I believe love is simple; lovers are not.
august 2012
Beck's Odelay
If we do somehow end up having sex again, I think we should to it to Beck’s Odelay.
august 2012
How To Say It When You Mean It - Memlu - How to Train Your Dragon (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Toothless paused, a small shark halfway down his throat. He blinked twice, that third lizard lid sliding over his pupils, then he swallowed. Toothless pulled his head back and hurked low in his throat, which rounded and squeezed. Lowering his head, he vomited half a shark onto Hiccup's boot. He blinked expectantly at Hiccup.

"What," said Hiccup, "what did I just say about throwing up? Thank you for that advice. That will definitely convince her to marry me."
f:howtotrainyourdragon  a:memlu  p:astrid/hiccup 
july 2012
In the Calm [miryai]
"I do not fear death," he says, and she turns around to face him. She's silent for a moment, then leans forward and grips the back of the chair.

"I do," she says quietly. "But I fear failure even more."
f:masseffect  a:miryai  p:garrus/shepard 
june 2012
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters [bethfury]
She hadn’t slept since Shepard had gone missing and the universe didn’t snap back into the orderly pattern that Kasumi had grown to love.

Job. Theft. Profit. Dancing. Repeat.

Even when the pattern had shifted slightly, she had still waited for its familiarity to take over.

Job. Theft. Profit. Shepard. Absolution. Repeat.
f:masseffect  a:bethfury  gen:kasumi 
june 2012
boundary conditions [fayhe]
It was Neal who showed him the problem with trying to solve his wife like an equation, and it's likely that the same approach isn't going to get him anywhere now. Because he's starting to feel this as a certainty, the same way he felt the rightness of the idea when he finally knew what to do for his wedding anniversary. He trusts that feeling. Other agents might call it a gut instinct, but for Peter it's always been in his chest, perhaps somewhere in the bone, near the source of his heartbeat.
f:whitecollar  a:fahye  p:elizabeth/peter/neal 
may 2012
Both a Little Broken [tarysande]
As her path brought her near the cockpit, she overheard EDI and Joker in conversation. When EDI asked if he didn’t want to leave the helm for a while to join the others, he didn’t shoot back a witty one-liner. Shepard was taken aback by the seriousness of his tone as he replied, “I’d rather stay here, actually. I feel better with the controls in my hands. I know who I am when I’m sitting in this chair.”

Perhaps she wasn’t the only one aboard who couldn’t be entirely happy.
f:masseffect  a:tarysande  p:garrus/shepard 
may 2012
Slips and Tangles - Verbyna - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Spencer doesn’t feel safe anymore. Ryan once told him that he’ll know he’s an adult when he stops feeling safe.
f:panic.v2  a:verbyna  p:brendon/spencer  c:makesmeweep  pov:spencer 
january 2012
Apple Shampoo - feverbeats - Bandom RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ryan realizes that every kiss with Pete would be interrupted by Patrick. Still, he decides not to mention anything to Spencer.


When Ryan is finally home at Spencer's for Christmas break he can't wait to get back to school. It's kind of a very awful shock when he realizes that he's not happy in either place. Until he realized this, he always had either home or college to look forward to. Now all he has are in-between spaces, bus rides and plane rides to concerts, and the parts where he's asleep. It's maybe not a great way to live.
f:panic  a:feverbeats  p:ryan/spencer  c:aus  pov:ryan 
january 2012
There's A Light On In Chicago - seimaisin - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Ryan cuffed Pete lightly on the back of his neck as he walked away. “Send me a text when you’re leaving.”

“I’ll text you all the way up there, I promise.”

“Please don’t text while you drive. I don’t feel like identifying your body in a wreck of twisted metal.”

And that, Pete thought when his office was empty, constituted an affectionate goodbye in their world.
f:fob  a:seimaisin  p:patrick/pete  c:aus  pov:pete 
january 2012
It’s How You Land - BlackEyedGirl - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
It is true, Parker guesses, that on their jobs they turn out to need all sorts of unexpected things. But she doesn’t think that’s what this is about. Hardison likes building homes.
f:leverage  a:blackeyedgirl  p:alec/eliot/parker 
december 2011
the cat-burgler job
Eliot wasn't quite sure when seeing Nathan Ford had become the signal for *thank god, someone to take over this clusterfuck*, but even half-blind and still weepy, he was relieved.
f:leverage  p:alec/eliot/parker  a:betty 
december 2011
five misconceptions rodney has/had about john [out_there]
The guy who flies the team and charms the natives is supposed to be friendly and reliable. He's supposed to like football games and know how to shoot and when to run for your life.

