Whom do we believe?
‘Why are we warned not to believe the Tripitaka (the Buddhist Canon), not to believe a teacher, not to believe what is reported or rumoured, not to believe what has been reasoned out, not to believe what has been arrived at by means of logic?’
Having read, or having heard some­thing, we must investigate until we see clearly the fact being taught. If we still do not see it clearly, we must fall back on reasoning, and then leave it for a while. So, to start with, we shall believe and practise no more than we see clearly to be the case. Then gradually we shall come to believe and see clearly more and more.

-- Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
Buddhism now | buddhismnow.com | posted 14 jun 2014
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1 hour ago
The Function of Discontent
Because the brain grades on a curve, endlessly comparing the present with what came just before, the secret to happiness may be unhappiness. Not unmitigated unhappiness, of course, but the transient chill that lets us feel warmth, the sensation of hunger that makes satiety so welcome, the period of near-despair that catapults us into the astonishing experience of triumph. The route to contentment is through contrast.

-- Indira M. Raman
Nautilus | nautil.us | 15 mar 2018

compare with the philosophy of buddhism, which (i think) says that the route to happiness is equanimity.
-- tmx, 16 mar 2018
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12 hours ago
The sitemap paradox (Are they really useful?)
Yes, they are.
Good information and discussion.
[from 2010. am assuming -- hoping -- the information is still valid
-- tmx, 2018]

Webmasters Stack Exchange | webmasters.stackexchange.com | 2010
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May all beings be happy - metta practice
we first send metta to a beloved person or benefactor, then ourselves, our dear ones, a neutral person, a difficult person, then radiating to all beings.

You should use phrases that resonate for you and are simple and direct. Not more than four phrases. Here are some typical ones:
May you be happy
May you be peaceful
May you live with ease.

Stay in touch with your breath; notice feelings of happiness or resistance that come up at various stages; let the phrases flow with the breath and stay connected to the heart.

-- Kevin Griffin
Tricycle | tricycle.org | 12 mar 2018
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3 days ago
dedicated to making Buddhist teachings and practices broadly available.
provides a unique and independent public forum for exploring Buddhism, establishing a dialogue between Buddhism and the broader culture, and introducing Buddhist thinking to Western disciplines.

Tricycle | tricycle.org | retr mar 2018
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3 days ago
No need to thank India — just grow up a little bit: CTA is the hope and heart of six million Tibetans. We need to s…
from twitter
4 days ago
How to frustrate your user by interrupting their flow of reading. So - how about, not?
I am sure that any site own…
from twitter
5 days ago
why do some people dislike animals? at DuckDuckGo
another deep dive to do.

DuckDuckGo | duckduckgo.com | retr 11 mar 2018
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5 days ago
Humans and Animals: An Ancient and Complex Bond
... the complexity and capriciousness of our longstanding love affair with animals, now our best friends and soul mates, now our laboratory Play-Doh and featured on our dinner plates.

The New York Times | nytimes.com | 15 mar 2011
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5 days ago
why do animals bond with humans? at DuckDuckGo
some pretty amazing stuff.

DuckDuckGo | duckduckgo.com | retr 11 mar 2018
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End-user accounts in WPML
What they are and who needs them.

-- Amir
WPML | wpml.org | 13 sep 2017
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5 days ago
Certainty and Skeptical Investigation
Q: I know Buddhism promotes skeptical investigation, and finding things out with a personal conviction about them, i.e. not believing the Buddha on hearsay but rigorous examination.
I wonder: how is such a certainty achieved?

Thanissaro Bhikku: Liberation is more like a hands-on skill than a pure sterile insight. As with any skill, the understanding and the dexterity grow in lock-step supporting each other. You learn through trial and error, and as you watch the results of your attempts, you infer the mechanisms at play. At the same time, you study theory - explaining the mechanisms - which sheds light on your practice.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | sep 2017
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5 days ago
Uptime Robot Blog
Uptime Robot | blog.uptimerobot.com | retr mar 2018
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Uptime Robot
50 monitors, checked every 5 minutes, totally free.
Over 400,000 users [as of 2018];
verifies downtime from multiple locations worldwide.

