note over the weekend.

The season-ending IndyCar Series race from Fontana earned 280,000 viewers on NBCSN Saturday night, down 13% from last year (322K) and the network’s least-viewed telecast of the season. Keep in mind the race began after 10 PM ET.

Saturday’s race was the second straight to have a decline, coming nearly a week after viewership from Sonoma fell by 4%. To put that in perspective, the previous three races each had increases of over 50%.

Despite declines for the final two races, NBCSN had its best IndyCar season in three years. The network averaged 378,000 viewers for 12 races, up 34% from last year’s 13-race average (282K), up 30% from 2012 (292K), and its second-most watched season since acquiring rights.
september 2014
ALEXANDER: Fontana's corporate marketing suffered on holiday weekend:
"We lost our entire corporate backing," track president Gillian Zucker said.

"... I mean, corporate sales are a huge part of sports marketing, any sport you look at. It's not just the suites. It's hospitality. People end up sitting in the grandstand after having gone to a (hospitality) tent or heard part of a meeting or a presentation. A lot of companies support team building that they do at sporting events, or (use tickets as) prizes for sales people, so there's a pretty healthy corporate market out there that sporting events rely on. And so to do it on a weekend like this and have it completely eliminated, it makes it difficult."
september 2014
Marty Walsh looks to bring Grand Prix to Boston | Boston Herald
Grand Prix race cars could be roaring down the streets of Boston — Monaco-style — if Mayor Martin J. Walsh can convince organizers the city can transform the Seaport District into a speedway.

The mayor, who has assembled a Boston Grand Prix committee, is in contact with the CEO of Verizon IndyCar Series in a bid to land a high-octane street race, according to a letter from Walsh obtained by the Herald.

Top administration brass — including police, fire and transportation officials — have also met recently with Mark Perrone, president of the nascent Grand Prix Boston, who is spearheading the drive to bring the open-wheel championship race to town.
august 2014
National Guard ends team-up with Earnhardt Jr. | Military Times | militarytimes.com
The Army National Guard is ending its sponsorship of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Indy Racing League driver Graham Rahal, the component announced Wednesday.

The decisions follow an “intensive internal review,” according to the announcement.

“Significantly constrained resources and the likelihood of further reductions in the future call for more innovative and cost-effective ways of doing business,” said Maj. Gen. Judd Lyons, acting director of the Army Guard, in the announcement.
august 2014
IndyCar - IndyCar: Vasser says KV "dynamics" hampered de Silvestro
"The dynamic we had last year wasn't the best for the team or for Simona," said Vasser. "She is a fantastic driver and we'd hoped that things would have been better last year.
"In a sense this year has been a rebuilding exercise in trying to bring the two sides together better as one team. And it's still difficult. I can sit here and tell you what happened at Ganassi in those years, and I felt like I was a part of making that happen. But it's so difficult to make happen. I can't wave my wand and say, 'Boys, this is what you've gotta do.'
"It's so hard to do that, especially from outside the car. It's got to come from the pilots, and they set the example for the whole team."
KVracing  kanaan 
july 2014
IndyCar returns to Pocono with practice for Saturday's IndyLights race - themorningcall.com
Brandon said his comments "may have come across harsher than I anticipated, but it got the point across. People want me to be honest, well, I was honest. I am a race fan. I want a race in the Northeast.

"Pennsylvania has more race tracks than any other state in the country, except California. New York, New Jersey … they have huge race fan populations. And the Poconos are the No. 2 destination in the state behind Philadelphia. So, the people are here. We just need them to come out."

Nick Igdalsky, Pocono's executive vice president and chief operating officer, reminded that while their family features race fans, they're still running a business.

