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Hemingway App for Mac OSX
RT : Stoked about the release — a great tool for composing succinct prose:
apps  mac  markdown  osx  editor  from twitter_favs
july 2014 by tlalinne
Marked - smart tools for smart writers
I love Marked, so valuable tool when writing in MD. Yest another Brett Terpstra's fine product.
app  markdown  macosx  viewer  converter  utility 
may 2013 by tlalinne
coreyti/showdown · GitHub
My come in handy. I love MD so much.
javascript  markdown  library 
may 2013 by tlalinne - A remarkable online markdown editor.
Markdown syntax hightlighting, auto indent and unindent, highlight current line, line number, a light and a dark theme.
webapp  online  markdown  editor 
april 2013 by tlalinne

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