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You-niversity? – Making Knowledge Public – Medium
Carina Albrecht and Alice Fleerackers' survey results, on the university-public relation
2 days ago by tkbr
What’s the Matter with Fiction Sales?
PW analysis of downward trends in fiction sales over the past five years. Various theories floated.
802  sales  fiction 
25 days ago by tkbr
New Record: More than 1 Million Books Self-Published in 2017
Note that these numbers are based on ISBNs issued. Amazon does not require an ISBN...
802  self-publishing 
7 weeks ago by tkbr
Trump-bullied Canada to increase copyright terms 20 years if trade deal passes
Read past the sensationalistic headline... our copyright term may about to be extended by 20 yrs.
802  copyright 
9 weeks ago by tkbr
Volume 23, Number 10 - 1 October 2018
Guest-edited issue of First Monday on screen vs print reading
9 weeks ago by tkbr
OMDC Book Industry Profile
2017 profile of Canadian publishing by the Ontario Media Development Corp
802  Canadian 
11 weeks ago by tkbr
Most Read Fiction | Amazon Charts
September 2018 snapshot of the actual activity on
802  reading  amazon 
11 weeks ago by tkbr
INDU - Statutory Review of the Copyright Act
Collection of briefs and witnesses in the current round of consultation on Canadian copyright reform. A treasure trove of statements from various stakeholders
802  copyright 
12 weeks ago by tkbr
MT:Omnivore - Why Walmart, Why Kobo; Summer Reading; Delicious Links
Kobo's Michael Tamblyn on their new ebook partnership with Walmart
802  ebooks  kobo 
september 2018 by tkbr
Who controls your data?
engadget article on how your personal data gets stored, and how mysterious it is how it gets used.
september 2018 by tkbr
Internet Trends Report 2018
Mary Meeker's annual incredibly high-level trends data.
802  meeker 
may 2018 by tkbr
An email marketing case study (for books) — Lounge Marketing
How to do email direct marketing -- from Sam Missingham
802  promotion  email  marketing 
march 2018 by tkbr
YouTube Channels, Uploads, and Views: A Statistical Analysis of the Past 10 Years
Interesting analysis of how the long tail plays out on YouTube
802  youtube  long  tail 
march 2018 by tkbr
Editoria — Building a Book in a Browser – Paged Media
UCalifornia Press' Erich van Rijn on browser-based editing and production
802  production 
february 2018 by tkbr
Apple and Walmart Inject New Life Into Sleepy E-Book Market
Interesting report on Kobo's new Walmart deal and the role that might be played by Shelfie, the e-book bundling service (a Vancouver startup) that Kobo acquired.
802  kobo  ebooks 
january 2018 by tkbr
Re: Thoughts on the future of EPUB 3 from Jiminy Panoz on 2018-01-19 ( from January 2018)
Some speculation and details on the extent to which Amazon works around the EPUB spec.
802  ebooks  production 
january 2018 by tkbr
Leftover Thoughts From 2017 – Baldur Bjarnason's Notes
> They benefit from the fact that modern software companies don’t actually have an incentive to make a better product. They have an incentive to create more invasive, trackeable products and until that changes, analogue products will have an ongoing competitive advantage.
january 2018 by tkbr
Announcing the Authors Alliance Guide to Fair Use for Nonfiction Authors | Authors Alliance
Yet another collective guide to fair use; this time from the Authors Alliance.
802  copyright 
december 2017 by tkbr
How Can We Make Scholarship More Relevant? | University of Venus
About the Triangle SCI (SCholarly Communications Institute) meetings that Hannah recently went to.
802  scholarly 
november 2017 by tkbr
Peer review: the end of an error?
On the use and usefulness of peer review
802  scholarly 
november 2017 by tkbr
Something is wrong on the internet – James Bridle – Medium
On "infrastructural abuse" stemming from algorithmically driven scale online. And the kids that watch.
802  models  children  algorithms 
november 2017 by tkbr
It's The End Of CanCon As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
The CanadaLand Podcast takes on Minister Joly's cultural policy announcement, with guest Michael Geist.
802  policy 
october 2017 by tkbr
Why Canada’s New Cultural Policy Will Be Terrible for the Arts · The Walrus
Via Sarah... This is about the brand new announcement re arts and culture policy from Minister Joly
802  policy 
october 2017 by tkbr
“This book is an action”: Notes on Creating a Feminist Small Press – Hook & Eye
Part of a 2-(or more) part blog series on the establishment of Toronto's Gap Riot Press.
802  models 
september 2017 by tkbr
We Need Your Help | Room Magazine
Room magazine subscription drive, with some magazine economics exposed.
802  magazines 
september 2017 by tkbr
W3C Publishes Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) as a W3C Recommendation
Web standards body recommends DRM layer as part of web specifications
802  DRM 
september 2017 by tkbr
Current Affairs | Culture & Politics
Disturbingly necessary rebuttal to the "pro-colonial" article published in Third World Quarterly... Which also raises all sorts of questions about peer review, impact, and scholarly publishing
802  scholarly 
september 2017 by tkbr
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