He's not supposed to use the gate to kill dozens of people at a time.
f:sga  a:out_there  p:john/rodney 
july 2011
Under Borrowed Colours [melusina]
Will had Jack pressed over the desk in the Dutchman's great cabin when he whispered in his ear, "Do you love her?"

Jack considered his options and said nothing.

Will seemed to find the answer he was looking for in the silence. Rocking his hips, he pushed Jack against the desk, then nipped his ear viciously. "Good."

Afterwards, when the lantern guttered out and the moon slid behind the clouds, Jack asked, "How can you love a woman you haven't seen in seven years?"

"How could you spend ten years of your life chasing a ship?"
f:potc  a:melusina  p:elizabeth/jack/will 
june 2011
Continuity [lavvyan]
What sort of idiot, Sherlock wonders, can so utterly fail to notice that he's losing something vital before it has left him? It's not unlike failing to notice that one is bleeding out before one's heart is already stuttering to a stop.

In fact, Sherlock muses, four nicotine patches on his arm as he stares at the ceiling, it might be exactly the same thing.
f:sherlock  a:lavvyan  p:john/sherlock  c:makesmeweep 
june 2011
No, and here's a dozen reasons why - china_shop - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
"You watch our back, we'll watch yours," said Jones. "Between us, we can keep all of our feet on the ground."

Peter nodded, hiding his misgivings. He already liked Neal more than was safe or wise; he wouldn't have even considered the deal if he didn't. And having his feet on the ground wasn't going to do him any good at all if the ground he was on was actually quicksand.
f:whitecollar  a:china_shop  p:elizabeth/peter/neal  c:ot3 
may 2011
never knew me a better time [candle_beck]
Sheppard was designed to be liked, McKay sometimes thinks. Just fewer than three hundred people live in their city, and John Sheppard is the favorite of a good quarter of them, easy. Something about his tendency to lean, probably, and the hair and the smirk and his half-lidded almost-green eyes, all the usual suspects. Self-destructive tendencies disguised as bravery. Doubt buried in nonchalance. Charm on Sheppard's surface like oil glossing a mirror, near smiles and narrow hands, watchful eyes. Most of it is a put-on, McKay figures. If Sheppard's a mirror, he only ever shows what other people are expecting to see.
f:sga  a:candle-beck  p:john/rodney  c:bestof 
may 2011
Riddle of the Self [Opalgirl]
At least one night out of the ship’s week, she wakes up gasping for breath.
f:masseffect  a:opalgirl  p:garrus/shepard  p:kaiden/shepard 
may 2011
How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Doctor Rodney McKay [lamardeuse]
That led to the revelation that he’d come to rely on Sheppard to provide the plans and schemes when – due to either fatigue or excessive panic – his own brain failed to produce them. In a broader sense, he’d come to rely on Sheppard, period. When he needed someone to get him back on track, when he needed someone to remind him not to take everything so goddamned seriously, or when he simply needed an evening of mindless entertainment and popcorn, it seemed that Sheppard was always there. The thought was both comforting and unsettling; he wasn’t used to having that kind of support from another human being. And getting used to it might be dangerous, not only because Rodney did not have the world’s greatest track record when it came to interpersonal relationships, but because Sheppard had an alarming habit of trying to sacrifice himself for the greater good, and what the hell would Rodney do then?
f:sga  a:lamardeuse  p:john/rodney 
april 2011
The Seventh Rule [winterhill]
“Give me a leg up,” she says, and scrambles onto Spines’s back. She looks at the crowd, Vikings and dragons, leaderless, confused. “All right! There’s not enough boats.”

“Well done, narrator,” says Fishlegs, but it’s probably a reflex, so she doesn’t throw anything at him.

“There’s not enough boats,” says Astrid, “but there are enough *dragons*.”

