How can I escape Google?
You can't.

Information Security Stack Exchange | security.stackexchange.com | may 2018
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24 days ago
Can or should a Buddhist defend themselves physically?
Re the five precepts -
Buddhism is a religion of principles and not rules. (yes there are rules as code of conduct, but it is not religion of rules). It teaches you basic principles and you are expected to make the decision on basis of that according to the context.
Buddhism is religion with "Metta" (unconditional love). You even are expected to love your enemy. But you are not prohibited from defending yourself.
Ahimsa in Buddhism is not the same as it is in Jainism.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | jul 2014
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4 weeks ago
What did the Buddha do, and what does a teacher do, to teach?
[P]eople have different levels of prajna (deep intuitive understanding of how things work). Someone who is very mature, because of the work done earlier in this life or in previous lives, may not need any explanations, but someone who is just starting or very confused - may need lots of words and labeling.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | jun 2018
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Difficulty with Meditation Posture
meditation should be something natural and (yes) pleasant.

Buddhism Stack Exchange | buddhism.stackexchange.com | jun 2018
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Pali English glossary ~ at dhammadana.org
Selected words, with literal translations and concise definitions. Searchable.

DhammaDana | dhammadana.org | 2005, retr 13 jun 2018
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5 weeks ago
40-Day Meditation Retreat at Pa-Auk Tawya, Burma
I spent 40 days meditating at Pa-Auk Tawya, in Burma. Pa Auk is a forest meditation center renowned for rigorous concentration practices.

[detailed chronicle of his journey. very good. with 96 Comments]

-- Gabriel Rocheleau
UP Development | updevelopment.org | 17 sep 2014
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5 weeks ago
Making leaf mold; shredding leaves
-- Kathy LaLiberte
Gardener's Supply| gardeners.com | retr 10 jun 2018
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5 weeks ago
GeoPeeker - A tool for viewing sites from different geographic locations
See how a site appears to the rest of the world..

GeoPeeker | geopeeker.com | retr jun 2018
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5 weeks ago
To persuade someone, look emotional
According to a recent study, people who make instinct-based moral judgments [show emotion] are perceived by their peers to be more moral and more trustworthy than those who rely on reasoning alone. In other words, we want friends who go with their gut when faced with a moral dilemma. The reverse is true as well: We tend to be wary of people who react to moral dilemmas by calculating costs and benefits -- it’s a large part of why we’re so reluctant to trust robots.

-- Scott Koenig
Nautilus | nautil.us | 5 jun 2018
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6 weeks ago
Buddhism in Malaysia ~ at Nalanda Buddhist Society
[A lot of good information - much more than the Wikipedia article.]

Nalanda Buddhism Society | nalanda.org | 2012
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6 weeks ago
Buddhism in Malaysia ~ at Wikipedia
Buddhism in Malaysia is mainly practised by the ethnic Malaysian Chinese, but there are also Malaysian Siamese, Malaysian Sri Lankans and Burmese in Malaysia that practice Buddhism such as Ananda Krishnan and K. Sri Dhammananda and a sizeable population of Malaysian Indians.

Wikipedia | wikipedia.org | retr 4 jun 2018
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6 weeks ago
How to be a friend until the end
It’s important in the beginning to remember that we already know how to care. We’ve extended a helping hand hundreds of times in a thousand meaningful and loving ways. Caring is a natural expression of our humanity. We can trust our good hearts to be reliable guides.

-- Frank Ostaseski
Lion's Roar | lionsroar.com | 29 May 2018
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6 weeks ago
Want a security starter pack? | Surveillance Self-Defense
Choosing Your Tools
Protecting Yourself on Social Networks
Assessing Your Risks
Communicating with Others
Creating Strong Passwords
Keeping Your Data Safe
What Is Encryption?

Electronic Frontier Foundation | ssd.eff.org | retr may 2018
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6 weeks ago
Thai Visa Requirements: Tourist, Work, Retirement, Marriage
the different types of Thai visa, their requirements and the application process.

The Thailand Life | thethailandlife.com | oct 2017
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7 weeks ago
Health Insurance Thailand – The Definitive 10-Step Guide
[Good useful article. Compares several carriers side-by-side, lots of points.]

The Thailand Life | thethailandlife.com | jun 2017
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7 weeks ago
Fastest Thai visa run - Udon Thani/Laos by Nok Air
It can be done from any airport where Nok Air has a flight into Udon Thani, which includes Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

[Very detailed; and useful comments as well.]

