How architecture-themed Twitter accounts became a magnet for white nationalism
I don't know what the tone of surprise is about, this is obviously fash stuff.
3 days ago
Tristram Hunt tells Oxbridge students that 'the top 1 per cent' must take leadership in Labour again | The Independent
The Blairite MP called for 'dissent' in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader
I must have missed this at the time. When I was reading Robert Webb's book the other month I discovered Hunt & Webb are Footlights contemporaries and they remain friends. Webb's extremely Blairite brand of support for Labour dovetails nicely with this shit.
politics  class 
4 days ago
How Millennials Killed Mayonnaise – Philadelphia Magazine
My son Jake, who’s 25, eats mayo. He’s a practical young man who works in computers and adores macaroni salad. He’s a good son. I also have a daughter. She was a women’s and gender studies major in college. Naturally, she loathes mayonnaise. And she’s not alone.

tears emoji
5 days ago
Beyond fiction
Scott Aaronson’s view of nerds as a uniquely oppressed class continues to puzzle me. Arthur Chu continues to be an ass.
policing  nerds 
9 days ago
Where the Wild Things Weren’t « LRB blog
Festivals are shit imo—name a good festival, you can’t
10 days ago
Set-theoretic blockchains | Joel David Hamkins
Lol at calling these “blockchains”. Maths as clickbait, nice
11 days ago
Before the Golden Age, and memories of memories
When I was a kid, by the way, I sent Isaac Asimov a fan letter. I was really into his collections of popular science essays, which I read again and again. I told him “I’ll bet I’m your only seven-year-old fan.” He sent back a postcard that said “I’ll bet you are not my only seven-year-old fan.” Damn, Asimov, you burned me good.
14 days ago
Newsrooms must stand up to targeted campaigns of harassment - The Verge
Conversations about the ethics of reverse-trolling aside, Sarah Jeong’s writing on tech, law & culture is always very smart; the people trying to discredit her all seem dumb as hell.
race  politics  internet 
16 days ago
Fields medal: UK refugee wins 'biggest maths prize' - BBC News
However, it emerged that the 14-carat gold medal given to Dr Birkar at the ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had been stolen just minutes later.

According to Brazil's TV Globo, he left the medal along with his wallet and phone in a briefcase on a table at the convention centre where the event was taking place.

He alerted security staff when he noticed the case was missing and they later found the case, but the medal and wallet were not there.

I’m at the ICM. Totally anecdotal, but security does seem very lax. People were just wandering in while we were still setting up.
maths  lol 
17 days ago
I crammed about 40 hours into EUIV without really knowing how to do anything subtle, always solving problems the easy way (i.e. war). Got about 200 years in and roughly 75% of the way to my goal of forming a pan-Scandinavian empire led by Sweden before Russia swept in and annihilated me (and I had no friends left to help). Learn to trade & alliance imo.

Also: don’t try to anticipate the Reformation by forcibly converting your population to Protestantism 100 years early.
17 days ago
2018 Fields Medal and Nevanlinna Prize Winners | Quanta Magazine
Pretty pleased nowhere would take my bet on this since Scholze was the only one I called and everyone knew he was going to get it.
Interesting that Quanta has the profiles written in advance; I guess the Fields medal is a big publicity operation now.
17 days ago
Teens Debate Big Issues on Instagram Flop Accounts - The Atlantic
But one type of flop has been outpacing the rest in recent months: politically themed flops. More politics flop accounts are cropping up, and broad-based flop accounts have begun featuring politics and social-justice flops, teens say. They also say they’re turning to flop accounts for real news and debate about issues that matter to them.
This is it, this is the end. I’ve been left behind. I can feel the reaper’s grip.
internet  politics 
20 days ago
London Review of Books
”What is it that makes men attractive to women?’ he asked at one point, apropos of nothing, leaving the question to hang for several seconds as the low rumble of the O2’s air conditioning heightened the suspense. At a rough estimate, there were at least five thousand people in the room who would be pretty eager to know.
lol, nice
lrb  alt-libs  jordan-peterson 
22 days ago
Waiting for Sargon | Review 31
If there’s a British version of the stab-in-the-back myth, it goes something like this: we lost our Empire, to which we were entitled by racial superiority and the exercise of reason, markets and steamships; and then we were forced (by modernity, by collectivist politics, by decline and dependency, by cosmopolitan intellectuals) to accept immigration and to live on equal terms, in our own homeland, with the people over whom we’d enjoyed rightful dominion. To this we can add the European Union as a final insult to that nebulous ‘sovereignty’ that we invoke when we can’t allow ourselves to articulate quite what it is we feel we’ve lost, which is of course whiteness, and masculinity, and a sense of knowing everything it’s necessary to know.
politics  media 
22 days ago
The Next Bison: Social Computing and Culture | Research and teaching about social computing, by Amy Bruckman
esting the limits of that, today the founder of the subreddit KotakuInAction (KiA), david-me, decided he had had enough. He didn’t like what the group had become, so he removed powers from all the other moderators and took the group “private” (blocking access to new members). He deleted the code that customized the group. He did this unilaterally.