The dragons look at the Vikings, and the Vikings look back at them. And then there’s a lot of fuss and bother and dragons choosing people, and people climbing onto dragons, and Astrid looks out at it all and thinks *they like us; they want to be with us; we just never let them*.
f:howtotrainyourdragon  a:winterhill 
april 2011
five days that were difficult and one that wasn't [Fahye]
"Hey, Hiccup!" Snotlout appeared in the doorway. "My dad says that water pipe thing you put on our roof is blocked again, and there's a crack, and - something. Are you busy?"

"Who, me? No, of course not, I was just cleaning my fingernails. Thinking about a nap. You know."

"Great! Thanks!" Snotlout, as impervious as ever to sarcasm, disappeared again.
f:howtotrainyourdragon  a:fahye 
april 2011
Exquisite [sam_storyteller]
"Will you stop pacing?" he snapped at Neal, who was trying to work out the layering process for the multicolor printing job on the Dutchman's Spanish Bond forgeries. "Sit down."

Neal sat immediately, hands on the table, fingers tapping, lips twitching. Peter stretched out a hand and rested it on Neal's arm. "Stop tapping."

It stopped like someone had muted the room. Neal was suddenly still. Not looking at Peter, not at all tense or frightened. Languid, even, just sitting very still. Peter was impressed with both of them, and not a little bit concerned. Either he had startled the other man into obedience or Neal was playing him, and it was almost impossible to tell which.
f:whitecollar  a:sam_storyteller  p:elizabeth/peter/neal  c:kink  c:bestof  c:ot3 
april 2011
Lead me to the Truth [Lavellington]
Sometimes, in the space between cases, John thought about astronauts: about floating, silent and weightless, in a vacuum. He wondered if the quiet made them feel safe or terrified.
f:sherlock  a:lavellington  p:john/sherlock 
april 2011
Contractual Obligations: A Love Story in Three Traffic Lights [shaenie - White Collar]
"Would you tell me?"

"Shit, Peter," Neal says.

"Exactly," Peter says. "We will lie to protect each other. We will all lie, and we will lie to each other if necessary. We have to trust each other to know when to lie, to know when to tell the truth, and to know that if you don't know what to do, you spill everything. Elizabeth will not tell me things, you will not tell Elizabeth things, I will probably not tell both of you things. We all have to know this will happen. Don't lie to us if you can help it, but we trust you to decide if it's necessary."
f:whitecollar  a:shaenie  c:bestof  c:ot3  p:elizabeth/peter/neal 
april 2011
Figure It Out [lightgetsin]
"He followed us home," she said, a bit wobbly. "Can we keep him?"

Peter huffed out a laugh, and cupped one hand over Neal's head. "Maybe," he said. "Probably not. But we can try, goddammit."
f:whitecollar  a:lightgetsin  p:elizabeth/peter/neal  c:ot3 
april 2011
Templars, Pie and Pretty Girls, a Dragon Age fanfic - FanFiction.Net
The leader drew himself into a precise military stance. "None of you will be so lovely in twenty years, from what I've heard."

"Ooo, ouch! Okay, I'll raise you to a 7, just for that comment alone."
march 2011
Firefly drabble [doqz]
"Because we don't make each other stronger, Mal." She wasn't angry or loud anymore, and that, as always, scared him most of all. She just sounded tired, infinitely exhausted, and a little sad. Resigned. "We just make each other bleed. It shouldn't be that easy."
f:firefly  gen:malcolm_reynolds  a:paradoqz 
march 2011
Dates of Vast Importance [mia6363]
“You made your position on relationships clear, Sherlock. I’m not going to---” He paused, frowning as he searched for the proper word. “I’m not going to bother you with something so… trivial.”

