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The whole purpose of the outer guru
"The whole purpose of the outer guru is to fish out the inner guru, to teach us how to tap into the space between past thoughts and future thoughts and, if possible, remain there. That moment is the inner and secret gurus."
"We are comforted by the idea that he will lead us and take care of us. But if we don’t use the outer guru to develop our inner and secret gurus, we will always remain at square one. We will [still] be bombarded by emotion ..."
-- Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche
Just Dharma | | retr 28 may 2017

This text made me suddenly feel much clearer about the purpose of the guru, and where is the "real" guru.
-- tometaxu, 28 may 2017
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P2P Foundation Blog
Officially, The Foundation for P2P Alternatives.
"We monitor and promote all things peer to peer, and aim for a transition towards a commons-based society."
-- P2P Foundation
P2P Foundation | | retr 28 may 2017
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Introducing the 7th pillar of DiEM25: An Internet of People – a progressive tech policy for a democratic Europe.
"Imagine an Internet where everyone owns and controls their own space. Imagine a world where the ability to do this is acknowledged as a basic human right."
-- Aral Balkan
P2P Foundation | | 24 may 2017
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29 minutes ago by tometaxu just got a $30 million investment to expand petitions into real social movements
"The site, founded in 2007, lets users create and sign petitions and advocate for causes ranging from clemency for people convicted of nonviolent offenses to developing a new constitution in Mexico City ..."

Funding is from such as LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Y Combinator's Sam Altman. Previous funders have been Arianna Huffington, Ashton Kutcher, Twitter's Ev Williams, Richard Branson, and Nas. Crisis Text Line founder Nancy Lublin, LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue, InnerSpace and Flixster founder Joe Greenstein and entrepreneur Sara Imbach will serve on's board.

-- Emma Hinchcliffe
Mashable | | 27 may 2017

"And I wonder about the dangers of concentrating so much power and (our activists) big data there."
-- Renata Avila‏ - @avilarenata on twitter
Twitter | | 27 may 2017

ooooo. yeah.
oh yeah.
-- tometaxu, 27 may 2017
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Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
'Teach yourself programming in 21 days??? Why is everyone in such a rush?
Good discussion on advice on how to really learn programming.
-- Peter Norvig | 2014?
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Why close encounters with animals soothe us
Compton Jr. Posse in Los Angeles, which brings inner-city children and horses together, reveals the therapeutic power of communing with fellow sentient beings.

"Something extraordinary occurs when we’re in the presence of a fellow sentient being. When we let go of language’s tacit conceptual constraints and judgments, we allow ourselves a kind of time travel toward our own inner animal. Science is revealing the ways that the physiology of our psychology can be found across species: the common neuronal structures and attendant nerve wirings that we share in varying measures with a startling array of both vertebrates and invertebrates, including fellow primates, elephants, whales, parrots, bees and fruit flies."
-- Charles Siebert
New York Times Magazine - | 18 may 2017
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Why does time seem to pass at different speeds?
Does time really speed up as we get older?
theories: proportional, biological (heart rate, temperature), perceptual.

[3 jul 2011]
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Reappearance of China's missing girls
Fascinating to learn about the reappearance of China's missing girls, who show up in the census years -- sometimes…
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the Zen i know ...
The Zen I know pulls the rug out from anything I land on as the truth . . .
— Thomas Moore
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6 days ago by tometaxu
Projections ~ Chögyam Trungpa
Things do exist as they are, but we tend to see our version of them as they are, rather than things as they really are. That makes everything that we see projections. But one doesn’t have to make a definite and absolute reassurance of that necessarily at all. You just go along with situations, go along dealing with them. If you are going too far, they’ll shake you. They’ll beat you to death if you’re going too far. If you’re going well, if you are balanced, they will present hospitality and openness luxuriously to you.
-- Chögyam Trungpa

Just Dharma Quotes
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Long-lasting mental health isn’t normal
Only 17 percent of people surveyed had no mental disorders from late childhood into middle age.

Science News | 2017
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Green spaces linked to kids cognitive development
When children play in nature, their cognitive abilities blossom

PSMag |
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Suzuki-roshi at Tassajara - Lion's Roar
Buddhism in The West changed forever in 1959 when an obscure Zen priest named Shunryu Suzuki landed in California.
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Clinging to truth
The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.
-- Pema Chödrön
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6 days ago by tometaxu
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