Teaching Tech Together
Book on how to teach people, for people with no background or formal education in teaching.
education  teaching 
july 2018
Hub Gear Calculator
Not just for Bromptons - untick to see other options.
bikes  gearing  brompton  cycling 
may 2018
Mercian to take 700c or 650B - Cycling UK Forum
* 295mm This is the approximate distance from the center of the axle to center of the rim on 650b wheels.
* 371mm Approximate maximum distance from the brake centerbolt to the axle to allow for use of 750mm centerpull brakes.
* 320mm Approximate distance of the widest portion of a 650b tire from the axle.
* 650mm Approximate diameter of the smallest readily available 650b tire (Michelin).
* 675mm Approximate diameter of the popular Panaracer 650b tires.
february 2018
Tools for naming things.
names  language  words 
february 2018
Network Programming with Go
Good book on building network applications in Go
golang  networking  programming 
january 2018
Million Short - What haven't you found?
Search engine that removes the top 1000 sites
search  web 
january 2018
Hole size for general Metric Threads
Metric screw sizes and threaded hole diameters
hacking  hardware 
january 2018
Movidius | Neural Compute Stick | AI Programming
£70 hardware accelerated neural network USB stick, with some vision specific APIs.
hardware  raspberrypi 
november 2017
How Cal Newport’s Deep Work Concept Will Influence Office Design – Modern Office Furniture
Early on, in Deep Work, Newport talks about architect professor David Dewane’s brilliant conceptual design called the Eudaimonia Machine. The layout, Dewane explained to Newport, is simple: a one-story rectangular building made up of five rooms. There are no hallways, you must pass through one room in order to get to the next.

This is a nice idea, but everywhere just looks like desks with computers or comfy chairs.
architecture  design  work 
november 2017
‘Digital Transformation’ Is a Misnomer
I have to bookmark these kinds of articles now, because I am in a business doing business with business people.
business  culture  digital 
september 2017
VeloBase.com - Gear Comparer
The best gear ratio calculator I've found.
bikes  gearing  mechanics 
february 2017
403: NUMMI
Fantastic episode of This American Life, exploring how Toyota literally gave GM everything they knew about making reliable cars, and they still messed it up.
culture  manufacturing  strategy 
january 2017
Database of vintage bike components
bikes  cycling 
november 2016
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