‘Digital Transformation’ Is a Misnomer
I have to bookmark these kinds of articles now, because I am in a business doing business with business people.
business  culture  digital 
26 days ago
VeloBase.com - Gear Comparer
The best gear ratio calculator I've found.
bikes  gearing  mechanics 
february 2017
403: NUMMI
Fantastic episode of This American Life, exploring how Toyota literally gave GM everything they knew about making reliable cars, and they still messed it up.
culture  manufacturing  strategy 
january 2017
Database of vintage bike components
bikes  cycling 
november 2016
Why 3,000 bank branches must close | Money | The Guardian
When Nationwide opens a new branch, the number of people using its smartphone app in the area increases considerably. It seems a bank branch has a halo effect, giving us reassurance and confidence about the institution, even if we never go inside.
trust  banking 
september 2016
Blackbox is a new shipping company from the creators of Cards Against Humanity.
businessmodels  shipping  infrastructure  delivery 
august 2016
SAP kills staff reviews • The Register
"Europe’s largest tech firm said reviews are: “Too expensive, time consuming and often demotivating,” noting that the task of separating over from under performers “was often counter productive” to the goal of constructive dialogue."
hr  staff  work 
august 2016
GraphLab Create API Documentation — GraphLab Create API 1.10 documentation
Looks like a useful high-level toolkit for a number of different ML techniques
python  machinelearning  data 
august 2016
Building with Make - Device Ready
I'm a fully paid up member of the Make Appreciation Society, but this is a good intro.
software  make  tools 
july 2016
Bootcamps vs. College - Triplebyte
"We’ve found bootcamp grads as a group to be better than college grads at web programming and writing clean, modular code, and worse at algorithms and understanding how computers work. All in all, we’ve had roughly equivalent success working with the two groups."
education  software  university 
may 2016
5 Steps To Re-create Xerox PARC's Design Magic (From The Guy Who Helped Make It) | Co.Design | business + design
"The shortest lived group at Xerox PARC was "Office of the Future," because Xerox executives would not leave them alone. I chose the most innocuous name for my own group, the Learning Research Group. Nobody knew what it meant, so they left us alone to invent-object oriented programming and the GUI."
research  parc  invention  alankay 
may 2016
Full Estonian company management service, with the only hitch being a single 30 min face to face visit to set up a bank account (going electronic later in 2016).
accounting  business  tax  estonia 
may 2016
Bits or pieces?: An introduction to Wardley (Value Chain) Mapping
I have no idea if this makes sense, but I might read it one day.
business  strategy 
february 2016
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