UptimeRobot | uptimerobot.com | retr mar 2018
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What is "Brahm" in "Brahmacharya"? How does it relate to celibacy?
[good detailed discussion of "brahmacharya"]

Hinduism Stack Exchange | hinduism.stackexchange.com | sep 2017
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5 days ago
Multilingual SEO
The process of promoting your site to the top is called SEO and when it’s happening on a multilingual site, we call it “multilingual SEO”.
... There is no magic here, no tricks and no shortcuts. We can’t pay our way to the top and we can’t take shortcuts. We can follow good practices and use good tools to achieve our goals and get visitors from all over the world to visit our site.

WPML | wpml.org | undated; retr mar 2018

good, clear information
-- tmx, 11 mar 2018
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5 days ago
Multilingual SEO - 8 hints and tasks for you - WPML
... practical hints you can immediately apply to your multilingual site to better optimize it for search engines.
8 infographics, each followed by an easy exercise.
If you prefer some in-depth reading, please check the Multilingual SEO page https://wpml.org/documentation/support/multilingual-seo/

-- Agnes Bury
WPML | wpml.org | 19 sep 2017
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5 days ago
'There are hundreds of sick crew': is toxic air on planes making frequent flyers ill?
Aerotoxic syndrome is a little-known term used to describe the symptoms of exposure to contaminated air. It is a controversial diagnosis, and many in the aviation industry are adamant it doesn’t exist. But Mulder, Cannon and other campaigners believe it is responsible for long-term sickness, and even death, in a disproportionate number of people who work as cabin crew and pilots. Aerotoxic syndrome has also been cited as the reason for ill health in passengers in a number of cases.

-- Kate Leahy
The Guardian | theguardian.com | 19 aug 2017
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5 days ago
Newest 'visa-runs' Questions
Leaving a country for a short time in order to renew your visa or obtain a new one.

Travel Stack Exchange | travel.stackexchange.com | retr mar 2018
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7 days ago
Matrix - Flight search
Cost per mile filter
Geo Search – search by airport code, city, or nearby airport
Interactive Calendar – explore date ranges and lowest fares
Real-time Filters – focus on flights that suit your preferences
Color-coded Time Bars – compare flights at a glance

Matrix | matrix.itasoftware.com | retr mar 2018

haven't tried it yet.
-- tmx, 9 mar 2018
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7 days ago
Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BIA), Bangkok
'Suan Mokkh Bangkok'

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu's Three Resolutions
1) To help everyone penetrate to the heart of their own religion;
2) To create mutual good understanding among all religions;
3) To work together to drag the world out of materialism.

Missions of The Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BIA)
1) To be a Dhamma learning and edutainment center to help people attain Nibbana;
2) To preserve Buddhism through the works, intentions and ideals of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu ..., to support mutual understanding among Buddhists, ...;
3) To collect, maintain and set up a database for original written works by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, ... .

Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives | bia.or.th/en/ | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
Perhaps more than any other monk in Thai history, Buddhadasa Bhikkhu (“Servant of the Buddha”) has tried to explain the nature of Nature (Pali, dhammajati; Thai, thammachat) and blend his own brand of learning with the forest meditation tradition.

[biography of Buddhadasa]

-- ??
Thai Buddhism | thaibuddhism.net | undated; retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
After months of daily meditation I can't concentrate
"Not even a single breath my mind stop talking"
This the Anatta nature of the mind. This shows you that the mind is neither you nor yours.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | retr jan 2018
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8 days ago
Zen Pencils
Cartoon quotes from inspirational folks.

-- Gavin Aung Than ("Gav")
Zen Pencils | zenpencils.com | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Edgar Allan Poe: Procrastination
the imp of the perverse.

-- Edgar Allan Poe
Zen Pencils | zenpencils.com | 21 oct 2017
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8 days ago
Rumi: The Guest House
every morning a new arrival ... a joy ... a depression ... a meanness .. some momentary awareness ...

