What is XDSD?
eXtremely Distributed Software Development
softwaredevelopment  management  agile 
august 2016
Commands List · Issue #1 · aioutecism/amVim-for-VSCode
amVim-for-VSCode - The Vim mode for Visual Studio Code(vscode) that works as expected.
august 2016
Switch from RVM to RBENV
Bye bye rvm. It's been fun (for some value of fun).
ruby  rvm  rbenv  rails 
june 2016
Aye, Aye, API - What makes Technical Communicators uneasy about API …
Presentation at the GDS' and Write The Docs London's Documenting APIs - all day mini-conference
documentation  writethedocs  apidocumentation  api 
april 2016
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