"We're a family business when it comes down to it," he said. "We have people to answer to and it's got to work out for everybody. We don't want to hold IndyCar back either. We know it's an important market for them. We're doing everything we can to make it work."
july 2014
IndyCar - IndyCar: Hulman Motorsports CMO, C.J. O’Donnell on marketing the Verizon IndyCar Series
Q: One of the criticisms regularly aimed at IndyCar’s marketing people in the past – and this was also aimed at marketing departments of IRL, Champ Car and CART, I guess because at some point we all hurt the ones we love – was that there was too much focus on the short term and not enough forethought shown for 12, 18 or 24 months down the road. How do you improve that?

A: Well let’s talk on a philosophical level first. We need to be faster, more innovative and daring in the way we conduct our business. And it’s appropriate because those are the words we attribute to the brand itself. As a company and a culture, we need to continue to push the envelope and take the same kind of risks we took by re-inventing May. So that’s definitely what’s required to restart this sport and re-engage our fans.
From the marketing and communication standpoint, all our brand studies and research results point to the fact that we need to 1) thrill our fans and 2) champion our heroes. Our entire business plan for the next year or two really surrounds defining the IndyCar brand for everything that it is – an absolutely first-grade form of motorsport, the most innovative in the U.S. today. Every time we engage a fan, we need to have the hair stand up on the back of their neck, get their hearts racing, get the adrenaline flowing. And then we need to elevate the personalities, the celebrity level, of our driver athletes. There’s probably little future for IndyCar if we can’t promote the drivers to the fans and then the broader public. People will not tune in each weekend to track our progress if they don’t emotionally engage with the driver behind the wheel.
So that’s central to our thinking, that’s what drives our team each day. Now there are 100 little things that make those aims become reality but those are our twin pillars.
marketing  indycar 
june 2014
Compressed schedule coming to Mid-Ohio in 2014 | Mansfield News Journal
Mid-Ohio’s two largest spectator eventsboth happen in August with just a weekend between the two. The Verizon IndyCar Series comes to town Aug. 1 to 3 for the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio with the NASCAR Nationwide Series returning for the second time two weeks later.

“They are our two biggest. They draw the most fans. It’s hard to say come out the first weekend and the third weekend of August,” Rust said. “Fortunately the two fan bases are different, but it’s still two big events two weeks apart.

“Logistically it makes it difficult. The staff does a great job of preparing so we can execute.”
june 2014
IndyCar team co-owner pays $35,000 for Jacques Villenueve's Indianapolis 500 helmet - Autoweek
This is a rare piece of motorsports memorabilia, as Villeneuve only five times previously in his career gave away one of his helmets -- and never did so after a major race, according to Peterson. Of course, it's a bit strange to see a co-owner of the team who put Villeneuve into the race having to bid on the helmet, but Peterson enjoyed the process.
“He doesn't typically give away his helmets, but this was a great cause and made sense,” Peterson said.
june 2014
Why proper aerodynamic package is key to exciting race at TMS | Dallas Morning News
“If they put it back in the drivers’ hands and the good drivers are up at the front where they should be and the poseurs are at the back, it’s fine,’’ Power said during tire testing at TMS in April. “Don’t put it back into a big pack of people, and you get some poseur beside you who doesn’t want to race.’’

The series has given teams the option of adding about 300 pounds of downforce over last year’s maximum. That puts the field closer to the 2012 specifications, which produced a high-quality race.
tms  2014 
june 2014
How Kurt Busch got around Chevy conflict while driving a Honda - NASCAR - Sporting News
Typically, Busch has a Haas Automation logo on the front of his firesuit. But the team looked for some way to thank Chevrolet for allowing Busch to drive a Honda at Indy, and this was it. This wasn’t a negotiated part of the deal, team officials say, just a way to thank a longtime partner.
chevy  kurtbusch  indy  2014 
may 2014
IndyCar - IndyCar: Barfield explains his calls and non-calls at Long Beach
No penalties were handed down for the contact between Will Power and Simon Pagenaud or Justin Wilson and Scott Dixon, which left some competitors and fans scratching their collective heads.