-- Rumi
Zen Pencils | zenpencils.com | 18 feb 2016
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8 days ago
International Congress on Buddhist Women's Role in the Sangha
The International Congress on Buddhist Women's Role in the Sangha: Bhikshuni Vinaya and Ordination Lineages was an historic event that took place July 18–20, 2007.[1] It was a meeting of internationally recognized Buddhist scholars specializing in monastic discipline and history, as well as practitioners. It was expected to be the final discussion of a decades-long dialogue about re-establishing full bhikshuni ordination in Buddhist traditions.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Buddhist monasticism
Buddhist monasticism is one of the earliest surviving forms of organized monasticism in the history of religion. It is also one of the most fundamental institutions of Buddhism. Monks and nuns are considered to be responsible for the preservation and dissemination of the Buddha's teaching and the guidance of Buddhist lay people.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
History of Buddhism in India
Buddhism is a world religion, which arose in and around the ancient Kingdom of Magadha (now in Bihar, India), and is based on the teachings of Siddhārtha Gautama, who was deemed a "Buddha" ("Awakened One"). Buddhism spread outside of Magadha starting in the Buddha's lifetime.

[pretty detailed]

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Pali (Pāli) or Magadhan is a Prakrit language native to the Indian subcontinent. It is widely studied because it is the language of much of the earliest extant literature of Buddhism as collected in the Pāli Canon or Tipiṭaka and is the sacred language of some religious texts of Hinduism and all texts of Theravāda Buddhism.
Scholars regard this language as a hybrid showing features of several Prakrit dialects used around the third century BCE, subjected to a partial process of Sanskritization. While the language is not identical to what Buddha himself would have spoken, it belongs to the same broad language family as those he might have used and originates from the same conceptual matrix. This language thus reflects the thought-world that the Buddha inherited from the wider Indian culture into which he was born, so that its words capture the subtle nuances of that thought-world.
— Bhikkhu Bodh

[very detailed discussion]

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Bhikkhuni (Ordination of women in Buddhism)
A bhikkhunī (Pali) or bhikṣuṇī (Sanskrit) is a fully ordained female monastic in Buddhism. Male monastics are called bhikkhus. Both bhikkhunis and bhikkhus live by the Vinaya, a set of rules. Until recently, the lineages of female monastics only remained in Mahayana Buddhism and thus are prevalent in countries such as Korea, Vietnam, China, and Taiwan but a few women have taken the full monastic vows in the Theravada and Vajrayana schools over the last decade.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
"sourness" - (Pāli; Sanskrit: duḥkha; Tibetan: སྡུག་བསྔལ་ sdug bsngal, pr. "duk-ngel") is an important Buddhist concept, commonly translated as "suffering", "pain" or "unsatisfactoriness". It refers to the fundamental unsatisfactoriness and painfulness of mundane life. It is the first of the Four Noble Truths.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
One of two (or three, under some classifications) main existing branches of Buddhism and a term for classification of Buddhist philosophies and practice. ...
refers to the path of the Bodhisattva seeking complete enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, ...
teach that enlightenment can be attained in a single lifetime, and this can be accomplished even by a layperson.
The term Mahāyāna ("Great Vehicle") was originally an honorary synonym for Bodhisattvayāna ("Bodhisattva Vehicle").

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Dhammakaya Movement
A Thai Buddhist tradition started by Luang Pu Sodh Candasaro in the early 20th century. ... The movement practices Dhammakaya meditation (Vijja Dhammakaya), a form of meditation which scholars have linked to the Yogavacara tradition. ...
The tradition stands out from other Thai Buddhist traditions for its teachings on the Buddhist concept of Dhammakaya, its emphasis on meditation for laypeople, its active style of propagating meditation, and its focus on reviving traditional Buddhist values.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Wat Phra Dhammakaya
a Buddhist temple (wat) in Khlong Luang District, in the peri-urban Pathum Thani Province north of Bangkok, Thailand. It was founded in 1970 by the maechi (nun) Chandra Khonnokyoong and Luang Por Dhammajayo. It is the best-known and the fastest growing temple of the Dhammakaya Movement.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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8 days ago
Women in Buddhism
Topical interests include the theological status of women, the treatment of women in Buddhist societies at home and in public, the history of women in Buddhism, and a comparison of the experiences of women across different forms of Buddhism. As in other religions, the experiences of Buddhist women have varied considerably.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
Buddhist ethics
Buddhist ethics are traditionally based on what Buddhists view as the enlightened perspective of the Buddha, or other enlightened beings such as Bodhisattvas. The Indian term for ethics or morality used in Buddhism is Śīla (Sanskrit: शील) or sīla (Pāli). Śīla in Buddhism is one of three sections of the Noble Eightfold Path, and is a code of conduct that embraces a commitment to harmony and self-restraint with the principal motivation being non-violence, or freedom from causing harm.