> he didn't like what the group had become
> what the group had become
> become
22 days ago
Jason Spencer, Georgia Lawmaker Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen, to Resign - The New York Times
Mr. Spencer was seen on camera dropping his pants, mocking a stereotypical Asian accent and seemingly not requiring much coaxing to yell the racial epithet
How can you be this dumb and still make it into government?
politics  lol 
24 days ago
Fear and loathing at OZY Fest
[Ozy Fest] rolled into New York City's Central Park this weekend, bringing with it thousands of attendees who had all voluntarily decided that the best way to spend their time and money was by going to something described favorably as "TED meets Coachella."

lol  politics 
25 days ago
Literally a Communist
Good stuff. That footage of Morgan shouting over Sarkar to address an imaginary opponent, so confident in his own correctness (and unbearably chauvanist) made me more angry that I have been at TV since the last time I watched Piers Morgan on anything. This is a good summary of all the things I wanted to say about him. And yet it's disatisfying, because Morgan's collossal self-regard means that this well-deserved tearing-down would just bounce off him (in the unlikely event he actuallly read it). Besides his love of fame, this might be the way Morgan is most like Trump, his immunity to criticism on acount of his self-belief. Like Trump he's fundamentally un-ownable, and that's annoying as hell.
twats  media  eruditorium-press 
26 days ago
Fjord escort: a road trip to northern Norway
For the most part being too pioorly-sighted to pass a driving test hasn't been as much of a burden as one might expect; I like my bike, I dislike travelling by car in general, I hate cars in cities. But it does mean taking trips like this is out of the question and that makes me sad.
via:engles  travel 
26 days ago
The “Intellectual Dark Web” Is Nothing New | LARB
I made the mistake of reading the comments of this and man, what is it with Harris/Petereson/Shapiro fans and rushing to the comments section of any critical article to write a long essay about how the author clearly has an ideological axe to grind, is conflating free speech with conservatism, &c.
That argument might hold more water in this case if the author of the piece didn't literally write for Charlie Hebdo, that well-known anti-speech organ:
alt-libs  larb 
26 days ago
The Lioness and the Cheese Grater: History’s Most Mysterious Sex Position | The Cut
In a follow-up email, having checked in with a colleague who also focuses on sex and gender in ancient Greece, he tells me that “basically everyone agrees it is a position with a woman on top” these days, but the specific details remain murky. “I still hold by what I wrote: woman on top, with extra back-and-forth motion,” he affirms. “Even if not everyone agrees with me, at least they don’t think I am out in left field!”