[not, actually, sad, despite the quote. though the quote is my favorite part for sure, because it wraps up in one line the whole reason I find Sherlock/John so unbelievable in so many ways.]
f:sherlock  a:mia6363  p:john/sherlock 
march 2011
The Chicago Homer
online greek/english for the iliad, odyssey, theogany, works and days, shield of herakles, and homeric hymns, all in one place. a+!! boo: not downloadable to ereaders.
february 2011
Just Like Schrödinger's Cat [lamardeuse]
Watching him sleeping peacefully now, Rodney was astonished to realize he could no longer imagine his life without Sheppard in it, and the knowledge frightened him, because Sheppard had a penchant for repeatedly putting himself in harm’s way. If Rodney was finally going to form an attachment to something other than his work, he’d have been better off picking a goldfish with a nasty habit of jumping out of its bowl.
f:sga  a:lamardeuse  p:john/rodney 
february 2011
The Cornish Horror: Or, How John Watson Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sherlock Holmes [finangler]
Sherlock’s tousled curls were lifting and falling with the breeze, occasionally brushing into his eyes, which only managed to look greyer when contrasted with his cold-drained paleness. He looked beautiful, in a way that made John’s breath catch painfully inside him. He had never known what it was to *want* something so intensely; and to have so many reasons why it would be *such* a bad idea.
f:sherlock  a:finangler  p:john/sherlock 
february 2011
The Best Things in Life are Free [smitty]
"What's your big, top secret dream? NFL football player? President of the United States?"

John just made an amused sound. "I just want to fly."

Something fluttered in Rodney's chest when John said that. It was so perfectly content that he felt that maybe he knew everything there was to know about John just in those five words.
f:sga  a:smitty  p:john/rodney  c:aus 
january 2011
Acceptable Loss [skybound2]
Shepard's not a stranger to losing people. People enter your life one day, and can be shipped out just as easily the next. She'd known that her whole life.
f:masseffect  a:skybound2  p:garrus/shepard 
january 2011
The Fiery Hound of Lo’r Mawra [skoosiepants]
Then the lab doors slid open and Taber’s *body* came walking in, a resigned, exasperated, tired look on his face. He folded his lanky form up into a chair, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“There are some days,” Taber-yet-Radek said in carefully precise words, “when I wish I was too stupid to have been approached for this expedition.”

Radek-yet-Taber nodded. “Dude, totally. Or smart enough to say *no*.”
f:sga  a:skoosiepants  p:john/rodney 
january 2011
The Gates of Horn and Ivory [damalur]
Shepard calls Miranda back and takes the shuttle out herself. She sleeps with the cargo and survey markers. Rather, she crawls in back with the survey markers and stares at the ceiling, wondering if the Council will allow her to operate in Citadel space, wondering if Tali or Samara or Zaeed will be the first to go. Wondering if Garrus won't buy new armor because he can't afford it.

After the battle, it's always like this—the letdown, the breathing period, the sudden vacuum of stress that leaves her floundering. Before, she's always been grateful for the respite. Twelve-hour days instead of fourteen or eighteen or twenty, time to break her armor down and clean the dust out of the joints? Paradise, at least until the restlessness sets in.
f:masseffect  a:damalur  p:garrus/shepard 
january 2011
The Still Point [Roses]
I don't think that she sends any of these reports to the Illusive Man. Not any more.

I think she writes them for herself.

And now, every time I see a mass effect relay looming out of the darkness in front of me, I get that same itch.
f:masseffect  a:roses  gen:joker 
january 2011
Waking Up (From the Dead) Is Hard to Do [Selkit]
“‘Are you real?’” Miranda echoes. She blinks, two dark lines creasing her pale, perfect forehead. “Of course you’re real, Commander. What kind of a question is that?”

“You’re the one who…rebuilt me,” Shepard states. The words feel odd in her mouth, sound just as strange to her ears. “So you must know how much of me is me and how much is machinery.”

Miranda folds her hands on her desk and arches one sculpted eyebrow, her serene composure back in place. “Many people have artificial enhancements these days, Shepard. It’s neither out of the ordinary nor something to be ashamed of. I can assure you that you’re just as much of a person now as you were before.”

“Before I died?” Shepard finishes, eyes narrowing. No sense beating around the bush.

“Yes.” Miranda’s tone is even, hands still calmly folded. “Before you died.”
f:masseffect  a:selkit  p:garrus/shepard 
january 2011
Once and Future Heroes [Selkit]
Even those who will one day achieve greatness have hopes, dreams, disappointments, and moments of normalcy along the way--at least, as normal as is possible for this bunch. A collection of glimpses at the lives of Shepard and her squadmates before they became galactic heroes.
f:masseffect  a:selkit 
january 2011
Carving Out A New Heart [Reddwarfer]
When she wakes, she gropes at her environmental suit, wondering why she feels so devastated when she discovers it pristine.