"We said before the season began that we were going to change the way we officiate and take more of a hands-off approach," said Barfield (LEFT). "And I think that's what you saw last Sunday."
april 2014
Franchitti’s enforced retirement will have hit him hard - The Scotsman
Franchitti’s decision to step away from racing, undoubtedly sad as it is, ensures, thankfully, that he will be around for years to come to talk in his knowledgeable, animated and enthusiastic way about his comprehensive collection of Jim Clark memorabilia.

Of more immediate concern for him is whether his beloved Celtic can make it through the group stages in the Champions League.

Franchitti has always been quick to play down his achievements in motorsport and has laughed when the word ‘legacy’ has been mentioned.

Now the man, who has the most deeply ingrained affinity with motorsport’s heritage of any current racing driver, knows he must reinvent his life.

It will take time. Franchitti has committed himself fully to his love of the sport, and this latest development is still way too raw for any new plans to be announced.

In the meantime, he can slowly begin to accept how highly his achievements have been recognised by his motorsport peers, and concentrate on making a full recovery.
november 2013
Dario Franchitti, Safety, And Barrier Differences in Houston - Paddock Pundit - Road & Track
The questionable vehicle-retaining properties of the FIA-spec fencing used at Houston is where I’ve turned my attention. The same grate-style fencing is used at other IndyCar street courses, with Toronto and Baltimore featuring these rigid sections affixed to poles mounted in the cement barriers lining the track.

The 8000-pound cement sections, as used for the street courses, are most commonly found with three vertical holes in them—one on each end and one in the middle. With the poles installed, a sheet of fencing is attached to the outer face. Those pre-fab sections are then joined together by additional poles and an interlocking hook-and-groove system.

Coming from Baltimore in early September to Houston a little over a month later, the barriers and fencing looked like they’d been trucked from Maryland to Texas. There was nothing terribly unfamiliar about the barriers in Houston, except for one item: they were missing the center poles.

Center poles were in place at Toronto, and again at Baltimore. For whatever reason, and I genuinely don’t know why—the series is conducting an investigation and, as one would expect, they will not comment—the track builders at Houston didn’t install the center poles.
october 2013
Providence in talks to host IndyCar race | Breaking News | providencejournal.com | The Providence Journal
IndyCar racing might be coming to Providence after all.
WPRO-AM reports that talks are underway between city and state officials and the potential organizers of an IndyCar race that would be held in downtown Providence in 2015.
The cars would race on a 2.1 mile circuit on closed city streets that would finish at the Statehouse.
A spokesman for Providence Mayor Angel Taveras confirms that city officials were in conversations with IndyCar but says no plans have been approved.
There's no word on how much the city might have to spend to host the event, which if approved would be tentatively scheduled for Aug. 7-9, 2015.
october 2013
Honda says third engine supplier critical for IndyCar - IndyCar news - AUTOSPORT.com
"A third manufacturer is absolutely critical," he said. "The long-term sustainability of IndyCar needs more than just Honda and GM.

"When you've got seven or eight cars and you're subsidising them, that's one thing. But when you've got 12 or 13 or 14 and you're subsidising them, that's completely different, and it's hard for all of us to continue to maintain that level of subsidy.

"I would say that through the next two or three years, I don't believe there is any kind of issue.

"But when you start looking at what happens in 2017; is there going to be a new engine formula or are we going to continue to evolve the current one; what are we going to do about 2020 when that comes around... if you want to continue to have competition, it's very hard to keep that going if there is only two of you doing it.

"We don't need five people doing it; just a third competitive manufacturer would be great. A fourth would be wonderful. What it needs is quality."
october 2013
Can a Rhode Island Grand Prix avoid Baltimore's potholes? - Baltimore Business Journal
Will Providence, R.I., suffer the headaches and problems that plagued Baltimore, or will it burn rubber without a hitch?
According to reports, the Baltimore Grand Prix is set to be replaced, and it looks as if it is staying on the East Coast. And Providence is in the lead.
providence  schedule 
october 2013
Road America could get IndyCar testing dates
An IndyCar race at Road America looks highly unlikely, too. But at least there could be a consolation prize for IndyCar fans.

