Humans broke the internet, understanding them better might help fix it — SAGE Ocean | Big Data, New Tech, Social Science
Pretty accurate description of some of the promises of the Internet and the reality.

> This great leveler of opportunity has resulted in some of the most overweening monopolies the world has ever seen. This medium of unfettered self-expression has delivered oppressive surveillance and invasions of privacy of a kind that were previously the sole preserve of police states. This enabler of a better informed, more engaged citizenry has instead come to be seen as subverting democracy itself.

This article advocates to being more social science to the technology of the internet. It certainly can’t help, but it’s hard to see how that is going to address the advertising biased attention economy.
april 2018
Event Sourcing made Simple – Kickstarter Engineering
This is one of the most approachable descriptions of Event Sourcing and the key concepts behind it I have ever read. The animated diagrams help as well. Kickstarter’s specific implementation is very Rails and ActiveRecord heavy, but shows a lightweight application of the concepts.
april 2018
Stack Overflow Isn't Very Welcoming. It's Time for That to Change. - Stack Overflow Blog
Even in my casual use of Stack Overflow I have come across some of the abrasive culture items noted in this post from their EVP of Culture and Experience, Jay Hanlon. This is a good statement of the problem and where they are starting. The whole time I read it I kept thinking how incredibly hard it is to build community on the Internet. Your average community in the real world seems to trend to nice, but online seems to trend the other way.
april 2018
Moment: Gear and Travel Company for Mobile Photography | Moment
Many of the snap on lenses for iPhones are cheap and make your photos look worse. I've heard very good things about these from multiple people. I haven't bought them, but if I did get snap on lenses for my phone these are the ones I would get. 📸
april 2018
Stop Using 6-Digit iPhone Passcodes - Motherboard
I've always used a 6-digit PIN (once that option came out), but this article made me consider that with TouchID I now don't need to use my PIN nearly as much, and the added security of an alphanumeric passcode is worth the trouble. I've switched all my devices to use a strong password now. 🔐
april 2018
1Blocker X for iOS Review
1Blocker is my preferred way of managing my privacy and protecting myself while browsing the web. This new version is a solid upgrade.
april 2018
Micro.blog: Providing Control Of Your Online Life
I love to see micro.blog getting more coverage as a viable option for easy publishing online.
april 2018
Journaling is Boss Mode Thinking — MyProductiveMac
I can see the potential for this type of benefit.

> I find the practice of long-form journaling helps my brain to organise itself and tell me how it really feels! … My journal is where I get the chance to sit down with my brain and let it talk to me, to write/type whatever I”m feeling at the time.

I've never stuck a journaling habit, but it’s one I'd like to build at some point.
april 2018
0x74696d | Software Defined Culture, Part 0
A manifesto for how technology teams should operate.
april 2018
mermaid · GitBook
A plain-text markdown option for diagrams and flowcharts. This seems to miss the ethos of markdown also being readable as plaintext, but interesting to peek at.
april 2018
Jaron Lanier Interview on What Went Wrong With the Internet
I think it would be amazing to have dinner with [Jaron Lanier](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaron_Lanier). He is incredibly articulate and has thought deeply about how technology impacts our social lives. In this interview Lanier reflects on Silicon Valley and "Big Tech", specifically hitting on the social platforms. He points directly at the economic model of ad driven platforms as the cause for much of the problems of social media.

> And there’s only one way to merge the two things, which is what we call the advertising model, where everything’s free but you pay for it by selling ads. But then because the technology gets better and better, the computers get bigger and cheaper, there’s more and more data — what started out as advertising morphed into continuous behavior modification on a mass basis, with everyone under surveillance by their devices and receiving calculated stimulus to modify them.


> Because as long as you have advertising, you have this perverse incentive to make it manipulative. You can’t have a behavior-modification machine with advertisers and have anything ethical; it’s not possible. You could get away with it barely with television because television wasn’t as effective at modifying people. But this, there’s no ethical way to have advertising.

Lanier's position on social media is intense, and thought provoking.