[A lot of interesting things here.]

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
[Mae chee are] Buddhist laywomen in Thailand who have dedicated their life to religion, vowing celibacy, living an ascetic life and taking the Eight or Ten Precepts (i.e., more than the Five Precepts taken by laypersons). They occupy a position somewhere between that of an ordinary lay follower and an ordained monastic [with none of the advantages of either] ...
It is still illegal for women to take full ordination as a bhikkhuni (nun) in Thailand because of a 1928 law created by the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. He based this on the fact that Gautama Buddha allowed senior bhikkhunis to initiate new women into the order. Citing the belief that the Theravada bhikkhuni sangha had died out centuries earlier, the patriarch commanded that any Thai bhikkhu who ordained a female "is said to conduct what the Buddha has not prescribed ..."

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | mar 2018
buddhism  buddhism-theravada  buddhism-women  type-compendium 
9 days ago
Buddhism in Thailand
Buddhism in Thailand is largely of the Theravada school, which is followed by 94.6 percent of the population.[1] Buddhism in Thailand has also become integrated with folk religion as well as Chinese religions from the large Thai Chinese population ...
Buddhism is believed to have come to what is now Thailand as early as 250 BCE, in the time of Indian Emperor Ashoka. Since then, Buddhism has played a significant role in Thai culture and society. Buddhism and the Thai monarchy have often been intertwined, with Thai kings historically seen as the main patrons of Buddhism in Thailand. Although politics and religion were generally separated for most of Thai history, Buddhism's connection to the Thai state would increase in the middle of the 19th century following the reforms of King Mongkut, that would lead to the development of a royally backed-sect of Buddhism and increased centralization of the Thai Sangha under the state.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2017
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9 days ago
Ajahn Chah
Ajahn Chah was an influential teacher of the Buddhadhamma and a founder of two major monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition.
Respected and loved in his own country as a man of great wisdom, he was also instrumental in establishing Theravada Buddhism in the West
Ajahn Chah used his ill health as a teaching point, emphasizing that it was "a living example of the impermanence of all things...(and) reminded people to endeavor to find a true refuge within themselves, ...

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
... insight into the true nature of reality,[1]. In the Theravada tradition this specifically refers to insight into the Three marks of existence: impermanence, suffering or unsatisfactoriness, and the realisation of non-self.
Vipassanā meditation in conjunction with Samatha meditation is a necessary part of all Buddhist traditions.

[Detailed discussion of Vipassana meditation.]

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
Thai Forest Tradition
The Kammaṭṭhāna Forest Tradition of Thailand (Pali: kammaṭṭhāna [kəmːəʈːʰaːna] meaning "place of work"), commonly known in the West as the Thai Forest Tradition, is a lineage of Theravada Buddhist monasticism, as well as the lineage's associated heritage of Buddhist praxis. The tradition is distinguished from other Buddhist traditions by its doctrinal emphasis of the notion that the mind precedes the world, its description of the Buddhist path as a training regimen for the mind, and its objective to reach proficiency in a diverse range of both meditative techniques and aspects of conduct ...

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah
Some things about it. Not too complete.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
Timeline of Buddhism
The purpose of this timeline is to give a detailed account of Buddhism from the birth of Gautama Buddha to the present.

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
Narada Thera's Pali Course, 1953, as revised by EM, 2008
Textbook, glossary to accompany the text, overview of Pali alphabets.

-- Narada Thera
1st ed. 1941, 2nd ed. 1953; "2008 edition", as revised by Eisel Mazard
pratyeka | pratyeka.org | lat updated 2007, retr mar 2018
2study  language  language-pali  type-e-book 
9 days ago
Tibetan Language for Beginners
PDF download.

