Build your own React starter
Excellent simple explanation of a basic React development environment.
react  webpack  babel  javascript  npm 
24 days ago
Home :: The Trove
directory of RPG PDFs
games  rpg  books 
9 weeks ago
Ergast Developer API
Free 1 stats api. Supports xml, json, jsonp.
F1  api  xml  json  webdev  todo 
11 weeks ago
Oxidizing Python: Speeding up URL quoting by 10x using Rust
Simple example of using cffi to call Rust code from Python
python  rust 
12 weeks ago
IPFS HLS Converter
Interesting tech: distributed anonymous streaming that can be embedded in webpages.
video  webstuff  ipfs 
october 2018
fman build system
Build framework for Python & Qt. Commercial usage costs € 250 though.
python  qt  pyqt  tools 
september 2018
mitmproxy - an interactive HTTPS proxy
How did I reach my old age without this? Wonderful tool.
ssl  python  webstuff  webdev  http  network  development  security  tools 
august 2018
The Bitwarden command-line tool (CLI)
Excellent tool to interact with BitWarden programmatically
security  passwords  python  tools 
july 2018
AppTalk - Let iOS apps talk
small list of callback urls for iOS applications. Useful for tools like Workflow.
ios  workflow 
june 2018
Web Design Inspirations
Old-school "inspiration" directory with decent filtering.
webdev  webstuff  creativity  webdesign 
may 2018
ACME v2 and Wildcard Certificate Support is Live - Issuance Policy - Let's Encrypt Community Support
Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates and ACMEv2 are available today! More information can be found here:
march 2018
A Google Docs clone built on the decentralized Blockstack network.
tools  decentralization  blockstack 
march 2018
Yet another dot-notation-for-dicts Python library, with some interesting additions.
webstuff  programming  webdev  python 
february 2018
git extension to get useful diffs of Excel files
excel  office  git 
february 2018
Tool to retrieve ODI 11 passwords
odi  epm  fusion  middleware  oracle 
february 2018
library/postgres - Docker Hub
Reference for the official docker image for postgres
docker  postgresql  django  webstuff 
january 2018
A Docker Tutorial for Beginners
clear and simple tutorial on how to use modern docker
docker  webstuff  webdev 
january 2018
Java 9 - June 29 2017 - Google Slides
Slides on Java9 from the Manchester Java Meetup in June. A good overview of what's new.
august 2017
Geckos - Editing Cards since ...
Online card editor to make your own cards (e.g. for warhammer quest)
warhammer  wargames  warhammerquest 
july 2017
Find maintained forks of github repos
Search utility to quickly find alternative forks for unmaintained repositories
github  devops  webdev  web  programming  opensource 
june 2017
Explain like I’m 5: Kerberos
Introduction to Kerberos infrastructure
kerberos  weblogic 
june 2017
Reclaiming a TimeMachine Volume’s Disk Space
How to manage a Linux server acting as Time Capsule / Time Machine server
osx  macos  backup 
may 2017
Homebrew Extra Heroes and Adversaries for Warhammer Quest
List of community-generated extra rules for Warhammer Quest (mostly Silver Tower).
warhammer  warhammerquest  hammerhal  silvertower 
may 2017
Golem Paint Studio
Manchester-based miniature painter
warhammer  wargames  miniature 
april 2017
Free dungeon tiles to print
Nice collection of dungeon tiles for tabletop games.
warhammerquest  heroquest  miniature  wargames 
april 2017
Collection of boilerplate templates for a number of languages and projects.
python  programming  webstuff  web  java 
april 2017
Collection of resources for remote workers.
april 2017
Collection of CSS animation tricks
css  webstuff  webdev 
march 2017
Sending Email Alert For Stuck Threads With Thread Dumps
Simple but useful script showing how to manually monitor for stuck threads.
weblogic  wlst  jython  oracle  fmw 
february 2017
Css tips about using display:table for layouts. Includes useful pointers to other common solutions for layouts.
css  html  webdev 
february 2017
New wallpaper site pulling images from reddit. Makes it easy to see how your screen will actually look like.
january 2017
Create an application | MSDN
How to interface with Skype for Business Online
skypeForBusiness  skype  lync  bot  api  webdev 
january 2017
How to deploy Django with Docker - Stavros' Stuff
Nice tutorial on a realistic django/docker environment
django  docker  python  webdev 
december 2016
Homebrew and PostgreSQL 9.5 (or 9.6) – Keita's Blog
Simple guide to upgrade your homebrew-installed postgresql.
osx  macos  homebrew  postgresql  web 
december 2016
Vimalin - OSX app for VmWare Fusion image backups
32 Euro so not cheap, but basically the only player in town...
vmware  osx  backup 
december 2016
Uploading a file - Dropbox API - Stack Overflow
Example of uploading large files on Dropbox via the API.
dropbox  python  work 
november 2016
PuPHPet - Online GUI configurator for Puppet & Vagrant
Wizard to create Puppet / Vagrant config files. Only supports CentOS and Ubuntu though.
vagrant  puppet  tools  webdev  vmware 
november 2016
Sonder Design Keyboard
Transparent keyboard with eInk screen underneath, so you can remap keys and have them displayed. Neat.
hardware  keyboard 
october 2016
YAJSW - Yet Another Java Service Wrapper
Simple Windows service wrapper for Java
windows  java  tools 
october 2016
McAfee KnowledgeBase - System issues when the Maximum Security setting option 'Processes On Enable' is enabled
Did you know that McAfee can force programs to page memory? I hope someone got fired for developing this "feature".
oracle  epm  hfm  antivirus  mcafee 
october 2016
LaunchControl is a launchd GUI allowing you to create, manage and debug system jobs on OSX. Helped me getting rid of some Adobe cruft.
osx  macos  launchd  tools 
october 2016
Excelsior JET
Java obfuscator / native compiler. Free for simple use.
october 2016
Book Scanning Service - UK & Europe »
Europe-based book scanning service. Seems legit.
books  scanner  archive.org 
august 2016
Fix My Django!
COllection of common django errors and how to fix them
python  django  webdev 
july 2016
Text Console resolution and geometry settings in FreeBSD 9.x | Dan's Blog
how to set console shell resolution in recent FreeBSD - works in 10.3 as well.
june 2016
Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads
A jobsite for remote workers, from the people behind NomadList
jobs  remote 
june 2016
Full Stack Python
Reference for common tasks dealing with python for web development.
python  django  flask  devops  deployment  webdev  programming 
june 2016
All designs | Tinkercad
web-based 3d editor which can be used for 3d printing
3d  tools 
may 2016
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