Yard Agency — Deep in culture
Yard is a creative house powered by people embracing current culture - whatever shape or form: music, fashion, art, sport.
consulting  creation  event  production  portfolio  video 
17 days ago
The Couch - Brooklyn Based Studio
This isn't where I left my website?
17 days ago
How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You
The iPhone could be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device. However, if you take the time to follow the steps in this article you will be more…
iphone  productivity 
25 days ago
Automatic UI Color Palette Generator
tools  generator  color  design  css  palette  colour  colours  tool 
4 weeks ago
Simon Phipps
A photographic exploration of post-war British modernist and brutalist architecture by Simon Phipps
5 weeks ago
Recess | Calm Cool Collected
We all have too many tabs open in our browsers and in our brains. That’s why we made Recess: each can is a moment to reset and rebalance. It’s how you wish that 2pm coffee would make you feel.
5 weeks ago
Hover animation, Dynamic design, Player interface and more… Weekly interactions roundup!
Designers’ Secret Source. “Hover animation, Dynamic design, Player interface and more… Weekly interactions roundup!” is published by Muzli in Muzli - Design Inspiration
7 weeks ago
Tartine Bakery
Tartine is a thoughtful expression of modern craft through good food and warm experiences. We are a product of our communities and our friends.
restaurant  inspiration  food  design  baker 
7 weeks ago
5 Simple Ways an Introvert Can Succeed in an Extrovert Career
Seemed like the easiest thing to do if I wanted to fit in and make friends. Being an extrovert was the better-received personality. My acting must have been phenomenal because not only did I believe…
8 weeks ago
Netzzeit Branding Theater & Kunst Identity Refresh | KR8 bureau
Netzzeit Branding: Nach über 30 Jahren erhält der gemeinnützige Verein unter künstlerischer Leitung von Nora und Michael Scheidl eine neue Visual ID.
9 weeks ago
ColorBox by Lyft Design
Colorbox is a color tool to produce color sets.
accessibility  tools  colors  color  design  colour  generator 
9 weeks ago
Louis Ansa — Portfolio
Art director & graphic designer currently based in France. Hit me up for future projects.
9 weeks ago
Stopping using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger
Breakpoints, Watch Expressions, Step Through and Over, Check Variable Values, Apply Fixes.
debugging  javascript 
9 weeks ago
A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web.
javascript  text-effect 
9 weeks ago
Line-height Crop — a simple CSS formula to remove top space from your text
It’s a natural behavior of text elements to include some space on top (and bottom) of the element itself based on its line-height value. In some cases, you may need to remove those spaces as they can…
august 2018
Florian Karsten | Space Grotesk
5 weights, 5 styles (Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold), Latin Extended-A
opensource  font  Typography  design  fonts 
august 2018
Icon Transition Generator
Create a snappy transition between two icons and download the SVG code. Upload the generated code to Nucleo or import it into your web project.
tools  animation  icons  javascript  svg  design  motion  online  tool 
august 2018
UX Guidelines for Ecommerce Homepages, Category Pages, and Product Listing Pages
Streamline users’ path to products by providing clear, differentiating product information at all levels — from the homepage to product listing pages.
ecommerce  guidelines  bestpractice  e-commerce 
august 2018
Switch font color for different backgrounds with CSS | CSS-Tricks
Ever get one of those, "I can do that with CSS!" moments while watching someone flex their JavaScript muscles? That’s exactly the feeling I got while
accessibility  color  css  design  coding  colors  colour  contrast 
august 2018
RatioBuddy - Aspect ratio calculator
RatioBuddy is a fast, simple aspect ratio calculator. Designed & built by Damn Fine.
ratio  generator  webtool  css 
july 2018
Emergence: Enterprise Cloud VC Firm - Top Venture Capital Firm
Emergence is a top enterprise cloud venture capital firm. We fund early stage ventures focusing on enterprise & SaaS applications. Emergence is one of the top VC firms in Silicon Valley.
inspiration  design  development 
july 2018
Gradient Backgrounds – 🌈 The Best Gradient Sites All in One Place
Discover the best gradient backgrounds from a curated collection of the ultimate list of gradient sites. With 1000+ gradients, it's easy to find the 👌 color!
