UK political groups spied on by undercover police – the list | UK news | The Guardian
fucking hell, the police infiltrated literally hundreds of anarchist and left wing groups (and environmental & animal rights groups) but only 3 far-right outfits
4 days ago
Israel fines New Zealand women $18,000 for urging Lorde concert boycott | Music | The Guardian
The Israaeli state boggles me. Even if they were morally justified in their actions over Gaza (I don't think they are), how could they possibly think suing a pair of NZ teenagers for writing a letter would sway international opinion in their direction? And if they did think it would, why didn't they just sue Lorde?
4 days ago
Mastodon's 2 Year Anniversary - Official Mastodon Blog
In the end, Mastodon out-survived and Google+, a multi-million dollar project.
Followed directly by Josef's cluckers tweet, nice
5 days ago
J.K. Rowling Criticized for Nagini's Racist Role in 'Fantastic Beasts'
Annoying though Rowling’s habit of woke-retconning is, I find the people writing these articles just as irritating. It’s like they’re so wedded to Harry Potter they won’t rest until it’s a perfect piece of media that they can indulge their childish love for without feeling problematic. Just grow up instead lads. And stop writing about Harry Potter.
media  representation 
8 days ago
Google is shutting down Google+ following massive data exposure
The company finally admitted that Google+ never received the broad adoption or engagement with users that it had hoped for -- according to a blog post, 90 percent of Google+ user sessions last for less than five seconds.
Five seconds, that's gotta sting
8 days ago
False Rape Accusations Are Incredibly Rare
I got mad on twitter about this and ended up with a stranger mad at me for being condescending. Somebody posted it with the claim that you are more likely to become an astronaut than to be falsely accused of rape, which sounded obviously wrong (I checked: it is). Then I looked more closely and saw the original article also contains bad maths. For example they say that actually the chance you'll be falsely accused of rape is 5% of 10% -- which might well be true -- but then say this means the odds you'll be falsely accused are 0.005%. 5% of 10% is 0.5%, not 0.005%. It's easy to see how the error occurred: presumably somebody did the 0.1*0.05 calculation to get a proportion of 0.005 (i.e. 0.5%) false accusations.

[This is just the actual hard maths error; there's all kinds of other dodgy assumptions and methodological mistakes in the article, but they're harder to rebut without invoking thorny ideological issues.]

I don't like doing it, but I think this kind of thing should be called out when we see it. If we believe in our positions (and I do believe the proportion of rape accusations that are false is very small) then we should make the case truthfully. Encouraging people to go around spouting unsupported statistics about how you're more likely to be an astronaut that a regular guy who's falsely accused of rape just plays into the hands of misogynist shitheads who insist all women lie about rape. It doesn't matter that they're hypocrites who don't care about truth, they'll still weaponise the smallest factual inaccuracies against you. Don't give them the ammunition.

But how should we do this in a constructive manner? When I tried to point it out (not as well as I should have done), the person got mad at me and ascribed motivations/opinions I don't have (wanting to be thanked; thinking I can solve sexism; trying to exert power). I don't know how to make this basic point that we should, for tactical reasons, correct bad statistics on rape & other gendered issues without triggering defensiveness because I appear to want to oppose real change by nitpicking details. Largely this is men's fault -- there are a lot of dishonest men arguing this way. The well is 100% (that's 100% of 100%) poison now.

Lesson #1 though: don't bring this up with an individual you don't know on Twitter. Some people might appreciate the correction, but some others definitely won't.
feminsim  statistics  twitter 
9 days ago
Orthodoxxed! | Online Only | n+1
The obscure venue of choice for their account of the hoax, Areo Magazine, models itself on the magazine Aeon but in fact contains low-grade content obviously too petty or pedestrian even for Quillette (“Not All Men is Not a Fallacy. It is Humanism”).

Holy shit this hoax is attracting so many good burns I'm actually starting to like it.
academia  feminism  critical-theory  publishing  sokal-2-electric-boogaloo  lol 
9 days ago
I take them at their word that they are “left leaning liberals” because only liberals would spend a year on a project that helped the reactionary right and neoliberal college administrators in equal measure.

Peter Boghossian, an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Portland State University and writer with bylines in everything from mainstream publications like Scientific American to Quillette, actually made an app that, “provides you with the skills you’ll need to spot flaws in weak statements and use reason to politely help people understand why they may not be correct.”

lol  academia  critical-theory  publishing  feminism  sokal-2-electric-boogaloo 
10 days ago
Brett Kavanaugh Should Sue Ford And The WaPo For Defamation
The battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was the Second Battle of Tours. At the first battle, just 1,286 years ago (around October 10-11), Christian Europe decisively defeated a massive invasion that would have destroyed Europe’s civilization and changed the course of history.
Good grief. How do these morons keep winning?
politics  twats 
12 days ago
Kavanaugh is one more step in America’s cycle of self-destruction - The Washington Post
The dysfunction is multifarious. But one of its main sources is that everyone thinks that everyone else involved in politics is constantly, openly lying, and they’re right.
13 days ago
I was Brett Kavanaugh’s college roommate. He lied under oath.
This is the whole case against Kavanaugh. You don't need to believe the assault accusations; he's just an obvious liar.
politics  slate 
15 days ago
Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship - Areo
Oh boy.