Sign me up for the larger-than-expected "hermeneutics of horny classical plays" community.
sexuality  history 
4 weeks ago
Google blasts Brussels after record €4.3bn Android fine | Financial Times
The European Commission's successes in regulating the tech industry might be the best argument for staying in the EU tbh.
tech  law 
4 weeks ago
R.I.P., Liberal Contrarianism : Democracy Journal
It's too late for me to get any sense out of this.
politics  liberalism 
5 weeks ago
Discovery Institute Branches Out Into Comedy
Interesting how easy it is to give pseudoscience the veneer of respectability. Not enough to fool anybody in the know of course, but it’s easy to imagine, e.g., the Daily Mail being unable to distinguish this from a genuine research institute.
academia  pseudoscience 
5 weeks ago
We aren’t going back to the days before Roe. It’s going to be much worse than that.
A bit apocalyptic perhaps, but they’re probably not wrong about the tech sector abetting this kind of stuff.
5 weeks ago
'I was shocked it was so easy': ​meet the professor who says facial recognition ​​can tell if you're gay | Technology | The Guardian
Kosinski styles himself as a taboo-busting thinker, someone who is prepared to delve into difficult territory concerning artificial intelligence and surveillance that other academics won’t. “I can be upset about us losing privacy,” he says. “But it won’t change the fact that we already lost our privacy, and there’s no going back without destroying this civilisation.”


“Progress always makes people uncomfortable,” Kosinski adds. “Always has. Probably, when the first monkeys stopped hanging from the trees and started walking on the savannah, the monkeys in the trees were like, ‘This is outrageous! It makes us uncomfortable.’ It’s the same with any new technology.”

Christ these children are going to get us all killed.
tech  ai 
5 weeks ago
The Press v. Raheem Sterling « LRB blog
More evidence national press are utter shitheads, can’t wait until they fall. If I were the BBC I’d rebrand their news website as a newspaper, maybe launch a print edition for a while to lend legitimacy. It’s got to be better than this shit.
media  football 
5 weeks ago
Letter to the ISBA Membership Regarding Misconduct Allegations | International Society for Bayesian Analysis
Good result, though it might have been better to spell out the kind of behaviour that got them expelled (for the purposes of instruction & warning, not their defense).
maths  statistics  feminism  academia 
6 weeks ago
Silicon Valley’s Giants Take Their Talent Hunt to Cambridge - The New York Times
1. When I started my current job I signed up to a bunch of mailing lists associated with the university's maths department. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the messages are recruitment ads from tech & finance. What was surprising was how brazen these people were in their appeals to the students' egos, e.g. "every year we recruit only a few of the very best and brightest Oxbridge graduates". Ugh.
2. Renting in Cambridge does cost a lot, buying costs a fortune. Long-term residents are indeed being pushed out, very few people who grew up here are able to buy a home. People forget that non-university people live here.
3. Aside from that, the flood of tech money has had thankfully little social effect. A few wanker eateries and bars have popped up but decent pubs still dominate.
tech  cambridge 
6 weeks ago
Longest Straight Line Paths on Water or Land on the Earth
Not sure how I feel about "whimsical research derived from forum posts" in general. This is pretty cool though.
maths  internet 
6 weeks ago
My encounter with the self-righteous cry-bullies of Cambridge | The Spectator

...Yet here you are, the week you arrive, being forced to attend classes in which blushing second-year students are required to tell you why it’s not a good idea to rape people?’

This point seemed so crushingly obvious I was sure it would win me thunderous applause. Not at the Labour Club, the Vegan Society or the Zero Carbon Society, maybe. But this was CUCA, the last outpost of soundness in a Cromwellian university town otherwise swamped with political correctness. So I waited, briefly, for the roars of hearty, wine-fuelled, undergraduate approval.

But the roars never came. Instead — surely this had to be my imagination? — there was an awkward silence, followed by some shuffling as two or three people exited the room. I thought: ‘Hmm. Bit rude. Maybe they’re desperate for a pee.’ So I ploughed gamely on with an analogy I had prepared earlier.

It concerned Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris...

..The CUCA committee members, the president especially — poor chap, he’d invited me as his star turn — seemed to want nothing to do with me.

