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Want Less-Biased Decisions? Use Algorithms.
A not-so-hidden secret behind the algorithms mentioned above is that they actually are biased. But the humans they are replacing are significantly more biased. After all, where do institutional biases come from if not the humans who have traditionally been in charge?
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july 2018 by timcowlishaw
The Long History of Computer Science and Psychology Comes Into View
"For more than 50 years, this has been the domain of computer scientists who have approached the brain as a “human processor,” just another a machine to be tinkered with. The work has taken place almost entirely in the domain of computer science, with little input from clinical psychologists, ethicists, or other academic fields interested in the messy details of human social life."
hci  psychology  cambridgeanalytica  profiling  advertising  politics  computerscience 
march 2018 by timcowlishaw
The impossibility of intelligence explosion – François Chollet – Medium
The basic premise of intelligence explosion — that a “seed AI” will arise, with greater-than-human problem solving ability, leading to a sudden, recursive, runaway intelligence improvement loop — is false. Our problem-solving abilities (in particular, our ability to design AI) are already constantly improving, because these abilities do not reside primarily in our biological brains, but in our external, collective tools. The recursive loop has been in action for a long time, and the rise of “better brains” will not qualitatively affect it — no more than any previous intelligence-enhancing technology. Our brains themselves were never a significant bottleneck in the AI-design process.
intelligence  ai  systems  complexity  society  culture  signularity  cognitive  ability  politics  reallygood 
january 2018 by timcowlishaw
True Crime — Real Life
In his 2012 book A Wilderness of Error, documentary filmmaker Errol Morris objects to Malcolm’s position: “It comes down to an issue of truth … And yes, there is such a thing. There is a fact of the matter of whether you killed your family or you didn’t. It’s not just somehow thinking makes it so.” This is taken from a transcript of an interview between Morris and MacDonald. Morris has taken MacDonald’s side: The book argues that MacDonald is, if not innocent, at least not guilty. “There’s a difference,” Morris says, meaning that guilty, in the eyes of the law, means “beyond a reasonable doubt.” If there’s reasonable doubt, then you’re not guilty even if you actually did it. Real life is not like fiction, he writes, not like The Count of Monte Cristo, where “all the pieces can be engineered to fit perfectly together.” “Reality is different. We have to discover what is out there — what is real and what is merely a product of our imagination.”
news  culture  journalism  politics  criticism  media  society  life  fakenews  truthiness  psi 
january 2018 by timcowlishaw
Facebook and Google, Show Us Your Ad Data - Bloomberg
"And just as my friends and I used to socialize at the mall when we were teenagers, nowadays we socialize online in commercial spaces like Facebook and Twitter."
parp  psi  algorithms  machinelearning  fatml  transparency  politics  technology  society 
september 2017 by timcowlishaw
The Pool - Health - Don’t bother with the self-improvement obsession – it won’t make you happy
“This idea that success is defined by doing and having exactly what you want, when you want it...” he muses. “It is shockingly close to antisocial personality disorder … I am worried that we’re encouraged by this ideology to pursue our goals without examining their value, realism or impact on others.”
bullshit  selfhelp  selfimprovement  politics  technology  culture  psi 
september 2017 by timcowlishaw
Silicon Valley to Liberal Arts Majors: We Want You | Boston Review
Both The Fuzzy and the Techie and What Algorithms Want explore the broader question of work in a digital world. It is an old argument, whether technology will replace human labor or complement it, but it has been given new life by the recent dramatic developments in artificial intelligence.

In one of the better chapters in The Fuzzy and the Techie, Hartley argues that liberal arts are in general a complement to technology, not a substitute. The more tech we have, the more work there is those trained in the humanities. Hartley shows that the demand for many STEM careers is actually falling in the United States: the big growth is in areas such as health care and personal care, which are heavily social and full of non-routine, difficult-to-specify tasks—in other words, fields that are not well-suited for algorithmic solutions.

Finn is more worried that much work falls into what he calls an “implementation gap”: doing what machines cannot yet do but will do sooner or later. Sometimes the boundary between the two perspectives seems to vanish: Facebook and YouTube moderators and Uber drivers owe their jobs to technology platforms, even as they train their digital replacements by their own efforts.

There is no doubt that humans will become increasingly dependent on machines. Even when it comes to creative work, Finn describes how Netflix’s algorithms and detailed metrics frame the creative efforts of auteurs. But as they look to the future, Finn and Hartley part company on the nature of that dependence. Hartley sees technological innovation as an opportunity for the sciences and humanities to join together in harmony. Finn hopes for a more tension-filled relationship, in which “the role of the curator, the editor, and the critic is more important than ever.” I am with Finn, but then, I would be.
algorithms  culture  humanities  bias  tomslee  siliconvalley  politics  technology  education 
june 2017 by timcowlishaw
Apple's kangaroo cookie robot
The browser has to be part of the answer. If the browser does its job, as Safari is doing, it can play a vital role in re-connecting users with legit advertising—just as users have come to trust legit email newsletters now that they have effective spam filters.

Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention is not the final answer any more than Paul Graham’s “A plan for spam” was the final spam filter. Adtech will evade protection tools just as spammers did, and protection will have to keep getting better. But at least now we can finally say debate over, game on.
tracking  advertising  internet  politics  usability  privacy  machinelearning  society  psi  parp 
june 2017 by timcowlishaw
Here’s an opportunity to make progress on misinformation: track the indicators.
So I’ll propose that we’ll need to work together to effectively identify the best indicators to track, because the problem of misinformation is different across communities, countries, and cultures.
misinformation  trust  fakenews  parp  psi  truthiness  posttruth  measurement  metrics  indicators  politics  journalism  society 
june 2017 by timcowlishaw
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