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Yahoo Streaming Benchark
Turns out it is terribly designed, and is more like "distributed JSON deserialization" benchmark, and possibly bottlenecked by network speed rather than the streaming engine.
streaming  benchmarking 
february 2019 by tobym
Approximate nearest neighbor benchmark results. Find the fastest algorithms!
benchmarking  ml  nearest-neighbor  algorithm 
october 2018 by tobym
ScalaMeter | ScalaMeter
ScalaMeter is a microbenchmarking and performance regression testing framework for the JVM platform that allows expressing performance tests in a way which is both simple and concise.
It can be used both from Scala and Java.
scala  benchmarking  profiling  metrics  performance 
july 2013 by tobym
Thyme is a microbenchmark utility for Scala. It includes Parsley, a (simple) local profiling tool.
scala  benchmarking  profiling  metrics 
july 2013 by tobym

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