She knows what it says about the way she feels about this crew and makes her gut clench that she's never had these dreams when on the Flotilla.
f:masseffect  a:reddwarfer  gen:tali 
january 2011
Shadows on the Wall [AraSigyrn]
Sherlock sets the phone down and doesn't look at either of them. Lestrade swears and John puts a hand on the back of Sherlock's chair. He can guess (feel) the echoing, hollow pain already being ruthlessly suppressed and it terrifies him to watch as Sherlock's icy mask descends again.

It's terrifying because now John understands. Sherlock isn't a sociopath; John's met sociopaths before and they were nothing like Sherlock. This is something more horrifying and John understands suddenly why Mycroft is so worried for his brother. Sherlock isn't a sociopath but he's so clever, so passionate about his work that he's trying to make himself a sociopath through sheer force of will.
f:sherlock  a:arasigyrn  p:john/sherlock  c:psychic! 
january 2011
crooked crown [stereomer]
Mikey rolls his eyes. "Jesus Christ. You had to do this on tour?"

"Tour's gonna be over in a couple days," says Ray. "Just be glad you missed 99% of it. Speaking of, what the hell have you been doing this whole time?"

"Hanging out with the other bands. Kind of talking to another dude who might want to tour manage us next time. Normal stuff. *Not* acting like an 8th grader with a crush," Mikey looks at Frank, "or his 10th grader older sister." He looks at Ray.
f:mcr  a:stereomer  p:frank/gerard 
january 2011
battleofhydaspe: of confidence and hunger
They leave the Laundromat two and a half hours later and are welcomed by Mikey and Ray like some kind of life-saviors.

Gerard is unimpressed. He’s still thinking about having sex with Frank.
f:mcr  a:battleofhydaspe  p:frank/gerard 
january 2011
sga_flashfic: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Merry
"Hey, I have intellectual curiosity, but I got over my aquarium stage in third grade, when we started in on fractions." Rodney crossed his arms and blew out a breath of air. "I can't believe you think I don't have intellectual curiosity."

"Oh, I think you're just oozing with it."

"Of what possible use is my sense of adventure if I don't have intellectual curiosity?"

"None at all," Sheppard said, smiling. "Because in about ten seconds I'm going to shoot you in the head, and then you won't have either."

"Ah, Jumper One, Flight," Grodin's voice said cheerfully. "Clarification of last transmission: we are also receiving audio. Loud and clear."
january 2011
Something in the Water [toomuchplor]
“You know,” said Rodney, “the more I learn about the Ancients, the more I’m convinced that humanity is actually just a giant game of The Sims gone way overboard.”
f:sga  a:toomuchplor  p:john/rodney 
january 2011
War Bride [speranza]
Well, I was away, John thinks, overseas and alone, except he's maybe just figuring out something that Nicky Sharpton knew years ago, which is that things are clearer when you are away. You can get what you need without worrying about how to fit that into a larger world. There is no larger world at the end of the day, John knows this now. Just your own emptiness: your own fears and limitations.

John shrugs, unsure how to explain this all to Dave. "Rodney's my desert island guy," he says finally, because it's the simplest, truest thing he can say: if there's one person he gets to keep with him, he chooses McKay.
december 2010
The Bend of Her Hair [Dipenates]
If Jordan had had another friend like Harriet, she would have told her that Harriet minded just as much about MattandDanny as she did, but that she had convinced herself that it was ungracious to acknowledge that fact. She didn’t have another friend like Harriet, though, so she was just left with that thought, lumpen and undigested in the bottom of her stomach, like dough.

“They’re doing a great job.” She didn’t know, not really, where they were with pre-production, but she didn’t want to fight with Harriet. She loved Harriet. “Matt’s good for him.”