James Delingpole, a man so cool, so untriggered, he writes a column in a national magazine about how a bunch of students didn't laugh at his rape jokes.
twats  lmao 
6 weeks ago
Elif Batuman · Diary: Pamuk’s Museum · LRB 7 June 2012
What a joy. I'vve just finished Batuman's (wonderful) first novel and here she is in the LRB archives discussing reading Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence in Istanbul and seeing the museum itself, in 2012, mere months before I did the very same thing.
6 weeks ago
Baudrillard’s vinyl: inside the politics of millennial nostalgia | Prospect Magazine
We are the only generation in human history that will have truly experienced this transition. We are digital natives, we use the internet instinctively, regard it not as running concurrently with real life or in conflict with it, but as real life itself. And yet there is a time of tangibility that we are able to recall, a time of paper photographs and vinyl records, of handwritten notes and VHS. We are nostalgic for it.

I feel this acutely. Coming from a family of late adopters (my parents caved to my whining and bought a second hand PC running windows 98 in 2002; my father never learned to use it and is only now getting the hang of checking the weather forecast on his amazon tablet) my whole life feels rent in two by the arrival in rural England of the mainstream internet happening to coincide with my own passage from childhood to adolescence at around the turn of the millennium. Nothing would be the same again for me; you grow up, that's life. But nor would my kids' childhoods look like mine, nor anybody else's, ever again.
nostalgia  society 
6 weeks ago
The Third Runway « LRB blog
There's an interesting bit in Chris Mullin's diaries, during his stint as a minor environment minister, when he says that if we are to take the environment seriously then the British public are going to have to give up their cheap flights to the Canary Islands.

This struck me as a bit snobbish and elitist, until I discovered later in the boo that the Mullin family really do spend all their holiday time in various boring bits of the UK [another way in which Mullin resembles J. Corbyn, except Corbyn family holidays are probably just doorstepping in rural wards or something). Still, the outcome is the same; I too think cheap flights should be banned, but there's no question that the result is that only the rich will have the luxury of foreign travel. This blows imo.
environment  politics 
6 weeks ago
Arithmetic on Curves | Barry Mazur | Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Excellent introduction to arithmetic geometry.

See reference to the fairy Melusine on 5th page (p211). Also present in Possession. Read up?
7 weeks ago
Barbara Ehrenreich's Radical Critique of Wellness Culture | The New Republic
Once associated with play, exercise is now closer to a form of labor: measured, timed, and financially incentivized by employers and insurers. Like any kind of alienated labor, it assumes and intensifies the division between mind and body—indeed, it involves a kind of violence by the mind against the body.

Feed this into running post.
Like workout culture, wellness is a form of conspicuous consumption. It is only the wealthy who have the resources to maintain the illusion of an integral and bounded self, capable of responsible self-care and thus worthy of social status. The same logic says that those who smoke (read: poor), or don’t eat right (poor again), or don’t exercise enough (also poor) have personally failed and somehow deserve their health problems and low life expectancy.

Good stuff.
health  body 
7 weeks ago
Milo Yiannopoulos Encourages Vigilantes to Gun ‘Journalists Down’ | Observer
This past weekend, the nationalist bragged on Facebook and Instagram that he’d sent $14.88 to The New Yorker‘s former fact checker Talia Lavin. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “The number 1488 is a combination of digits popularly used by white supremacists and neo-Nazis—14 to represent the infamous “14 Words” (a mantra about securing “a future for white children”) and 88 to represent “Heil Hitler.”

Lavin is Jewish.

twats  alt-right 
7 weeks ago
‘Get shredded in six weeks!’ The problem with extreme male body transformations | Life and style | The Guardian
Whereas the vest-wearing action stars of the 80s needed physical strength to hoik themselves into lift shafts and avert terrorism, today’s uber-tonk males wear their six-packs like beautiful, pointless feathers: this is a cosmetic muscularity, rather than a functional one.
health  masculinity 
7 weeks ago
If I Can’t Have Me, No One Can (Kathleen Rebecca Forth — Born April 11, 1980)
This is very sad and, I’m embarrassed to say, occasionally unintentionally hilarious.
It’s now four months later, and I’m thoroughly burnt out on being stonewalled. I created an infographic with 25 examples of the stonewalling I’ve been encountering this whole time. I’ve lost a lot of the rationality I started with.
Talk of infographics in a suicide note is pure bathos. This person is a rationalist dweeb, but the earnest kind, and I’m right back to sadness & pity again.