The Thailand Life | thethailandlife.com | aug 2017
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7 weeks ago
What's behind a Thai smile – All 13 of them!
The Thai smile is genius in that it allows one to express a range of emotions without physically or verbally taking action. It's a form of communication capable of tempering confrontation, easing difficult situations and showing one's appreciation.

[And they even have names!]

The Thailand Life | thethailandlife.com | may 2016
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7 weeks ago
10 things you didn't know about Thai culture
Unopened gifts; Permission from ghost to stay in room; Keeping your cool; Wear a bra; Pregnancy; Shoes; Don't touch head; Don't point; inviter pays for meals; Walking between people.

The Thailand Life | thethailandlife.com | may 2017
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7 weeks ago
What Is Code?: A Q&A With Writer and Programmer Paul Ford
That’s all I’m really going for with this. If you know how it works, you can make smarter choices for yourself. So one of my goals with this piece is for it to be harder, for someone who reads this (I hope) to be lied to. They should be able to ask smarter questions of the people around them and challenge them more. That’s always good.

-- Ashley Feinberg interviewing Paul Ford about his excellent article "What is Code?"
Gawker | gawkder.com | 11 jun 2015
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7 weeks ago
Paul Ford: What Is Code?
Most programmers aren’t working on building a widely recognized application like Microsoft Word. Software is everywhere. It’s gone from a craft of fragile, built-from-scratch custom projects to an industry of standardized parts, where coders absorb and improve upon the labors of their forebears (even if those forebears are one cubicle over).

Software is there when you switch channels and your cable box shows you what else is on. You get money from an ATM — software. An elevator takes you up five stories — the same. Facebook releases software every day to something like a billion people, and that software runs inside Web browsers and mobile applications. Facebook looks like it’s just pictures of your mom’s crocuses or your son’s school play — but no, it’s software.

-- Paul Ford
Bloomberg | bloomberg.com | 11 jun 2015
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7 weeks ago
Code to joy
“The thing that gets lost,” he says, “and which I think is important to know, is that programming is never easy. You’re never doing the same thing twice, because code is infinitely reproducible and if you’ve already solved a problem and you encounter it again, you just use your old solution. So by definition you’re kind of always on this frontier where you’re out of your depth. And one of the things you have to learn is to accept that feeling – of being constantly wrong.”
Which makes coding sound like a branch of Zen Buddhism.

[Andrew's journey learning to code, with lots of nice information and insights along the way.]

-- Andrew Smith
1843 | 1843magazine.com | June/July 2018
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7 weeks ago
The Development of Loving-kindness
[J]ust as in the night, at the moment of dawn, the morn­ing star shines forth, bright and brilliant, even so, whatever grounds there are for making merit productive of a future birth, all these do not equal a sixteenth part of the mind-release of loving-kindness.

-- from The Udana &The Itivuttaka Translated by John D. Ireland. Buddhist Publication Society 1997. Buddhism Now November 2001
Buddhism now | buddhismnow.com | 18 jan 2013
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8 weeks ago
How social media exploits our moral emotions
John Green puts it, “Twitter is not designed to make you happier or better informed. It’s designed to keep you on Twitter.”
“an endlessly self-renewing bonfire of outrage and confusion.” And given how profitable it has become, social media companies have little financial incentive to scale it back. “I think it’s really important to ask ourselves and to have a serious conversation about how we feel about our moral emotions being used to make a lot of money for tech companies,” Molly Crockett, a psychology professor at Yale,
... the constant triggering of moral outrage—an ancient emotion that motivates the shaming and punishing of others—on social media not only makes money for tech companies, but also alters how we experience and express the emotion.

To what extent do social media companies have a moral obligation to improve the way we communicate with each other?

-- Scott Koenig
Nautilus | nautil.us | 15 may 2018
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8 weeks ago
Power corrupts ...
"Everything in the world is about sex.
Except sex.
Sex is about power."
— Oscar Wilde

"Power is the great aphrodisiac."
-- Henry Kissinger

"Power tends to corrupt; absolute power c...
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9 weeks ago
These should be the end times for American patriotism
The US colonised a very rich continent without ever facing a real geopolitical rival. Lacking a serious competitor for land and other resources, American patriotism turned to the task of conjuring ideological enemies, drawing on an Anglo, especially Puritan, propensity for recasting outsiders as fearsome maleficents.

