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Reclaiming a TimeMachine Volume’s Disk Space
How to manage a Linux server acting as Time Capsule / Time Machine server
osx  macos  backup 
may 2017 by toyg
Homebrew and PostgreSQL 9.5 (or 9.6) – Keita's Blog
Simple guide to upgrade your homebrew-installed postgresql.
osx  macos  homebrew  postgresql  web 
december 2016 by toyg
Vimalin - OSX app for VmWare Fusion image backups
32 Euro so not cheap, but basically the only player in town...
vmware  osx  backup 
december 2016 by toyg
LaunchControl is a launchd GUI allowing you to create, manage and debug system jobs on OSX. Helped me getting rid of some Adobe cruft.
osx  macos  launchd  tools 
october 2016 by toyg
Instructions on how to build a Virtualbox VM hosting OSX
osx  virtual  virtualbox 
april 2016 by toyg
New OS X Ransomware KeRanger Infected Transmission BitTorrent Client Installer
On March 4, we detected that the Transmission BitTorrent client installer for OS X was infected with ransomware, just a few hours after installers were initially posted. We have named this Ransomware
security  osx  mac 
march 2016 by toyg
psutil 4.0.0 and how to get "real" process memory and environ in Python
The new psutil release adds useful features. This post also explains a few things about memory and processes.
python  linux  osx  windows  memory 
february 2016 by toyg
Customize the Login Screen on OS X Yosemite
Basically, save your image as /Library/Caches/ making sure it's got "everyone -> read only" permissions.
osx  mac 
january 2016 by toyg
Floating browser window that allows you to watch media while you work.
osx  mac  tools 
january 2016 by toyg
Creating standalone Mac OS X applications with Python and py2app | Chris Hager
Good tutorial / recap on main steps to build a py2app project. Note that GUI libraries might have further requirements.
py2app  osx  mac  python 
november 2015 by toyg

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