I haven't gotten into this yet, but at a quick skim:
Part III: Why Did We Do This?

Because we’re racist, sexist, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, transhysterical, anthropocentric, problematic, privileged, bullying, far right-wing, cishetero straight white males (and one white female who was demonstrating her internalized misogyny and overwhelming need for male approval) who wanted to enable bigotry, preserve our privilege, and take the side of hate?
Doesn't shout "we're against grievance politics" to me.
academia  feminism  science  sokal-2-electric-boogaloo 
16 days ago
Has Corbyn changed? « LRB blog
Polly Toynbee, having spent the best part of the last three years trying to sink Corbyn, now says that he is ‘winning the battle of ideas’.
17 days ago
Factions, fudge and fashion: How Momentum went mainstream
“We’re just not sexy anymore,” says one “Blairite” Labour student who’s been attending party conference for three years. “We need young, good-looking, cool people and we’re just not cool anymore. Conference used to be really fun and raucous for us. Now Momentum have all the best parties.”
23 days ago
Has the Riemann hypothesis been 'solved'? Who is Michael Atiyah? Why is it so important? | London Evening Standard
Unlike the case of the Nigerian bloke a couple of years ago, it's hard to argue that the frenzy over a false proof of RH is really the media's fault this time. A fields medalist announcing a proof at a major meeting ticks all the boxes, at least on the surface, and his age makes it a great story to boot. Of course everyone in the know knows what's up here and why this shouldn't have made it to the media -- the blame lies squarely with the various organisers and foundations who promoted it despite knowing better.

Absolute lol at referring to Michael Atiyah as a "math whiz" though.
maths  media 
24 days ago
The Best Books on Existential Risks | Five Books Expert Recommendations
The Cambridge existential risk centre doesn’t recommend Nick Bostrom’s book 👀
28 days ago
The Coddling of the American Mind review – how elite US liberals have turned rightwards | Books | The Guardian
They did not write this book because of an oracle; they wrote it, perhaps, because an article that they published in the Atlantic went viral.

lmao, this review is gold
alt-libs  guardian 
29 days ago
There is more going on than this. It's important to know a bit about the venues... | Hacker News
tptcake adds some good context on the NYJM gender variability hypothesis paper controversy
academia  publishing  feminism 
5 weeks ago
Has an uncomfortable truth been suppressed? | Gowers's Weblog
I read an article by the author that described the whole story (in Quillette, which rather specializes in this kind of story), and it sounded rather shocking
good quiet Quillette burn
academia  maths  feminism 
5 weeks ago
The Amazing Andrew Rilstone's Blog: Actually, It's About Ethics in Doctor Who Journalism.
Most of the big Doctor Who fans I'm aware of are very Good people, but I'm 100% sure there's a pretty bad fandom there too.
Anyway, going to watch Talons of Weng-Chiang soon.
doctor-who  racism 
6 weeks ago
White Hot Harlots — On Rebecca Solnit’s shocking superficiality
I don't know, can't we condemn war criminals *and* assume women and men are equally intellectually capable? It doesn't seem hard.
politics  feminism 
6 weeks ago
Watch your step: why the 10,000 daily goal is built on bad science | Life and style | The Guardian
Public health seems really hard, but still, you'd think they could get some extremely basic design-of-experiments stuff right.
health  science 
6 weeks ago
YouTuber McSkillet among three dead in 'wrong way' crash - BBC News
Should read: “YouTuber murders woman & child, and himself”
internet  crime 
7 weeks ago
How architecture-themed Twitter accounts became a magnet for white nationalism
I don't know what the tone of surprise is about, this is obviously fash stuff.
9 weeks ago
Tristram Hunt tells Oxbridge students that 'the top 1 per cent' must take leadership in Labour again | The Independent
The Blairite MP called for 'dissent' in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader
I must have missed this at the time. When I was reading Robert Webb's book the other month I discovered Hunt & Webb are Footlights contemporaries and they remain friends. Webb's extremely Blairite brand of support for Labour dovetails nicely with this shit.
politics  class 
9 weeks ago
How Millennials Killed Mayonnaise – Philadelphia Magazine
My son Jake, who’s 25, eats mayo. He’s a practical young man who works in computers and adores macaroni salad. He’s a good son. I also have a daughter. She was a women’s and gender studies major in college. Naturally, she loathes mayonnaise. And she’s not alone.