See also:
rationalists  effective-altruism 
8 weeks ago
Opinion | A Jury May Have Sentenced a Man to Death Because He’s Gay. And the Justices Don’t Care. - The New York Times
Another said that jurors knew he was gay and “thought that he shouldn’t be able to spend his life with men in prison.” A third recounted hearing that if the jury did not sentence Mr. Rhines to death, “if he’s gay, we’d be sending him where he wants to go.”
politics  justice 
8 weeks ago
Philosophy is dead | Review: Changing the Subject by Raymond Geuss
lmao, this might as well be called “a history of philosophy except the bits Stephen Pinker likes”
books  philosophy 
8 weeks ago
Stop Trying to Sell the Humanities - The Chronicle of Higher Education
I've encountered a little of this with (certain kinds of) pure mathematicians as well: the certainty that what they're doing is valuable for society because it requires a high degree of education.
It's not that I think the state shouldn't fund people who want to spend their lives in contemplation; it's just that it's hard to argue that they should be funded while people who want to make art (or some other not-strictly-beneficent occupation) for the most part aren't.
humanities  academia 
8 weeks ago
Why we fell for clean eating | Life and style | The Guardian
To be honest I think the only way to improve average health for all is to encourage quite dull “everything in moderation” diets, and I can’t see the majority of people finding the willpower to do that long-term without quite strong interventionist legislation restricting unhealthy foods from being sold in supermarkets.
8 weeks ago
Arron Banks says Brexit is exhausting and may leave politics
Banks, who is married to a Russian woman, has Russian passports for his children and bought his wife the car numberplate X MI5 SPY, mocked suggestions he was part of a Russian plot to cause Brexit.

Banks, who said he would be taking a long break over the summer, concluded: “This Brexit stuff is all getting very tedious.”

utter fucker
twats  politics 
9 weeks ago
the idea that continental philosophy is untrue but enjoyable to read, and analytical philosophy is probably true but boring to read, is exactly the wrong way round
9 weeks ago
Andrew O’Hagan · The Tower · LRB 7 June 2018
Pretty relieved to find out the long piece in the new LRB about Grenfell that everybody's tweeting about was written by Andrew O'Hagan, author of the disastrous Craig Wright/"""Satoshi"""" piece. Now I don't have to feel guilty about not reading it.
politics  lrb 
11 weeks ago
Feynman at 100 | Not Even Wrong
I avidly read the Feynman anecdote books when they came out and was suitably entertained, but I also found them a bit disturbing. Too many of the anecdotes seemed to revolve around Feynman showing how much smarter he was than someone else.

I think people get unusually defensive about Feynmann because, for most of us who were young and smart and uncool, he's the living embodiedment of a cool scientist whose brain is what makes him cool and who does what he wants (and we want) and is appropriately rewarded for it. Witness Scott Aaronson in this post:
At the risk of stating the obvious: if you write, for example, that Richard Feynman was a self-aggrandizing chauvinist showboater, then even if your remarks have a nonzero inner product with the truth, you don’t thereby “transcend” Feynman and stand above him, in the same way that set theory transcends and stands above arithmetic by constructing a model for it. Feynman’s achievements don’t thereby become your achievements.

I don't know, I don't think I'm that insecure that all criticism comes from a desire to be above, to put the nerds back in their place? But that might be the natural reading of criticism if the person being criticised raised the nerds up in the first place.

ps S.A. is also wrong about Russell & Ray Monk: Ray does have a sense of humour, he's a Patrick Troughton fan.
science  feynmann  peter-woit 
11 weeks ago
List of non-professional marathon runners - Wikipedia
List of famous people to try to be better than. Aiming at the Belle & Sebastian guy.
11 weeks ago
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