Sam Haselby
Aeon Ideas | aeon.co | 8 may 2018
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9 weeks ago
What is the range of a typical WiFi network?
The range of a WiFi computer network depends primarily on the number and type of wireless access points (including wireless routers) used to build it.

[Some useful information in the article. The "picks for some of the best sell[ing routers]" however look like total shill and can be ignored.]

Bradley Mitchell
LifeWire | lifewire.com | 16 feb 2018
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10 weeks ago
The ultimate guide to font sizes in UI design
[F]ind a nice, solitary place, and sanity-check: is my font size readable even at a couple feet? Even adjusting for my young and powerful eyes?

[Very very useful, readable article.]

-- Erik D. Kennedy
Learn UI Design | learnui.design | 23 apr 2018
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10 weeks ago
Border run alternatives - Thailand
for Thai visas, residency and work permits
Thailand Visa Forum | thaivisa.com/forum/ | retr 5 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
7-year follow-up shows lasting cognitive gains from meditation
Gains in the ability to sustain attention developed through intensive meditation training are maintained up to seven years later, ...

-- Andy Fell
UC Davis | ucdavis.edu | 4 apr 2018
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10 weeks ago
[A] digital magazine about the human world. ... how we communicate with each other, why we behave kindly and badly, where and when we evolved in the past, and how we live and continue to evolve today. ... the relationship between our laws and ethics, the cities we build, and the environment we depend on.
[W]e syndicate articles at DiscoverMagazine.com, ScientificAmerican.com, Slate.com, Aeon, The Atlantic, and others.

SAPIENS | sapiens.org | retr 4 may 2018
launched in January 2016
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10 weeks ago
How do you count without numbers?
None of us, then, is really a “numbers person.” We are not predisposed to handle quantitative distinctions adroitly. In the absence of the cultural traditions that infuse our lives with numbers from infancy, we would all struggle with even basic quantitative distinctions.

Number words and written numerals transform our quantitative reasoning as they are coaxed into our cognitive experience by our parents, peers, and school teachers. The process seems so normal that we sometimes think of it as a natural part of growing up, but it is not.

-- Caleb Everett | 23 may 2017
SAPIENS | sapiens.org |
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10 weeks ago
Cliqz - Secure browser with built-in quick search
Cliqz gives you relevant search results and does not leak your private data.

Cliqz | cliqz.com/en/ | retr 4 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
Are Buddhist monks and nuns celibate?
Celibacy in Buddhism: Why most Buddhist nuns and monks are celibate

The Buddha did not establish celibacy because there is something shameful or sinful about sex, but because sensual desire is a fetter to enlightenment, and for most people, sexual desire is the most nagging and persistent of desires. The ideal is for the desire itself to drop away, and celibacy -- in this case, refraining from any form of sexual gratification -- is understood to be a prerequisite for that.

-- Barbara O'Brien
ThoughtCo | thoughtco.com | 6 mar 2017
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10 weeks ago
Wind Horse ~ at Wikipedia
The wind horse is an allegory for the human soul in the shamanistic tradition of East Asia and Central Asia. In Tibetan Buddhism, it was included as the pivotal element in the center of the four animals symbolizing the cardinal directions and a symbol of the idea of well-being or good fortune. It has also given the name to a type of prayer flag that has the five animals printed on it.

Depending on the language, the symbol has slightly different names. ...

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr 3 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
The Thai Forest Tradition of Buddhist Monks
The Forest Monk Tradition of Theravada Buddhism could be understood as a modern revival of ancient monasticism. Although the term "forest monk tradition" primarily is associated with the Kammatthana [meditation] tradition of Thailand, today there are many forest traditions around the world.

-- Barbara O'Brien
ThoughtCo. | thoughtco.com | 8 mar 2017
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10 weeks ago
Start your spiritual path: What to expect on a Buddhist retreat
Attending a "beginner" retreat is an ideal way to begin a personal experience of Buddhism outside of books. You'll be in the company of other beginners, and such matters as temple protocols or how to meditate will be explained.

[What to expect; Where to find; Recognise inauthentic teachers; Advanced retreats]

-- Barbara O'Brien
ThoughtCo | thoughtco.com |
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10 weeks ago
Which school of Buddhism Is right for you?
Many doors to one dharma
The many schools of Buddhism employ different skillful means (upaya) to help people realize enlightenment, and they explain Buddhism in many different ways.
Some traditions emphasize reason; others devotion; others mysticism; most combine all of that, somehow. There are traditions that stress meditation as the most important practice, but in other traditions, people don't meditate at all.
... [I]t's probably unproductive to worry about fine points of doctrine. ... consider how a particular sangha feels to you. Is it welcoming and supportive? Do the talks and liturgy "speak" to you, even if on a subtle [even nonverbal] level?