"We are hoping once they get their schedule set they might do a two-day test here that I could open to the public," said George Bruggenthies, president and general manager for the facility in Elkhart Lake.

"I don't have any dates because they don't have their schedule yet. I'm working with Derrick Walker — that would be fun — and then we'll work towards maybe a sports-car/IndyCar weekend for '15. That was the last conversation, but the dates just didn't work for us this year to put on a separate event (in 2014)."
september 2013
Tickets selling faster this year for IndyCar finale at Fontana
“Our ticket report this morning showed that we are 8,000 ahead of last year,” Zucker said during Tuesday’s IndyCar testing at the track. “I truly expect a robust crowd. We are anticipating a huge crowd.”

That’s good news for all involved, particularity MAV TV, the title rights sponsor that’s part of the Lucas Oil empire out of Corona.

“We thought the crowd was phenomenal. A show of support gathering in the community,” said Bob Patison, president of MAVTV. “To see the ticket sales rising, it’s very encouraging that open-wheel race has such a home in California. We’re glad to see the sport growing again.”

Patison also spoke of the rumors of IndyCar moving the Fontana race, perhaps earlier in the season, as did Zucker.

“We have not had any discussions with IndyCar,” Zucker said about the situation
fontana  2014  schedule 
september 2013
Iowa Speedway lagging on bills, CEO resigns | The Des Moines Register | desmoinesregister.com
Conrad Clement, speedway chairman and principal owner, acknowledged the existence of some financial issues in a brief telephone call with the Register, saying, “We’re in the process of refinancing the whole speedway.”

Clement declined, however, to answer questions beyond a news release that was issued late Tuesday afternoon. The news release offered no new, additional details related to the track’s financial status.

“We’re fine,” said Clement, the founder of Featherlite Trailers in Cresco. “Everything’s fine.”
september 2013
Cooper Tires coming to Indy Lights - Racer.com
Firestone, which has served as the sole supplier to both the IndyCar Series and Indy Lights, was reportedly out-bid by Cooper Tires, but will continue its IndyCar association without interruption.

The change in tire supplier for Indy Lights marks the latest round of positive news for the struggling series. IndyCar's decision to hand control of the series over to Dan Andersen and his Andersen Promotions team has resulted in a number of decisive actions, including an update to the series' aged 2002 Dallara chassis for 2014, the introduction of a new car for 2015, and even a new website for the Lights series which debuted last week.
august 2013
Derby racers to get open-wheel boost from IndyCar - News - Ohio
The Derby board approved the agreement on Thursday. IndyCar declined to comment until its executives formally sign off, a move expected no later than Monday, according to a spokesman in Indianapolis.

Mazur said one of his priorities when he became Derby president in 2011 and was charged with turning it around from its near-death was to partner with IndyCar. The Derby is now much more financially strong, Mazur said.

The Derby will be promoted in 30-second commercials on giant video screens at IndyCar racetracks, on the IndyCar website and through other measures, Mazur said. IndyCar also is agreeing to invite local Derby race champions to two of its races, he said.
Derby race wheels this year will get IndyCar stickers, he said.

“The [IndyCar] logo will be on every car next year throughout the world,” he said.
july 2013
Andretti wants 1 more ride with son, grandson - Yahoo! Sports
At 73, Andretti has been long retired from racing, and one of open wheels all-time greats hasn't turned a competitive lap since a spectacular crash during practice for the 2003 Indianapolis 500.

Andretti, though, hasn't completely put the idea of one final race out of his mind. He's serious when he says he wants to team up with son, Michael, and grandson, Marco, for an endurance race like the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona or 24 Hours of Le Mans.