> It suggests that you’re just a cog in a giant global brain or something like that. The rhetoric from the companies is often about AI, that what they’re really doing — like YouTube’s parent company, Google, says what they really are is building the giant global brain that’ll inherit the earth and they’ll upload you to that brain and then you won’t have to die. It’s very, very religious in the rhetoric. And so it’s turning into this new religion, and it’s a religion that doesn’t care about you. It’s a religion that’s completely lacking in empathy or any kind of personal acknowledgment. And it’s a bad religion. It’s a nerdy, empty, sterile, ugly, useless religion that’s based on false ideas. And I think that of all of the things, that’s the worst thing about it.

A worthwhile and thought provoking read.
april 2018
Why I love editing video on iPad — and how it could still be a lot better — iMore
Some interesting options for more advanced video editing tools on the iPad.
april 2018
Open, Closed, and Privacy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
I do have to agree with this argument.

> In short, encryption is viable for the public at scale precisely because Apple controls everything: clients on both ends, and the server in the middle. It’s the same story with WhatsApp or any of the other encrypted messaging services: being closed makes end-to-end encryption actually usable at scale.

Nobody has successfully implemented solid encryption with an open standard.

By the way, I don't use Google or Facebook products and I have a very effective engagement with the web and other humans. These solutions are optional.

> Google, of course, knows one’s every search, for many people their every email, and thanks to the company’s ad network, control of Chrome and Google analytics, and, of course Android, pretty much everything else one does online. Facebook’s knowledge is slightly less broad but arguably deeper: your friends, your interests — both stated and revealed — and thanks to its ‘Like’ button, your web activity as well.

I hadn't considered this last point.

> Specifically, if an emphasis on privacy and the non-leakage of data is a priority, it follows that the platforms that already exist will be increasingly entrenched. And, if those platforms will be increasingly entrenched, then the more valuable might regulation be that ensures an equal playing field on top of those platforms. The reality is that an emphasis on privacy will only increase the walls on those gardens; it may be fruitful to rule out the possibility of unfair expansion.

Essentially those that hoarded as much data as possible early on gain a permanent advantage. Yuck. 🤮
april 2018
Introspect Yourself - Daniel Gross
This is great. Always focus on improvement. Get a little better everyday, and magic happens. 👍
april 2018
dumber phone - nomasters
I have long advocated that you need to be very conscientious of the applications that you put on your phone. Those applications are with you all the time. Be mindful of that.

> Smart phones are useful, but they are also incredibly addictive, and that addiction is at the epicenter of Silicon Valley’s effort to grab an ever increasing percentage of our minds. In that a substance or behavior controls us, it becomes our master, and that just won’t do.

I like many of the recommendations made in this article.
april 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: Everything you need to know! — iMore
This is one of Tyler and my favorite games for the Wii U, and I’m pretty excited to see that the Switch version will support cooperative play. That is a great add for kids and parents or siblings to play together with.
april 2018
Peter Stern: A Birthday Note for my Daughter | LinkedIn
I have had the pleasure of meeting [Peter Stern](https://www.linkedin.com/in/iampeter/) on a few occasions. We first met when he was CTO of Datek, which was one of the early firms to bring trading to the masses, and also one of the first customers of BigCharts. Even after Peter and team sold Datek to Ameritrade, I had the great pleasure of having dinner with him in New York. Peter has a mind that devours any topic in front of it. This letter he wrote for his daughter recommending the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari is a strong recommendation, but not just of this book.

> History, philosophy, religion, biology, economics, linguistics, law, evolutionary biology, behavioral economics, topics I don’t even know how to explain. Tens of thousands of pages I read. Many of these books were unrewarding and were left on a stoop before you were born or simply tossed. The ones that are worth reading still line our bookshelves, with a few exceptions. Some books were really good, but your mother found their titles upsetting, awkward, or difficult to explain to guests. Those also got left on stoops. Sorry about that. You can ask me about them if you really want to know.