Harriet was an actor, a great one even, but she couldn’t conceal the burst of pleasure she felt at that, and Jordan wondered if anything passed her lips anymore that lined up, edges straight, with her real feelings, or whether she just slid her personality on in the morning with her Calvin Klein separates.
f:studio60  a:Dipenates  p:jordan/danny  c:yuletide2010 
december 2010
Four Time Alexis Was the Adult (and One Other) [etcetera_cat]
Alexis glanced sideways. Her father had armed himself with a roll of gift wrap, had a colander perched on his head, and was dancing around as if his shopping cart was a restive horse.

My Life Is Average had a lot to answer for.
f:castle  a:etcetera_cat  gen:alexis  c:yuletide2010 
december 2010
Counting Cards [Anonymous]
On top of that, it turned out playing war with yourself wasn't much fun, even if you cheated on both sides to make it harder.
f:mrsbasilefrankweiler  c:yuletide2010 
december 2010
Moonlight [clavicular]
He doesn’t hate Sloane. He couldn’t, they have too much in common.
f:ferrisbueller  a:clavicular  p:cameron/ferris  c:yuletide2010 
december 2010
Indelible [shaenie]
"Yes, precisely," Rodney agreed. He didn't actually roll his eyes this time, but John was fairly sure it was implied. "Which makes two of us doing whatever this is, the options being a) freaking out, b) avoidance, or c) coming to terms with recent events."

"I'm not freaking out," John insisted, even though he was a little, and had been for a while.

"No, of course not. Which is why you can't verbalize why you're actually here, aside from the obviously peripheral 'food and sleep' angle." Rodney gave him a long look that was equal parts tired and impatient. "Tell you what, Colonel. When you can tell me why you're doing any one of those three things in actual words, come back and bother me. In the meantime, do please feel free to get the hell out of my quarters."

And John left, because he wasn't a super-genius like Rodney, but he wasn't actually an idiot, either, and Rodney wasn't wrong.
f:sga  a:shaenie  p:john/rodney  c:bestof 
december 2010
Operation Jealousy [Lenore]
Pete pushes Patrick in the direction of the clinic. "Seriously? If the doctor doesn't fix you, I'm drowning you in the next motel bathtub."
f:fob  a:lenore  p:patrick/pete 
december 2010
Fantasy Book [cimorene]
One of the reasons Frank liked to cuddle Gerard the best was that he was always like a furnace, despite his insane desire to wear layers all the time (the other reasons were less socially acceptable and ranged from slightly dirty groping-related reasons to the fact that Gerard was pretty much the easiest to kick around if Frank was bored and looking for someone to irritate, so the body heat reason was the one Frank kept on top, like).
f:mcr  a:cimorene  p:frank/gerard  c:magicrealism  c:sexpollen 
december 2010
Of Disadvantages and Benefits [cobaltblue]
“It is strangely addicting,” he admitted at last, but he really wasn't sure that those feelings balanced out the effect that knowing John was undergoing life-saving surgery was having on both his brain and his body.

“And you do get addicted so easily,” said Mycroft, amusement audible in his voice.

The idea of comparing John to his drugs, or to the other things that Mycroft was no doubt alluding to – the rush of solving a crime, the satisfaction of going up against another intellect and proving yourself superior, even that unfortunate incident with the sugar cubes when he was a child – made Sherlock realise just how out-of-control this thing had become already. “Never to anything that comes close to this,” he said in a quiet voice.
f:sherlock  a:cobaltblue  p:john/sherlock 
december 2010
OK Computer [speranza]
The mess hall was filled with meaningless cliques of scientists and marines, doctors and support personnel, and there at his table was Sheppard, sitting comfortably with the resident aliens. Was that an accident? It had to mean something that, with all the perfect people in the expedition, the best and the brightest from every nation on Earth, Sheppard had picked a team of two aliens and him: a scientific asset to be sure, but hardly the most socially adept guy in the city. None of them were; in fact, they all ranked somewhere near the bottom: eccentric, off-putting, difficult to talk to. Rodney'd always assumed that Sheppard had chosen them despite their social weaknesses. But maybe he'd just surrounded himself with people he understood.
f:sga  a:speranza  p:john/rodney 
december 2010
Carte Blanche [ivyblossom]
“Did you ever get lonely?” John asks. “It sounds a bit lonely.”