''I'd do it,'' Mario Andretti said. ''There's no point in me coming back unless there's a compelling a reason.''

And there's no more compelling reason than family ties on the track.
marioAndretti  michaelAndretti  marcoAndretti 
july 2013
Tony Kanaan On Persevering Through Misfortune - Esquire
Not that I enjoy it, but when adversities come toward me, I take that as a challenge and say that it's going to make me better. Everybody is allowed to have moments. I cry. I get mad. I make mistakes. It took me a while.

Nothing is sad, man. It's just a story.
kanaan  indy 
june 2013
MILLER: Indy Needs To Become The Week Of May
I know Mark Miles wants to bring back track records and innovation and most of us old-schoolers would love to see it. Those two things might entice a few thousand people more to return to 16th & Georgetown and, combined with a compacted schedule and prime time television, maybe we’d see a spike both places.

But, from somebody who never thought a month was enough time for the Indy 500, it’s time to face the reality that people are too busy nowadays or don’t care like we used to about the Speedway.

The fact remains it’s still the greatest spectacle in racing but those old days of practice and qualifying ain’t coming back and neither are the crowds.

So cut your losses, ramp up the energy and make it the most exciting week of the year.
robinmiller  opinion 
may 2013
Roger Penske would like to rule forever, but who will eventually be the next Captain? - Autoweek
“You don't plan for retirement. At least I'm not,” Penske said. “I'm planning to stay active both in my business and on the racing side as long as I'm healthy.

“From a racing perspective, Tim Cindric is a partner of mine in the race teams. He's certainly developed leadership skills and I think has the authority and discipline, and I think from the standpoint of the rest of the people on the race team feel he is a great leader and would support him if I wasn't here now.

“Obviously, the decision in the future, if I'm not here, that'll be a different discussion, but that's one we try not to have to prepare for at the moment. Things happen, but we have a good management structure with our companies, key leadership people who know the business and help build it, because you can't go by yourself. My experience on other boards of directors and how we set up for that, I think we're well-positioned. From a racing perspective, the guys you see today are the guys you'll see tomorrow. I just hope I can be a part of that for a long time.”
february 2013
MILLER: Amateur Hour At 16th & Georgetown
Nobody deserves this daily dose of National Enquirer treatment, especially someone who has worked as hard as Bernard.

All this does is make IndyCar look like a second-rate organization that is out of control because there is no unity or communication between the series, home office and board of directors.

And it’s not only damaging to current or potential sponsors, tracks and promoters, I’m sure it’s becoming a real concern to partners Honda, GM, IZOD and APEX Brazil. If you don’t think they’re all evaluating what in the hell is going on, I think you’d be mistaken.
october 2012
Bone marrow drive to honor Michael Wanser | Indianapolis Star | indystar.com
What: "Iron Man" Blood and Bone Marrow Drive, in honor of Michael Wanser.

When: Noon to 5 p.m. Nov. 3 at Marsh supermarket, 5 Boone Village, Zionsville.

Contact: You can schedule an appointment at www.DonorPoint.org. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/pages/ Iron-Man-Mike-and-Wanser-Family-prayer- page/287795161249737.
october 2012
IndyCar isn't for sale - but maybe it should be - NASCAR News | FOX Sports on MSN
No, IndyCar should not be sold to founder Tony George, who cited the conflict of interest in his recent attempt to reacquire the series in his Friday resignation from the Hulman & Co. board of directors. But if there is a buyer out there willing to step in and put an end to the drama and put the focus instead on growth, stability and IndyCar's strong on-track product, then by all means, open the bidding.

Wasn't it just five weeks ago that Ryan Hunter-Reay became the first American to win the IndyCar title since 2006? And Chevrolet wrapped up the manufacturer championship in its first year back in the series after a six-year absence? That capped a season that saw the debut of IndyCar's first new car in nine years, eight different on-track winners, parity down the grid and a thrilling Indianapolis 500.