-- Silvia Vernetto in collaboration with Tenzin Norbu.
pratyeka | pratyeka.org | 2004, retr mar 2018
language  language-tibetan  type-e-book 
9 days ago
A lot of interesting stuff -- linguistics, philosophy, travel, other.

-- Eisel Mazard? Walter?
Pratyeka | pratyeka.org | retr mar 2018
2readmore  buddhism  language  language-pali  language-thai  language-tibetan  philosophy  type-compendium 
9 days ago
Resources for Learning Pali
Detailed discussion of reading Pali, of the language; resources for studies. Three textbooks as PDFs.

-- Eisel Mazard
Pratyeka | pali.pratyeka.org | sep 2010, retr mar 2018
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9 days ago
Pali Language Study Aids
Getting started with Pali
Pali language reference (online)
Pali language reference books
Pali textbooks (an annotated bibliography)

Access to Insight | accesstoinsight.org | 2012, retr mar 2016
2study  buddhism  buddhism-all  language-pali  type-reference 
9 days ago
Urban Dharma - Buddhism in America
Articles, e-books, resources.

Urban Dharma | urbandharma.org | retr mar 2018
2readmore  buddhism  buddhism-all  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  type-compendium 
9 days ago
Learn Pali
PDF files of dictionaries, grammar, and learning.

Urban Dharma | urbandharma.org | retr mar 2018
2study  buddhism  language-pali  type-e-book 
9 days ago
A course in the Pali language
This course is designed to help you to learn the basics of Pali grammar and vocabulary through direct study of selections from the Buddha’s discourses. It thus aims to enable you to read the Buddha’s discourses in the original as quickly as possible. The textbook for the course is A New Course in Reading Pali: Entering the Word of the Buddha.

Bodhi Monastery | bodhimonastery.org | retr mar 2018
2study  buddhism  language-pali  type-online-learning 
9 days ago
"Failure" in meditation
[Some advices -- some clear and to the point, some a bit convoluted (to me). My favorites:]

... these instances of worry and inferiority are the exact problems we are supposed to solve in Buddhism. The Buddhist path is not to heap on more goals and expectations and worries - but to in fact let go of them, to have less of them - in order to attain peace of mind.
... not judge your practice. Simply continue, and use these feelings you are experiencing as something to observe.
Think back to when you were a kid and were playing with your toys. Did you really care if you were good at playing? Were you sad if one play session didn't go as well as another? Was playing some sort of transactional system that you thought would have yields proportional to the time you invested in it? Of course not. You played because you loved it. I'd even go so far as to say that you played just to play. Meditation is no different. Approach it with the same spirit.
accept that my mind will wander and to treat myself with kindness, in the same way you would with a child who gets distracted. When I find that my mind is wandering I gently let go of the thought and call myself back to the task at hand.
Notice your mind is doing these things.. as it has before.... as it surely will again... and see it gently as it is. Your mind is in circles, but - you are not. You can pause, and rest outside that mind.. outside that circle of frenzy suffering and attachment.. outside attachment... and watch that this is what your mind does. How curious! I wonder what it will do next? Oh look, it's trying to rope me in! Remind yourself, 'This is watching of a mind at play', and bring yourself back to equanimity, ...
I just can't concentrate on my breath
You are not supposed to "concentrate", but to "note" your breath. This is different. You are just noting that you are breathing.
[this is overall a good how-to for meditation.
In section "Answers": https://buddhism.stackexchange.com/questions/24856/inferiority-because-of-failure-in-meditation#answer-24876

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | jan 2018
buddhism  buddhism-all  dharma  dharma-foundation3-method  dharma-practice  meditation  type-discussion 
9 days ago
Can I practice Buddhism on my own? (without sangha)
[Good list of online resources]

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | jan 2016
buddhism  buddhism-all  buddhism-resources  buddhism-sangha  dharma  dharma-practice  type-discussion 
9 days ago
Emacs/Vim/Vi - do they have a place in modern software development ecosystem?
[this answer absolutely summarises my reasons for using vim. as a reeeely fast touch typist, i can think 10% about my code, my logic, my process. the editing commands are embedded in my fingers, not my brain. And, i want my editor to be just an editor: "my Linux desktop meets my every need as an IDE, all in the terminal window."]