[Many more good thoughts about choosing a school or sangha. Doesn't give summaries of the schools in this article.]

-- Barbara O'Brien
ThoughtCo | thoughtco.com | 8 mar 2017
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10 weeks ago
Devadatta, the disciple who turned against the Buddha
Devadatta believed he should be the World-Honored One and the leader of the order of monks.
The Mahasanghika [canon] remembered Devadatta as a devout and saintly monk. No trace of the "evil Devadatta" story can be found in their version ... This has led some scholars to speculate that the story of the renegade Devadatta is a later invention.

-- Barbara O'Brien
ThoughtCo | thoughtco.com | 5 feb 2018
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10 weeks ago
Optimum Egg Quality: A Practical Approach
A fresh egg, with a clean, smooth, brown or white shell, a pure, deep-yellow yolk and a translucent, firm white — this is the ideal ...

Egg producers and anyone else interested in poultry management will find this book a comprehensive, yet clear, simple and practical guide to improving egg quality.

[Also anyone interested in eating eggs can find this useful information about what is safe to eat, or interesting for what causes things in eggs.]

The Poultry Site | thepoultrysite.com | year? retr 3 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
Mottled yolks and discoloured yolks
The colour of the yolk may be uneven or patchy, as shown, or vary from the desired colour range (deep-yellow to orange-yellow).
Some degree of mottling occurs in more than 50% of all eggs. The severity of mottling increases as eggs become stale. Discoloured yolks are rare.

[many different causes, all not good.]

Eqq Quality Handbook - The Poultry Site | thepoultrysite.com | year? retr 3 may 2018

I never encountered this in West; in India starting in April 2018 most of the eggs i get have this. Got me worried and led to doing the searches which found this page :/
tmx, 3 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
Common egg quality problems
This article is about the most common egg irregularities and problems and their causes. A few members have asked me if these odd eggs are safe to eat. That depends on the cause of the deformity/irregularity. Most of these eggs, though some may look rather unappetising, are perfectly safe for human consumption. If the cause of the deformity/irregularity is disease or treatment for disease/pest I would play it safe and discard the eggs rather as many drugs given to chickens leaves a residue in their eggs during the withdrawal period (usually 3 weeks).

[good sections on How an egg is formed; Common problems, with photos and clear descriptions: egg shells, yolk, albumen.]

BackYard Chickens | backyardchickens.com | 2013, 2016

I never encountered any of these in West; in India see most, which got me worried and led to doing the searches which found this page :/
tmx, 3 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
30+ things to do with eggshell
It is very important to only use eggshells from healthy, natural chickens if you or your animals are going to ingest the shells. Eggs from factory farms are not only less nutritious, but can also carry harmful pathogens. I personally have no problem eating raw eggs from my own free-range hens, but I wouldn’t do so with eggs from the store.

The Prairie Homestead | theprairiehomestead.com | retr 3 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
What is the benefit of forcing a site to load over SSL (HTTPS)?
[many good reasons given; good discussion.]

Webmasters Stack Exchange | webmasters.stackexchange.com | may 2018
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10 weeks ago
Could an AI alter the course of Tibet Autonomous Region
If the institution of Dalai Lama itself is abolished, it would very much be in the interests of China. If both sides choose their own Dalai Lama, the institution will still be denigrated. But what if through a technological intervention, we can ascertain that while both the sides may or may not have their new Dalai Lamas, we do get to keep a copy of the 14th Dalai Lama’s evolving mind as an engine powering a his holiness’ holograph?

-- Shashank Yadav
Indian National Interest | nationalinterest.in | 17 sep 2017

The question is, what constitutes a living being? an identity? a consciousness? a mind? a personality? Are they all only contained in the waves of the physical brain?

My first thought is that the "copy of the 14th Dalai Lama’s evolving mind" would be like a zombie, or a machine. like a talking and moving doll. there would be no soul there.

Second thought, making an entity to preserve buddhism which is not coming from the teachings of buddhism.

Something like that. Needs more thinking about.

Also, this is really about politics, not about preserving buddhism or the dalai lama teachings.