It was one of the most exciting IndyCar seasons in history, and some might even argue the racing is the best on-track product in any current motorsports series.

Why isn't anyone talking about any of that? Because every single bit of it has been overshadowed again and again by off-track nonsense.

Something has got to give in IndyCar. Now. Before it's too late for the series to ever get any solid footing in this country again.
october 2012
IndyCar reps coming to Pocono Raceway press conference Monday | PoconoRecord.com
Pocono Raceway has scheduled a press conference Monday morning to release a major announcement concerning the Pocono 2013 schedule.

IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard will on hand, as well as 1969 Indianapolis 500 champion Mario Andretti and Ed Carpenter, winner of 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series season finale, Ed Carpenter.

Earlier this month, the raceway announced it was in negotiations to bring IndyCar back to the track.

It wouldn't be a first for Pocono. It held 19 IndyCar races from 1971 until 1989, when it dropped it for financial reasons.

An IndyCar race would open up an entirely new customer base for Pocono Raceway, according to Pleban. The racetrack features NASCAR racing now. He said no physical changes would need to be made to the track or any of its facilities to host the race.
pocono  2013  schedule 
september 2012
Chris Economaki Dies At Age 91 | National Speed Sport News
The Dean of American Motorsports Journalism has died.

Chris Economaki, who began selling single copies of National Speed Sport News at age 14 and eventually became the publication’s editor, a position he held for 60 years, died early this morning at age 91.
september 2012
INDYCAR: Series Outlines Possible Technical, Rules Changes For 2013
By the time the 2013 IZOD IndyCar Season kicks off, the Dallara DW12 will have undergone more testing miles than any Indy car in recent history.

Its aerodynamic specification has seen numerous changes, and along with a few tweaks to the rest of the package, more could be on the way as the series heads into next season.

In our most recent interview, Will Phillips, INDYCAR’s VP of Technology, touched on some of where the series intends to develop the DW12 for 2013, and outlined a few of the policies and procedures related to the car that are up for review.
september 2012
California Dreamin’ – Indycar impressions | The Buxton Blog
The simple fact is, Indycar works. It works because it is fun. It works because it understands how racing should be and what the fans should get for the price of their ticket.

I have come away a convert. Many were the times I spoke with lifers in the Indycar paddock who were thrilled with the way the season was going. To many of them, Indycar is headed along a path that will see it return to the golden age of the early 90s. And I believe them.

Just like the first time I saw an F1 car in the flesh, like the first GP2 test I attended, like the first time I stood trackside at Monaco, my weekend in Sonoma made my heart sing.

I’ll be honest, my weekend in California saw me fall a little bit in love… all over again.
august 2012
Danica Patrick ousted by James Hinchcliffe on GoDaddy.com home page | Indianapolis Star | indystar.com
Hinch has made the home page.

IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe has knocked NASCAR star Danica Patrick off of the GoDaddy.com home page. The 25-year-old Canadian replaced Patrick at Andretti Autosport this season following her full-time move to NASCAR.
Hinchcliffe  danica  godaddy 
july 2012
Disappointing Indy 500 Viewership Prompts Organizers To Hold Race Again This Weekend | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
INDIANAPOLIS—Citing lower television viewership numbers than expected despite an unusually exciting race, Izod IndyCar officials announced they would hold the 2012 Indianapolis 500 again this coming weekend. "Everyone should tune in to see the record 35 lead changes, Takuma Sato's daring but ultimately disastrous attempt to take the lead on the last lap, and Dario Franchitti's triumphant third Indy 500 victory," said IndyCar chief Randy Bernard, explaining that the June 17 Indy 500 would be identical to the May 27 running, which he called one of the best in the race's long history. "Really, it was great. We have no idea why more people didn't see it the first time."
june 2012
Club Trillion gets wasted at the Indy 500 - Grantland
Having spent each of my 25 years living in the Midwest, I can tell you this much about people from flyover states: We don't care what people on the coasts think about the things we view as sacred. We know they'll never understand why we love small towns, college sports, country music, Larry the Cable Guy, and teenage pregnancy so much, so we don't even bother defending those things when we're laughed at for loving them. We like what we like. If you don't, that's perfectly fine because you aren't one of us. This "love it or leave it" attitude runs rampant in Middle America, and for so many Hoosiers it perfectly describes how we feel about the Indy 500. We know outsiders think the race is nothing but a bunch of hicks watching cars turn left, and we don't bother trying to change their minds. It makes no difference to us if they understand that for hundreds of thousands of us inside the IMS walls on race day, what happens on the track isn't nearly as important as what happens inside the track.
indianapolis  party 
june 2012
IndyCar - Turbogate fuels Indy car unrest - ESPN
The troubling common denominator is the amount of discontent and rancor already present between the competitors just four races into Indy car racing's latest manufacturer era. History has shown that manufacturer participation can make and/or break a racing series; the prestige and marketing support they bring are critical to any series' credibility and financial health.