This is a recommendation to be a lifelong learner and to always be curious.
april 2018
How to Write a Thank-You Note - The Morning News
I believe that sharing a sincere Thank You with individuals at your office can be very impactful. I've received some, and it always generates a very positive feeling in me. I try to write them to individuals, but writing them can be hard. This article is specifically about writing a Thank You note for a gift, but I think the learnings can apply to a note to a colleague as well. 🎁

This article also highlights how poorly I executed the Thank You cards I sent when I graduated high school. I put all the gifts in a AppleWorks database, and then used mail merge to print them on my dot-matrix printer. To make it even worse, I actually put "Thank You for the $20." if people gave me cash. 🤦‍♂️
april 2018
Majority of teens worry about school shootings, and so do most parents | Pew Research Center
57% of teens are either very or somewhat worried about a shooting happening in their school. This should stand as an indictment on us in charge that we haven't done anything meaningful to make our kids feel safe in school.
april 2018
Titus, the Netflix container management platform, is now open source
Another major piece of software open sourced by Netflix.

> Over the last three years, Titus evolved initially from supporting batch use cases, to running services applications (both internal, and ultimately critical customer-facing). Through that evolution, container use at Netflix has grown from thousands of containers launched per week to as many as three million containers launched per week in April 2018. Titus hosts thousands of applications globally over seven regionally isolated stacks across tens of thousands of EC2 virtual machines. The open-sourcing of Titus shares the resulting technology assembled through three years of production learnings in container management and execution.

april 2018
Jeff Bezos 2018 Letter to Shareholders
Bezos annual shareholder letters aren't as well known as Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway ones, but they are very spirited and go back to Amazon's core values. This Prime milestone is amazing.

> 13 years post-launch, we have exceeded 100 million paid Prime members globally. In 2017 Amazon shipped more than five billion items with Prime worldwide, and more new members joined Prime than in any previous year – both worldwide and in the U.S.

Also on AWS:

> AWS has also accelerated its pace of innovation – especially in new areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and serverless computing. In 2017, AWS announced more than 1,400 significant services and features…

I’m amazed that the pace of change at AWS is increasing as it has scaled up. I think it may be the first example in existence of a software platform that moved faster as it got larger.
april 2018
How I Use: Search in Mail on macOS — MyProductiveMac
Mail on macOS has more powerful search capabilities than you think. I also know Outlook does very similar things. Knowing how your mail client tokenizes searches can be very powerful.
april 2018
Be a Deletist
An attempt to coin a word to refer to the act of deleting or expiring content on third party platforms. I've tried to do this on Twitter for a while using [TweetDelete](https://www.tweetdelete.net), which never seems to get tweets deleted for me anymore. It’s an interesting concept but I would always assume that nothing is deleted. All of these third party platforms may hide the content, but they certainly don't delete it.
april 2018
The Diary of a Settler of Catan - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
Funny read for anyone that plays Catan, or even those that don't. 😊
april 2018
How to Use Static Type Checking in Python 3.6 – Adam Geitgey – Medium
Perhaps now some of the type safety arguments can be put to rest for Python? This is a good add, and I like the syntax.
april 2018
Palantir Knows Everything About You
Interesting article that highlights Palantir, a company that originally started by servicing defense and government functions, and the spying it can enable.

This tidbit was amazing to me, but made sense when I thought about it for a while. Combine municipal camera systems with this facial data from drivers license and you can monitor people at scale.

> Tapping databases of driver’s license and ID photos, law enforcement agencies can now identify more than half the population of U.S. adults.

We are dealing with systems that will change how we behave -- constantly being surveilled.

> JPMorgan’s experience remains instructive. “The world changed when it became clear everyone could be targeted using Palantir,” says a former JPMorgan cyber expert who worked with Cavicchia at one point on the insider threat team. “Nefarious ideas became trivial to implement; everyone’s a suspect, so we monitored everything. It was a pretty terrible feeling.”

