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How to Self-Publish a Novel in 2017
ok look the way you want. Speaking of which, how do you want your book to look? There are genre trends to be aware of, certainly, but there’s also your taste. In the end, I wanted my book to look like this on the inside:
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february 2017 by toddje
The Benjamin Franklin Method: How to (Actually) Learn to Write
g at the book, try’d to compleat the papers again, by expressing each hinted sentiment at length, and as fully as it had been expressed before, in any suitable words that should come to hand. Then I compared my Spectator with the original, discovered some of my faults, and corrected them.”
october 2016 by toddje
AdviceToWriters - ATW INTERVIEWS - Cory Doctorow
ore moving into clinical hypnosis. Four or five sessions and I was writing like a fool. A year later, I won the Campbell Award
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april 2012 by toddje
Viable Paradise: A Travelogue (Part 5) - Parentheticals
-Cory talked about his experience at Clarion (where he's now an instructor also), and how they were taught Algis Budrys' 7-point plot outline:
*problem (in an appropriate scale to start the story)
*characters try to solve the problem intelligently
*and fail
*and things get worse
*repeat until climax, then wrap it all up in the denouement (the shiny red bow on the package)
-This type of 7 point plot is an engine on a freight train, pulling the readers through the story--you can put whatever you want in the freight cars, but the engine drives the story and the readers want to go along.
-The 7-point plot is so ingrained in storytelling, it's "like a hack on our neurology"
-"We don't empathize with settings"
-When in doubt, figure out what you can do to make things worse for your characters
-When you're flailing around for the ending, go back to what you've already written and look to see if you've already given yourself some clues early on
-Nancy Kress says "a story is a transformation machine"--ask yourself, who changes the most in this story?
-Some great books for writers looking for info on how people work (or don't) how people can screw up social situations and how people can misinterpret each other: "Getting Things Done", "How To Win Friends and Influence People" and "The Feeling Good Handbook"
-"If you are going to use a cliché, use it with confidence and verve and move on quickly"
-Resist internet research--write "TK" and move on
-Download the US Census of names to use as a reference
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april 2012 by toddje
Richard Kadrey: "That Sandman Slim database ..." «
Richard Kadrey

That Sandman Slim database is coming along nicely. I've discovered a lot of background material, characters and mythology that hasn't made it into the books and maybe never will but is good for me to have. But the mythology expands in Aloha From Hell and Lurkers I wasn't sure would make it onscreen have made it past their sticky casting couch auditions and into book 4. The only lousy part of constructing a world building database is that new and old ideas pop into your head 24/7. I went to bed four times the other night but had to get up each time and make more notes. You know your world is working when it gets a mind of its own and you have to run it to ground like a punch drunk jackal.
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march 2011 by toddje Tunesmith: Inside The Art of Songwriting: Jimmy Webb: Books
ref'd by Stephen Merritt in the liner notes in '69 lovesongs'
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may 2008 by toddje
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