CART's mismanagement of the participating manufacturers in the early 21st century -- both on a technical and a political level -- was perhaps the biggest contributing factor to the series' rapid downfall.

Though the IRL rules were stricter and the series tried to regulate them, Honda and Toyota still carried on much as they had in CART. But within three years, Honda dominated to the point that Chevy and Toyota withdrew at the end of 2005, relegating the IZOD IndyCar Series to the level of a Honda-powered spec-car series.

Bringing back manufacturer competition was a key part of INDYCAR's commercial business plan moving forward. Yet almost from the get-go, the series is facing the kind of technical/political controversy that ultimately doomed CART.

No matter what Justice Boehm determines Wednesday, how INDYCAR handles the manufacturers in the aftermath of the decision is critical for the future harmony of the sport. Whichever manufacturer loses out (and the common wisdom is that Chevrolet is unlikely to win its appeal) must move on quickly and quietly from the verdict and get back to building engines to whatever specifications are deemed legal.
oreo  opinion  history 
may 2012
Gordon Kirby - Auto Racing - The Way It Is
One day in 2008 Steve Newey chose exactly the right moment to pitch Herta on the idea of starting an Indy Lights team.

"Steve Newey approached me one day when we were together at a kart track and said, 'Let's start a team together.' He asked me just at the right time and the right day. If he had asked me two weeks later or earlier I probably would have said no and it never would have happened. But it just hit me at the right time and I thought, 'Why not? Let's do it.'

"We started really small with an Indy Lights team and tried to learn the business from the bottom up again from that side of it and it's been a really rewarding experience. I really feel fortunate to be able to continue to participate in the IndyCar series no longer as a driver but as an owner. If somebody walked up to me with a $100 million check and said, 'Bryan, here's a $100 million. Go do whatever you want.' Well, I'd still do what I'm doing.
may 2012
Fans get answers from Kentucky Speedway GM | Shifting Gears
One of the first questions: when will the IZOD IndyCar Series return to Kentucky Speedway? The speedway was an annual stop for the series for 12 years, but dropped off the schedule after last season.

“I don’t know when IndyCar is coming back. The door is obviously wide open,” Simendinger said. “But we’re in business here. As much as I love what I do, and it’s a fun job, at the end of the day we’re here to make money. And, so, from an economic standpoint it’s got to make sense for us and them, both.

“I think they’re kind of working on their schedule a little bit and seeing how ovals fit into their schedule and what their business model is going to be on ovals. I think that when the time comes and they get that squared away, I would think they would want to come back here. But, you know, quite candidly, we had some financial issues related to that race….I’m a big IndyCar fan and I’d love to have them come back. It’s just got to work for everybody.”
may 2012
Andretti at 72: Crowds, compliments never get old to original Super Mario - Sports - ReviewJournal.com
But he once was pulled over in Santa Monica, Calif., during the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend, and you know where this is going.