july 2018
Gil - Dribbble
Connect with this designer on Dribbble, the best place for to designers gain inspiration, feedback, community, and jobs worldwide.
july 2018
Stake your claim - TruStory
TruStory is a platform for users to discover and validate claims that people make online, whether in a blog post, whitepaper, website, or social media post.
june 2018
Tools and resources for naming things.
tools  productdesign  branding  names  naming  name  resources  business 
june 2018
Typography is the new black. Trends in web design
In the world of web design we have been experiencing a long process of incorporating typography effects in sites, which years ago was technically impossible, or...
may 2018
FontShop | Neue Plak
Neue Plak wurde von Paul Renner, Toshi Omagari und Linda Hintz entworfen und ist in den Formaten Desktop, Web, DigitalAds, App, ePub und Server verfügbar. Einfach ausprobieren, kaufen und herunterladen!
may 2018
<css-doodle />
A web component for drawing patterns with css
coding  generative  CSS  Art  webdevelopment  generator 
may 2018
Unicode Patterns
Lately I had some fun with Unicode in CSS and made several interesting background patterns with them.
There's one on Codepen.
patterns  backgroundimages  background  unicode  css  html  inspiration 
may 2018
curtains.js | Home
curtains.js is a lightweight vanilla WebGL javascript library that turns HTML elements into interactive textured planes.
images  javascript  3d  animation  css  js  library  webgl 
may 2018
Duotone Effect Generator
Create beautiful duotone color pairings and effects
tools  resource  generator  graphics  photos  color  colour  css  design 
april 2018
Google Fonts + 한국어 • Google Fonts + Korean
Great typography makes the web more beautiful, fast, and open. Using machine learning and the latest web standards, Google Fonts now offers the open source Korean fonts showcased in this website.
font  typography 
april 2018
Design Systems Repo | A Collection of Design System Resources
An organized and frequently updated collection of Design System examples, resources, tools, articles and videos.
system  collection  design-system  designsystem  articles  inspiration  resources  webdesign  examples 
april 2018
Font Map · An AI Experiment by IDEO
Hundreds of fonts arranged using machine learning
fonts  tool  font  typography  design  visualization  interactive  map  ideo 
march 2018
CSS Gradient Generator
CSS Gradient is a happy little website and free tool that lets you create gradients for the web. It's also chock-full of colorful content about gradients from technical articles to real life examples like Stripe and Instagram.
webdev  gradient  generator  color  css  tool 
march 2018
30 Seconds of CSS
A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less. From foundational elements such as clearfix to gradient text color and gradient cursor tracking to CSS easing and far beyond.
snippets  css  resources  webdesign  reference 
march 2018
NVIDIA/FastPhotoStyle: Style transfer, deep learning, feature transform
FastPhotoStyle - Style transfer, deep learning, feature transform
images  neuralnets 
february 2018
Convoy – HOME
Convoy is an award-winning agency based in Paris with a passion for Brand Strategy + Creative Content + Innovation. All necessities provided, all boredom amused
2D  agency  studio 
february 2018
True Colors
What if the United States flags were based on data?
maps  infographics  state  cool_project  design  statistics  visualization 
february 2018
Parallax scrolling with CSS variables | basicScroll
Standalone parallax scrolling for mobile and desktop with CSS variables.
parallax  scroll  css  animation  javascript  frontend  js  opensource  performance  variables 
february 2018
Gradient Topography Animation | Demo 1 | Codrops
Shape animation based on a work called Gradient Topography by Polar Vector
january 2018
Anglo-Italian marries the ease of soft Italian construction with the gravity of the English palette. We believe tailoring should be de-constructed, made by hand
january 2018
Reza Harek
I'm an graphic-designer. I like shooting people too.
january 2018
relode | Home
Relode is a referral community that connects healthcare professionals to the best jobs from top companies. Find talent, apply for jobs, or refer candidates and get rewarded.
january 2018
Carbon is the easiest way to create and share beautiful images of your source code.
january 2018
Decorative Letter Animations | Codrops
Some SVG shape animations for fun letter effects
january 2018
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