Software Engineering Stack Exchange | softwareengineering.stackexchange.com | aug 2012
4web-warriors  coding-tools-editor  coding-tools-editor-vim  type-discussion 
9 days ago
Why use a database instead of just saving your data to disk?
[good discussion, and a nice "when to use" list.]

Software Engineering Stack Exchange | softwareengineering.stackexchange.com | mar 2018
4web-warriors  databases  programing  type-discussion 
9 days ago
How to combine Buddhism with being a parent?
Try seeing the child not as your child, but the child that you choose to love regardless of the outcome. That is love without attachment.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | jul 2014
buddhism  buddhism-all  children  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  parents  type-discussion 
9 days ago
Relationship with bad parents (kamma and issues)
... two lessons from my Buddhism teachers, one is to let go of attachment to decency and spirituality and abandon hatred and aversion based on them, and two is to understand your parent's own background and suffering.
... since he helps me on the path to Awakening, I should long for an enemy like a treasure discovered in the home, acquired without effort.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | oct 2015
anger  buddhism  buddhism-all  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  parents  type-discussion 
9 days ago
The Buddha and his dhamma
Because of its peaceful, non-dogmatic character, it has always adapted easily to the pre-existent cultures and religious practices of the people among whom it has spread, becoming in turn the fountainhead of a new culture and world view. So successful has Buddhism been in integrating itself with a country's indigenous culture that it is often difficult for us to discern the common thread that binds the different forms of Buddhism together as branches of the same religion.
[Good, open-minded history of Buddha and Buddhism, with discussion of issues.]

-- Bhikkhu Bodhi
Access to Insight | accesstoinsight.org | 2006
buddhism  buddhism-all  buddhism-history  dharma  dharma-foundation2-details  Bikkhu_Bodhi  type-article 
10 days ago
TakePart | Stories That Matter, Actions That Count
TakePart has shut down, but all the excellent in-depth articles are archived here.

TakePart | takepart.com | retr mar 2018
activism  community  culture  environment  gaia  society  type-website 
10 days ago
Indonesia Is still burning
In-depth report on field and forest burning in Indonesia. Crikeys.

Takepart | takepart.com | 13 apr 2016
air  air-pollution  environment  gaia  pollution  Indonesia  Thailand  type-article 
10 days ago
Lazada Online Shopping
Thailands Amazon.
english version.

Lazada.co.th | retr mar 2018
Thailand  type-online-shopping 
10 days ago
Is meat eating a possibility?
good open discussion of meat-eating and vegetarianism in buddhism.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | feb 2018
buddhism  buddhism-all  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  vegetarianism  type-discussion 
10 days ago
vpnMentor | VPN Reviews, Tips, and Tutorials
also web proxy, test china great firewall.

vpnMentor | vpnmentor.com | retr mar 2018
internet  internet-privacy  internet-security  VPN  type-website  type-online-tool 
10 days ago
Download big file over bad connection with curl
Unix & Linux Stack Exchange | unix.stackexchange.com | mar 2018
gnu-linux  shell-howto  type-discussion 
11 days ago
Refuge: An Introduction to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha
This book is a short introduction to the basic principles of Buddhism: the Buddha, the Dhamma (his teachings), and Sangha (the community of his noble disciples), also known as the Triple Gem or the Triple Refuge. The material is divided into three parts: (I) an introductory essay on the meaning of refuge and the act of going for refuge; (II) a series of readings drawn from the earliest Buddhist texts illustrating the essential qualities of the Triple Gem; and (III) a set of essays explaining aspects of the Triple Gem that often provoke questions in those who are new to the Buddha's teachings.

-- Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Metta Forest Monastery
Valley Center, CA, US
Access to Insight | accesstoinsight.org | retr 5 mar 2018
buddhism  buddhism-all  buddhism-thai_forest_tradition  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  Thanissaro_Bhikkhu  type-e-book 
11 days ago
Is the world inherently good or is it something to be shunned?
When you ask a question like "Is it this extreme, or is it that extreme?" then the answer is often "No". Remember what's said about the Middle Way.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | feb 2018
buddhism  buddhism-all  dharma  dharma-foundation2-details  mind  reality  samsara  type-discussion 
12 days ago
Is "Have I Been Pwned's" Pwned Passwords List really that useful?

nformation Security Stack Exchange | security.stackexchange.com | feb 2018
internet-security  web-security  type-discussion 
12 days ago
Why we read
Why we read: 1 learn 2 escape 3 validate beliefs 4 know we are not alone 5 find new ideas 6 be inspired 7 learn to think 8 stay teachable 9 dare to dream 10 gain courage 11 strengthen convictions 12 learn to write 13 fall in love 14 stretch our mind 15 be tolerant

-- Vala Afshar @valaafshar
Twitter | twitter.com | 1 mar 2018
books  reading  type-tweet 
14 days ago
Suffering does have its good points - Tolerance, by Acarya Shantideva
Tolerance part 2 from a prose translation by Stephen Batchelor of the sixth chapter of Acarya Shantideva’s A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life (Bodhi-caryavatara).

-- Santideva
Buddhism now | buddhismnow.com | 12 jul 2014
buddhism  buddhism-dukkha  dharma-foundation2-details  dharma-practice  suffering  Santideva  type-teaching 
14 days ago
Kafka on books and what reading does for the human spirit
Some books seem like a key to unfamiliar rooms in one’s own castle.

-- Maria Popova
Brain Pickings | brainpickings.org | 6 jun 2014
books  reading  Franz_Kafka  Maria_Popova  type-article 
15 days ago
Namecheap Domain Names
Cheap domain names start at just $0.48; cheap for multiple years as well.
whois privacy ("WhoisGuard") $2.88/yr.
Has hosting also.
Supports EFF and net neutrality.

Namecheap | namecheap.com | retr 2 mar 2018
internet-domain_registration  web  web-building  type-online-shopping  type-website 
15 days ago
A Burst of Light: Audre Lorde on turning fear Into fire
I am listening to what fear teaches. I will never be gone. I am a scar, a report from the frontlines, a talisman, a resurrection. A rough place on the chin of complacency.

[Lucid and inspiring thoughts on death and mortality.]

-- Audre Lorde
Brain Pickings | brainpickings.org | 1 mar 2018
buddhism  buddhism-all  death  dharma  dharma-is-where-you-find-it  Audre_Lorde  type-article 
15 days ago
WordPress Hosting Review 2017: The Results | WPShout
he Hosting Review is an annual survey we conduct that gathers honest, unbiased thoughts from hundreds of real WordPress site owners about the hosting they’re using for their WordPress sites. We’ve collected this year’s results and analyzed them, and the results are below.

[The takeaway: 1. The big guys (EID hosting, GoDaddy) are the worst; 2. support is so important.

-- Fred Meyer
WPShout | wpshout.com | 10 jan 2017
web-building  web-development  web-hosting  web-hosting-a2hosting  type-article 
15 days ago
Buddhism in Thailand
Articles about Buddhism in Thailand; photographs of Thai temples and Buddha images.

[good info; posts end in 2015]

-- Richard Barrow
Thai Buddhist | thaibuddhist | retr 2 mar 2018
buddhism  buddhism-theravada  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  Thailand  type-website 
15 days ago
Vassa - rains retreat
Vassa, (Pali: “rains”) the Buddhist monastic retreat observed primarily in Buddhist communities in Southeast Asia during the three-month monsoon period each year.

[good summary]

Encyclopedia Britannica | britannica.com | retr 2 mar 2018
buddhism  buddhism-theravada  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  type-article 
15 days ago
Buddhasasana - English Section
Many detailed articles about Buddhism; focus on Theravada.

-- Binh Anson
Buddha Sasana | budsas.org | retr 2 mar 2018
buddhism  buddhism-theravada  dharma  dharma-foundation4-extend  type-compendium  type-website 
15 days ago
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