When the cop asked if he thought he was Mario Andretti, he said, as a matter of fact, yes. And then the cop thought he was being a wiseguy.

When he showed his driver's license, the cop still didn't believe him. And so the great Mario Andretti, the only driver to have won the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500 and the Formula One World Championship, also had to produce his FIA license, which is what one must have to drive in Formula One.

He was let go with a stern warning.

Apparently, this cop must have been an A.J. Foyt fan.
marioAndretti  legend 
april 2012
IndyCar Advocate: Off Course: An Interview With Randy Lanier
Randy Lanier was one of the first drivers I can remember seeing run in person at Indianapolis; my father took me to a day of time trials in 1986, and I remember Lanier's #12 machine as if it were yesterday. I had heard of his fate in the years since then, but on a whim, decided to write a man who had figured so prominently in one of my earliest in-person 500 memories. I sent a few questions to him, hoping he'd be willing to answer them.

I was slightly surprised and pleased to receive a lengthy response to my letter. I'm not in a position to judge whether or not justice has been done by Randy Lanier, but I can share a bit of his story with you, in his own words...
april 2012
VIDEO: IndyCar Single Turbo Tech Talk
SPEED's Marshall Pruett talks turbos and Indy cars with BorgWarner, makers of the new single- and twin-turbo units used by the series.
april 2012
INDYCAR: Series Moves Texas Open Test To May 7th
INDYCAR informed its teams on Friday that the planned March 13th oval test at the 1.5-mile Texas oval has been pushed back to May 7th after a significant portion of the paddock raised concerns over its timing, and critical shortage of spare parts from chassis supplier Dallara.

The March test, which the series intended to use more than a half-dozen cars on track at the same time to test another round of aero options to reduce pack racing, caused major concerns due to its close proximity to first race of the season at St. Petersburg.

With practice set to start on just 10 days later on March 23rd, and an unproven 1.5-mile aero specification (plus the recent spate of engine failures in testing), teams deemed the risks to be too high--especially with most of their spare chassis being delivered with major components missing--to recover from a multi-car crash.

Any accidents during the Texas test would have likely reduced the car count for St. Petersburg, which the series acknowledged.
marshallPruett  texas 
march 2012
Racin’ Today » IndyCar Moves Test, Angers TMS President
“I’m really disappointed and don’t know why IndyCar drivers feel the need to constantly damage the sport,” Gossage said at a NASCAR promotion this week in Dallas. “You know, engineers have told us over and over that the current fence design is the best that technology provides us today. But if you were a sponsor, if you were a fan, if you were a TV network – why would you get involved with IndyCar racing if they can’t tell you today where they’re going to race tomorrow? And the drivers – the spokespersons for the sport – are tearing it down?

“So, it’s absolutely irresponsible of those drivers, and they deserve – because of the way they conduct themselves sometimes – they deserve where they stand now in the food chain of motorsports.”
march 2012
AUTO RACING - INDYCAR: Team Penske’s Briscoe, Power Lead Saturday Sonoma Test
Outside of the surprisingly fast lap times set on Saturday, the most impressive aspect of the test centered on the estimated 1500 fans who showed up to watch the free test day, courtesy of Infineon Raceway.

Despite frigid temperatures in the morning and again late in the day, the Bay Area’s open-wheel fans got a first look at the new Dallara DW12 chassis and got to listen to the 700 HP from Chevrolet’s twin-turbo V6 engine echo off the hills.

The track also held a packed public Q&A session with all six drivers in victory lane.

“I think there’s a lot of buzz about the new cars,” Briscoe explained. “I think everyone was really excited. It was the first chance where we’ve tested where the fans can come out, have a look, get close and see everything. The cars sound great, and hopefully we made a good impression. And everyone got to see Rubens Barrichello, which was a treat, and we did a Q&A session at lunch, so I think it went really well.”
infineon  testing  2012 
february 2012
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