Sherlock leans back against the sofa and looks up at the ceiling for a moment, as if the answer were pinned there, ready for just such a moment. He looks over at John. “A fish doesn’t know it’s in water, does it.”

“So they say.”

“Bit of a surprise when it finds out.” Sherlock goes back to his screen, his fingers flying across the keyboard.
f:sherlock  a:ivyblossom  p:john/sherlock 
december 2010
The Love Song of Sirius Black [kaydeefalls]
"How's Harry?" Sirius finally asks, awkwardly breaking the silence.

"He's doing fine," Remus says. He looks up from his tea. "He misses you a lot."

"Oh," Sirius says. Their eyes meet, and now Sirius can't look away. There's a sadness buried deep in Remus' eyes, a horrible familiar sadness, and it cuts into him.

Remus fumbles with his spoon. It clinks against the cup as he mindlessly stirs his tea and sugar. "I miss you, too. I've been missing you for fifteen years."
f:hp_mwpp  a:kaydee_falls  p:remus/sirius  c:aftermathoftheveil  c:makesmeweep 
november 2010
'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves [kaydeefalls]
Remus, now and then. [after the veil and before graduation. tragic plus wacky and amazing.]
f:hp_mwpp  a:kaydee_falls  p:remus/sirius  c:aftermathoftheveil  c:mwpp_atschool 
november 2010
Sidekicks [kaydeefalls]
The dormitory was quite peaceful until Sirius came in. Remus spared only a brief, mournful look at his book before attending to the more urgent matter at hand, being Sirius's entrance into the room. It was probably not a particularly urgent matter in the grander scheme of things, but Sirius was a devout attention whore -- nay, the *king* of all attention whores -- who brooked neither disobedience nor disinterest amongst his followers.
f:hp_mwpp  a:kaydee_falls  p:remus/sirius  c:mwpp_atschool  c:mwpp_wackiness_ensues 
november 2010
Logical Deduction [kaydeefalls]
Sirius *despises* weddings. They're stiff and proper and well-planned and involve parents and great-aunts and cousins' screaming children and lots of frills and white lace and flower arrangements, and in general are about as close to the absolute *antithesis* of sex as earthly possible. Since the whole purpose of a wedding, really, is to fully legalize sex, Sirius thinks they really ought to delve a bit closer to the heart of the matter. Possibly there could be wild orgies.
f:hp_mwpp  a:kaydee_falls  p:remus/sirius  c:mwpp_pre_oct1981  c:mwpp_wackiness_ensues 
november 2010
The centre cannot hold [kaydeefalls]
Tonight, back in London at last after weeks in Scotland, Remus practically throws himself into Sirius's flat and kisses him recklessly, brutally, pretending he doesn't know that every kiss just brings them closer to the last one.
f:hp_mwpp  a:kaydee_falls  p:remus/sirius  c:mwpp_pre_oct1981  c:makesmeweep 
november 2010
Dinosaur Comics - October 27th, 2010 - awesome fun times!
"So you REALLY chose paper and he chose rock and then you had sexy times?" "for the third time: YES." "REALLY?? it was that easy? because-- because stories like this make me worry I'm living my life wrong."
november 2010
New Days to Throw Your Chains Away [wordstrings]
[fifth -- fifth? in the series]

"Stop playing stupid."

"Stop acting a heartless prick, then."

"I can easily manufacture sentiment, but I frankly won't be arsed to do so simply for your amusement," Sherlock snaps.
f:sherlock  a:wordstrings  p:john/sherlock 
november 2010
everything that dies [imogen]
Sam sees Dean's throat moving, helplessly, as the kid on his knees breathes out wet sighs that sound raw and loud in the silence. Sam turns on his heel; he doesn't need to stay to know that Dean can only come with his back to the wall, eyes on the door.
f:supnat  a:imogenics  p:dean/sam 
november 2010
Honor Amongst Thieves [fictionalaspect]
"You never told me you got Cinemax at your house," Ryan says, affronted. "What the fuck, dude."

"Only like once or twice," Spencer says. "It was a free preview weekend or something. And then mom saw the cable bill and grounded me. Remember?"