-- tmx, 2 may 2018
body-brain  consciousness  ethics  identity  mind  politics  self  tech  tech-artificial_intelligence  tech-ethics  tech-machine_learning  format-article  type-information 
10 weeks ago
The Takshashila Institution
A centre for research and education in public policy
An independent networked think tank on India's strategic affairs
An independent, non-partisan, non-profit organisation

[C]ontributes towards building the intellectual foundations of an India that has global interests. It aims to establish itself as one of the most credible voices in India’s public policy discourse, known for its unambiguous pursuit of the national interest, through consistent high-quality policy advisories.

The Takshashila Institution | takshashila.org.in | retr 2 may 2018

Knowledgeable friend says: Takshashila is a credible think tank.
Tmx says: Seems kinda vague and hand-wavy, have to define themselves several times all over the website, more-link to more-link to more-link -- but it's a world i don't know, so maybe there is solidity and usefulness there.
-- tmx, 2 may 2018
governance  society  India  format-website  type-information 
10 weeks ago
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Here you can find the official PDF of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) as a neatly arranged website. All Articles of the GDPR are linked with suitable recitals. The European Data Protection Regulation will be applicable as of May 25th, 2018 in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe.
[Here is *all* the info.]

General Data Protection Regulation | gdpr-info.eu | retr 2 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
What is it like to be a dolphin?
The differences between dolphins and humans, that’s where the beauty lies—in the notion that a nonhuman animal could exhibit such cognitive complexity and yet be so utterly alien to us.

[really interesting and also written very beautifully]

-- Maggie Ryan Sandford
Nautilus | nautil.us | 23 apr 2018
animal-rights  animals  animals-dolphins  animals-sentient  consciousness  humans  mind  format-article  type-information 
10 weeks ago
Civilization is built on code
The word “code” derives from the Latin codex, meaning “a system of laws.”
The first [cooking] recipes — code at work — literally made humans what we are today.

“Code” as I intend it incorporates elements of computer code, genetic code, cryptologic code, and other forms as well. But, as I describe in my book The Code Economy: A Forty-Thousand Year History, published last* year, it also stands as its own concept—the algorithms that guide production in the economy—for which no adequate word yet exists. Code can include instructions we follow consciously and purposively, and those we follow unconsciously and intuitively. ...

-- Philip Auerswald
Nautilus | nautil.us | 30 apr 2018
coding  computer-science  education  history  science 
10 weeks ago
Motherboard made a tool that archives websites on demand
mass_archive, a basic Python script, will push a webpage or URL to multiple archive services at once, hopefully making online journalism or research a bit more efficient.

Motherboard | motherboard.vice.com | 1 may 2018
web  web-archiving  web-broken  web-ephemeral  format-article  type-information 
10 weeks ago
Webpage archive
takes a 'snapshot' of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears.
It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy
and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page

Archive.is | archive.is | retr 1 may 2018
web  web-archiving  web-broken  web-ephemeral  format-website  type-archive 
10 weeks ago
Perma.cc helps scholars, journals and courts prevent link rot by creating permanent, reliable, unalterable links to the online sources cited in their work.

Frequently asked questions
Once you capture a Perma Link, neither its content nor its address will change, no matter what happens to the original link.

Who runs Perma.cc?
How long do Perma links last?
Can I delete a Perma link?
Is Perma.cc open source?
What’s your privacy policy?

[Oriented towards libraries and scholars.] if you need more than ten links per month you should work with a journal or a library that uses Perma.cc.

Perma.cc | perma.cc | retr 1 may 2018
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10 weeks ago
The Buddhist and the Neuroscientist: What compassion does to the brain
[I]t’s still not known precisely how compassion alters the brain to promote better health or better behavior. Gamma waves and lit up insula can only tell you so much about the linkages between the mind and the body, and, in turn, about what it really takes to think your way to a better character.

-- Kathy Gilsinan
The Atlantic | theatlantic.com | 4 jul 2015
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11 weeks ago
Meanings of dictionary, glossary, lexicon, vocabulary, word-book ~ at StackExchange
[good discussion, and comprehensive answer taken from the OED.]

English Language & Usage Stack Exchange | english.stackexchange.com | retr 30 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
Everything depends on your attitude: Creating a bodhicitta motivation for life
In this introductory talk to the Light of the Path retreat in 2009, Lama Zopa Rinpoche explains why everything — good and bad — depends on our mental attitude and why having a good heart wishing to benefit all living beings is so essential. The teaching is interwoven with stories from Rinpoche’s own early life.