tears emoji
9 weeks ago
Beyond fiction
Scott Aaronson’s view of nerds as a uniquely oppressed class continues to puzzle me. Arthur Chu continues to be an ass.
policing  nerds 
10 weeks ago
Where the Wild Things Weren’t « LRB blog
Festivals are shit imo—name a good festival, you can’t
10 weeks ago
Set-theoretic blockchains | Joel David Hamkins
Lol at calling these “blockchains”. Maths as clickbait, nice
10 weeks ago
Before the Golden Age, and memories of memories
When I was a kid, by the way, I sent Isaac Asimov a fan letter. I was really into his collections of popular science essays, which I read again and again. I told him “I’ll bet I’m your only seven-year-old fan.” He sent back a postcard that said “I’ll bet you are not my only seven-year-old fan.” Damn, Asimov, you burned me good.
10 weeks ago
Newsrooms must stand up to targeted campaigns of harassment - The Verge
Conversations about the ethics of reverse-trolling aside, Sarah Jeong’s writing on tech, law & culture is always very smart; the people trying to discredit her all seem dumb as hell.
race  politics  internet 
11 weeks ago
Fields medal: UK refugee wins 'biggest maths prize' - BBC News
However, it emerged that the 14-carat gold medal given to Dr Birkar at the ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had been stolen just minutes later.

According to Brazil's TV Globo, he left the medal along with his wallet and phone in a briefcase on a table at the convention centre where the event was taking place.

He alerted security staff when he noticed the case was missing and they later found the case, but the medal and wallet were not there.

I’m at the ICM. Totally anecdotal, but security does seem very lax. People were just wandering in while we were still setting up.
maths  lol 
11 weeks ago
I crammed about 40 hours into EUIV without really knowing how to do anything subtle, always solving problems the easy way (i.e. war). Got about 200 years in and roughly 75% of the way to my goal of forming a pan-Scandinavian empire led by Sweden before Russia swept in and annihilated me (and I had no friends left to help). Learn to trade & alliance imo.

Also: don’t try to anticipate the Reformation by forcibly converting your population to Protestantism 100 years early.
11 weeks ago
2018 Fields Medal and Nevanlinna Prize Winners | Quanta Magazine
Pretty pleased nowhere would take my bet on this since Scholze was the only one I called and everyone knew he was going to get it.
Interesting that Quanta has the profiles written in advance; I guess the Fields medal is a big publicity operation now.
11 weeks ago
Teens Debate Big Issues on Instagram Flop Accounts - The Atlantic
But one type of flop has been outpacing the rest in recent months: politically themed flops. More politics flop accounts are cropping up, and broad-based flop accounts have begun featuring politics and social-justice flops, teens say. They also say they’re turning to flop accounts for real news and debate about issues that matter to them.
This is it, this is the end. I’ve been left behind. I can feel the reaper’s grip.
internet  politics 
11 weeks ago
London Review of Books
”What is it that makes men attractive to women?’ he asked at one point, apropos of nothing, leaving the question to hang for several seconds as the low rumble of the O2’s air conditioning heightened the suspense. At a rough estimate, there were at least five thousand people in the room who would be pretty eager to know.
lol, nice
lrb  alt-libs  jordan-peterson 
11 weeks ago
Waiting for Sargon | Review 31
If there’s a British version of the stab-in-the-back myth, it goes something like this: we lost our Empire, to which we were entitled by racial superiority and the exercise of reason, markets and steamships; and then we were forced (by modernity, by collectivist politics, by decline and dependency, by cosmopolitan intellectuals) to accept immigration and to live on equal terms, in our own homeland, with the people over whom we’d enjoyed rightful dominion. To this we can add the European Union as a final insult to that nebulous ‘sovereignty’ that we invoke when we can’t allow ourselves to articulate quite what it is we feel we’ve lost, which is of course whiteness, and masculinity, and a sense of knowing everything it’s necessary to know.
politics  media 
12 weeks ago
The Next Bison: Social Computing and Culture | Research and teaching about social computing, by Amy Bruckman
esting the limits of that, today the founder of the subreddit KotakuInAction (KiA), david-me, decided he had had enough. He didn’t like what the group had become, so he removed powers from all the other moderators and took the group “private” (blocking access to new members). He deleted the code that customized the group. He did this unilaterally.

> he didn't like what the group had become
> what the group had become
> become
12 weeks ago
Jason Spencer, Georgia Lawmaker Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen, to Resign - The New York Times
Mr. Spencer was seen on camera dropping his pants, mocking a stereotypical Asian accent and seemingly not requiring much coaxing to yell the racial epithet
How can you be this dumb and still make it into government?
politics  lol 
12 weeks ago
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