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Oxidizing Python: Speeding up URL quoting by 10x using Rust
Simple example of using cffi to call Rust code from Python
python  rust 
12 weeks ago by toyg
fman build system
Build framework for Python & Qt. Commercial usage costs € 250 though.
python  qt  pyqt  tools 
september 2018 by toyg
mitmproxy - an interactive HTTPS proxy
How did I reach my old age without this? Wonderful tool.
ssl  python  webstuff  webdev  http  network  development  security  tools 
august 2018 by toyg
The Bitwarden command-line tool (CLI)
Excellent tool to interact with BitWarden programmatically
security  passwords  python  tools 
july 2018 by toyg
Yet another dot-notation-for-dicts Python library, with some interesting additions.
webstuff  programming  webdev  python 
february 2018 by toyg
Going Fast with SQLite and Python
advanced sqlite tricks for python
python  sql  sqlite 
november 2017 by toyg
Collection of boilerplate templates for a number of languages and projects.
python  programming  webstuff  web  java 
april 2017 by toyg
How to deploy Django with Docker - Stavros' Stuff
Nice tutorial on a realistic django/docker environment
django  docker  python  webdev 
december 2016 by toyg
Uploading a file - Dropbox API - Stack Overflow
Example of uploading large files on Dropbox via the API.
dropbox  python  work 
november 2016 by toyg
Fix My Django!
COllection of common django errors and how to fix them
python  django  webdev 
july 2016 by toyg
Full Stack Python
Reference for common tasks dealing with python for web development.
python  django  flask  devops  deployment  webdev  programming 
june 2016 by toyg
Import a Docker Container in Python
Manage Docker containers from Python.
python  docker  todo 
february 2016 by toyg
psutil 4.0.0 and how to get "real" process memory and environ in Python
The new psutil release adds useful features. This post also explains a few things about memory and processes.
python  linux  osx  windows  memory 
february 2016 by toyg
A guide to analyzing Python performance « Huy Nguyen
Introduction to different techniques to measure Python programs performance.
python  performance 
january 2016 by toyg
Python Shirt - Python Gear
Sober dedicated to selling python-branded gear. Small selection but hopefully it will improve.
january 2016 by toyg
Creating standalone Mac OS X applications with Python and py2app | Chris Hager
Good tutorial / recap on main steps to build a py2app project. Note that GUI libraries might have further requirements.
py2app  osx  mac  python 
november 2015 by toyg
A lightweight HTML-based UI for Python apps (basically exposes a local webserver). Tested with Chrome.
python  gui 
november 2015 by toyg
Building Python modules with Go 1.5
Here's how to build shared libraries in Go to import them as Python modules—as promised!
python  go  from twitter_favs
august 2015 by toyg
chriscannon/highlander · GitHub
Show HN: Highlander – Stop Overlapping Python Cron Jobs
python  from twitter_favs
june 2015 by toyg
TaskBuster Django Tutorial | Marina Mele's site
Check out the new Django Tutorial! Learn about different environments, internationalization & localization, testing, documentation, template inheritance...!
may 2015 by toyg
Python debugging tools | ionel's codelog
great collection of python debugging tools and modules. strace, ltrace, objgraph and faulthandler especially.
python  from twitter_favs
march 2015 by toyg
parsedatetime 1.5 : Python Package Index
I was probably thinking of e.g. cal = parsedatetime.Calendar(); cal.parse('tomorrow') -> (time.struct_time(...), 1)
python  from twitter_favs
august 2014 by toyg
Parsing JSON with python: blank fields - Stack Overflow
tip: The json loader has an object_hook for building OrderedDicts, defaultdicts or custom dicts:
python  json  from twitter_favs
may 2013 by toyg

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