[Video, and lovely text and photos.]

-- Lama Zoma Rinpoche
Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive | lamayeshe.com |
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11 weeks ago
More Chinese tourists expected due to Alibaba
“We are already in a ‘tourism trap’ Around 10 million Chinese tourists visit Thailand every year and generate around Bt1 trillion If they are dissatisfied with us, what will happen” to Thailand’s tourism industry?” asked Thon.
[Amornched Jinda-apiraksa, CEO and co-founder of TakeMeTour] said operating the travel business in the Chinese market is very challenging due to the language barrier and because Chinese tourists have specific behaviours and characteristics.

-- Jintana Panyaarvudh, Asina Pornwasin
The Nation | nationmultimedia.com | 29 apr 2018
chinese-people  greed  travel  Thailand  format-article  type-information 
11 weeks ago
What can AI experts learn from Buddhism? A new approach to machine-learning ethics aims to find out
Rapid advances in AI have spawned a number of recent initiatives that aim to convince engineers, programmers, and others to prioritize ethical considerations in their work—but almost all of them have originated in rich Western countries. An effort from the huge engineering association IEEE is now trying to change that, with its own AI ethics proposal that it says will be a global, multilingual collaboration.

- MIT Technology Review | technologyreview.com | retr 29 apr 2018

absolutely stupid presentation of the article as a modal window. Hope it defaults to a regular page when the javascript isn't working. Hope it is archivable. Can we have another movement for the ethics of this kind of stupidity?
-- tmx, 29 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
An incubation space for new standards and solutions, certifications and codes of conduct, and consensus building for ethical implementation of intelligent technologies.
[Overview of the intiative]

IEEE Standards | standards.ieee.org | 2017? - retr 29 apr 201
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11 weeks ago
Ethically Aligned Design, Version 2 (EADv2)
The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems) is launching the second version of Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, (EADv2) the most comprehensive, crowd-sourced global treatise regarding the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems available today.
Download Ethically Aligned Design, Version 2

250 global thought experts created this document. Now we need more leaders like you to help us take action to prioritize values-driven, ethically aligned design for autonomous and intelligent systems.

EEE Standards Association / IEE Ethics in Action | ethicsinaction.ieee.org | retr 29 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
IEEE Global Initiative aims to advance ethical design of AI and Autonomous Systems
AI and autonomous systems have to behave in a way that is beneficial to people beyond reaching functional goals and addressing technical problems. This will allow for an elevated level of trust for technology that is needed for a fruitful pervasive use of these systems in our daily lives.

-- Raja Chatila, Kay Firth-Butterfield, John C. Havens, and Konstantinos Karachalios
IEEE Spectrum | spectrum.ieee.org | 29 mar 2017
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11 weeks ago
Ethics of artificial intelligence ~ at Wikipedia
The ethics of artificial intelligence is the part of the ethics of technology specific to robots and other artificially intelligent beings. It is typically[citation needed] divided into roboethics, a concern with the moral behavior of humans as they design, construct, use and treat artificially intelligent beings, and machine ethics, which is concerned with the moral behavior of artificial moral agents (AMAs).
Weizenbaum explains that we require authentic feelings of empathy from people in these positions [e.g., therapist, nurse, soldier]. If machines replace them, we will find ourselves alienated, devalued, and frustrated. Artificial intelligence, if used in this way, represents a threat to human dignity. Weizenbaum argues that the fact that we are entertaining the possibility of machines in these positions suggests that we have experienced an "atrophy of the human spirit that comes from thinking of ourselves as computers."

Wikipedia | en.wikipedia.org | retr 29 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
The Dalai Lama Protocol: Buddhism meets AI
The risk then is that our pioneers of AI may not realize or accept this fundamental difference and inadvertently create something that is all intellect and no compassion, which could ultimately lead to something truly destructive.

What might be a worthwhile experiment is to build an AI program that emulates Buddhist thinking — a Dalai Lama-bot if you will, to see if we can build an AI that can make the same decisions as the Dalai Lama based on objective compassion and empathy.

-- Sheng Huang
Medium | medium.com | 10 jul 2016
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11 weeks ago
@Thai_idioms ~ on Twitter
A Thai who enjoys learning and explaining Thai idioms in English. Also tweet as @lanna_talk & @Thai_Talk.
Bangkok, Thailand

[Useful Thai words and constructions. Hasn't tweeted in a while, but maybe she will start again -- anyway what is there is useful.]