"Oh," Ryan says. "Right." He does remember that, actually. Mostly he remembers being really pissed that he couldn't come over, because he'd had a paper to write and was trying to actually graduate from high school.
f:panic  a:fictionalaspect  p:brendon/ryan/spencer 
november 2010
Five Things River Tam Wishes She Didn't Know [Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup)]
Inara is dying. It's why she left the first time, and it's why she'll leave again, before Mal can get too close. She wants him to remember her beauty, the way she doesn't remember her own mother. And she doesn't want anyone-- anyone-- to tell him before it's too late.
f:firefly  a:jedibuttercup  gen:river_tam 
november 2010
What You Bring With You, What You Leave Behind [parsnips (trifles)]
[this is the story I've been waiting for forever and I didn't even know it.]

Before he can make it to his room she asks him why he bothered coming to New York when there were chemical labs in cities with a lot lower cost of living.

There's nothing bitchy about it -- it's just a question. And he's really, really tired. So he says, "I faked my death in Miami to escape the kind of creepy attention my boss was paying me, and I think I can hide in New York." He pauses. "Mostly."

She gives him a long look. She says, "That is so dumb. South Dakota would have been a better bet. Or a shack in Canada. Somewhere that actually requires a layover if you try to fly it."

Which, okay, come to think of it, is true. He doesn't have an answer for that. When he shrugs, her eyes narrow. "Faked death is fine. This boss thing is interesting, and I demand you tell me about it later. But if you're going to keep staying here -- is Lucas even your real name?"
f:csi_miami  f:empirerecords  a:parsnips 
november 2010
A Priori [rubberbutton]
In which vampires have enslaved humans and control, well, everything. Vampire!Mycroft insists his little brother get a slave -- even though it didn't work out with the dog -- and Sherlock chooses the one guaranteed to irritate his brother the most: an unassuming little doctor with an ugly past and absolutely no style to speak of.
f:sherlock  a:rubberbutton  p:john/sherlock  c:aus 
november 2010
Pedestrian [vegarin]
The difficulty is not so great to die for a friend, as to find a friend worth dying for. - Homer
[Missing scene from The Great Game. *the* missing scene. John and Moriarty.]
f:sherlock  a:vegarin  gen:johnwatson 
november 2010
the contrast of white on white [sandy the younger]
Now Harry has the variety of the others and doesn’t fear that particular nightmare as much as he used to. But he becomes nervous after too many nights without dreaming of Sirius because he worries it means he might someday forget all the things for which he's responsible, the things he has caused, the things he's done.
f:hp_mwpp  a:sandy_the_younger  p:remus/sirius  c:makesmeweep  c:aftermathoftheveil 
november 2010
every night it feels like there's no tomorrow [sandy the younger]
Twelve years ago Sam could have believed this would be his life, maybe, saving small towns from the spirits of vengeful children in lakes and shapeshifters slaughtering young women in their own homes, but six months ago it would have seemed like nothing but a bad dream. Now it's the two of them, instead of the three of them, and now it's reality. It's messy and it's sick, but Sam's conditioned to it, can't imagine his life now any other way.
f:supnat  a:sandy_the_younger  p:dean/sam  c:makesmeweep 
november 2010
AM Radio - cuddliest demon church lord ever
**Happy birthday to lise, who wants to scalp me in my sleep and told me to write Invisibles fic. Who knows if this is what she wanted. Let's just hope so, or the consequences could be dire.** [:D!]
november 2010
Rags and Bones [emungere]
Sally stopped calling him a freak, started glaring when other people tried it. That was the most disturbing thing that happened.

"You feel sorry for me," he said.

She'd started smoking, and he had no reason to refuse her offer of a fag. Breathing was unutterably boring these days.

"I liked him," she said.

"Yes. So did I."

She looked at him with her face arranged into lines and angles like hieroglyphs, like linear A, like John's handwriting, which was atrocious. He reached into his pocket and held John's hand, smoothpolishedwarm. He couldn't show her. It would be bad if she knew, if anyone knew, though he could no longer remember why.
f:sherlock  a:emungere  p:john/sherlock  c:creepybest 
november 2010
Impossibilities [Jenwryn]
He wonders if he loved her in the future as well.
f:tscc  a:jenwryn  p:cameron/john 
november 2010
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