-- kaewmala @thai_idioms
Twitter | twitter.com | retr 28 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
In China, coffee shop habits show cultural differences tied to farming |
Even among longtime city folk, legacy of rice versus wheat agriculture affects behavior.
How close people sit and whether they dodge or move chairs blocking aisles reveals whether their cultural roots go back to rice farming in southern China or wheat farming in northern China,

-- Bruce Bower
Science News | sciencenews.org | 25 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
OUseful.Info, the blog...
Trying to find useful things to do with emerging technologies in open education and data journalism.

Tony Hirst is:
Lecturer in the Computing and Communication department at The Open University (0.8FTE),
occasional open data trainer with the Open Knowledge Foundation School of Data,
regular blogger at OUseful.info

-- Tony Hirst
OUseful.info | ouseful.info | retr 28 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
Digital Dementia – Are Google Search and the Web Getting Alzheimer’s?
[I]f you take the time to make a permanent mark in the structure of the web, by posting a blog post to a lasting, public domain, with a persistent URL that others can link to, and in turn embed your content in a contextually meaningful way by linking to other posts that you value as useful context related to the content of your own post, you can help build new memories and help the web keep digital dementia at bay.

-- Tony Hirst
OUseful.Info, the blog... | blog.ouseful.info | 22 oct 2017
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11 weeks ago
How safe are password managers like LastPass?
[good, well-thought-out answers.]

Information Security Stack Exchange | security.stackexchange.com | apr 2018
4web-warriors  internet  internet-security  web-security  format-q/a  type-discussion  type-information 
11 weeks ago
Is there any security risk when a certificate authority is used more than all others? [e.g., letsencrypt]
To break this discussion out of comments on the other answer: one issue with a single CA dominating is that if there is a problem requiring it to be replaced (e.g. browsers stop trusting it, or it goes bust), there needs to be somewhere for everyone to migrate to. This is true of any CA, but if customers are spread around many different providers, there is a smaller number needing to migrate, ...

Information Security Stack Exchange | security.stackexchange.com | apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) released
The Ubuntu team is very pleased to announce our seventh long-term support release, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for Desktop, Server, Cloud, and Core.
Codenamed “Bionic Beaver”, 18.04 LTS continues Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

-- Adam Conrad
Ubuntu Fridge | fridge.ubuntu.com | 27 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
Breeze through Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver
The Bionic Beaver, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ... making sure that your upgrade from previous releases is smooth and trouble free, tracking down bugs to make 18.04 LTS stable and reliable, and adding some new features which I’d like to introduce you to and quickly run through how they work.

-- Will Cooke
Ubuntu Insights | insights.ubuntu.com | 27 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
Leave it to Beaver: Unity is long gone and you're on your GNOME
Canonical has released Ubuntu 18.04, Bionic Beaver, as this one is nicknamed. The Beaver is a long-term support (LTS) release, which means it'll be supported until 2023.
For those who only upgrade from LTS to LTS releases, this will be a major update, one you may not like. Ubuntu 18.04 will be your first without the Unity desktop.

-- Scott Gilbertson
The Register | theregister.co.uk | 27 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
J.D. McClatchy on the Contrast and Complementarity of Desire and Love –
We are creatures of such staggering psychoemotional complexity that we are often opaque to ourselves, purblind to the constellation of our own thoughts, our own feelings, our chaotic and often contradictory desires — nowhere more so than in the realm of the heart.

Brain Pickings
love  desire  Maria_Popova  format-article  type-information 
11 weeks ago
Strange and maddening rules [for Stack Exchange questions]
We decided that newbies had to be welcome. Nothing was too “beginner” to be a reasonable question on Stack Overflow… as long as you did some homework before asking the question.

-- Joel Spolsky
Joel on Software | joelonsoftware.com | 23 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
Stack Overflow isn't very welcoming. It's time for that to change
We’re planning to test a new “beginner” ask page that breaks the question box into multiple fields – one for each of the key things answerers need to help.

-- Jay Hanlon
Stack Overflow Blog | stackoverflow.blog | 26 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
privacy enhancing technology; protection of the people
You can't both build privacy enhancing technology to protect marginalized people and communities from abuse of power AND provide a mechanism in that technology for powerful people to have access.

-- @SarahJamieLewis
Twitter | twitter.com | 26 apr 2018
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11 weeks ago
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