I've read a bit about how companies are using video feeds along with machine learning to monitor employees. I’m guessing that is all very entry level and basic compared to what state of the art is.
april 2018
Drafts 5: The MacStories Review – MacStories
An incredibly detailed, almost book-length review of the new version of Drafts. Drafts is one of those iOS apps that scales down and up. You can use it very simply to capture text quickly, as well as build incredibly powerful workflows around it. If you find yourself wishing for a powerful way to deal with snippets of text, this review will help you understand what Drafts can do.
april 2018
Training Partners | superteam
My friend Jim writing about running with his running group, and with his Dad. Made me want to go out and run. 🏃‍♂️
april 2018
For Everyone - PagerDuty Security Training
PagerDuty is making their internal security training available to everyone. Cool idea and a great way to give back.
april 2018
Whimsical | The Visual Workspace
Very impressive collaborative flowchart tool. This seems like it would have a lot of potential.
april 2018
A serverless open-source solution to run a status page. It’s a little simple as-is, but this is something that a serverless structure could make more sense for.
april 2018
Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence to Predict Your Future Actions for Advertisers, Says Confidential Document
Oh great, another vector that Facebook can use to monetize you, based on things you haven't even done yet.
april 2018
Opinion | Don’t Fix Facebook. Replace It. - The New York Times
This article caught my attention because the author is [Tim Wu](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Wu). Wu wrote [The Master Switch](https://www.amazon.com/Master-Switch-Rise-Information-Empires/dp/0307390993/), which is still one of my favorite books to understand net neutrality and the attempts over many years to achieve vertically integrated media companies.
april 2018
How to give feedback effectively: A guide for managers — Quartz at Work
Five very good aspects to keep in mind to give better feedback. Good advice for any person manager, and in fact, anybody in the workplace.
april 2018
Highlights from CodeDay 2018 Minneapolis & Toronto at SPS Commerce | SPS Commerce
We have hosted CodeDay two years now at SPS, and this year we expanded to Toronto. Check out the video, this is a great way for us to give back to the communities we are in. 🙌
april 2018
Stream | API for Scalable News Feeds & Activity Streams
Interesting service to be the back end of activity streams for various products. I don't know that I've seen a product put code snippets right on their front page! They know who their audience is.
april 2018
Instagram Looks Like Facebook’s Best Hope - Bloomberg
Remember, Instagram == Facebook.

> Most Instagram users are unaware of all this. The service is widely seen as an escape from Facebook, so Instagram has to tread carefully to protect the app’s reputation.

If your concern with Facebook is privacy, Instagram isn't a place to solve that. If your issue with Facebook is something else than maybe it’s fine. I'd recommend using something like [micro.blog](https://micro.blog) to publish your own photos.
april 2018
Wavelength for Micro.blog | Manton Reece
I really like what Manton Reece is doing around micro.blog, and now pulling in a native podcasting capability opens up another avenue for people to express themselves independent of big tech platforms. 🎧
april 2018
The best text editor for macOS – The Sweet Setup
I’m sticking with [Sublime Text](https://www.sublimetext.com/) as my editor of choice but it is interesting to read about [Atom](https://atom.io/) and it’s model for extensibility. I agree with this writeup about [BBEdit](https://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/). It is historically great, but if you don't know it I don't think I would be investing in learning it due to the lack of extensibility. ⌨️
april 2018
Johnny Cash: American Recordings Album Review | Pitchfork
I so distinctly remember getting this CD when I was in college and being instantly transfixed by it. 🎶

> Cash is listening. He thinks Rubin wears clothes that “would have done a wino proud,” but he likes his individualism, and he knows that his own back is against the wall. So he goes to the hills above the Sunset Strip. He sits down in Rubin’s living room and plays songs that mean something to him, just him and his guitar, and Rubin rolls the tape. In three days, they’ve got north of 30 songs. Cowboy songs, folk songs, and old songs figure heavily. You know, songs about God, murder, trains, and everything else that makes America.

I loved reading the back story on this. I think the amazing thing about the Cash / Rubin collaboration is it cemented Johnny Cash concretely in multiple generations. How many artists ever do that? Not many.
april 2018
Amazon spent nearly $23 billion on R&D last year - Recode
Amazon spent 2x as much as Apple in R&D? They spent nearly 2x more than all of the other companies. Wow. 😲
april 2018
Productivity - Sam Altman
I love the direct, to the point, writing in this. I also like that Altman's advice is very pragmatic and not just on doing stuff, but also looking at sleep and nutrition.
april 2018
Don’t Give Away Historic Details About Yourself — Krebs on Security
🔒 Interesting that bad actors are using silly social games to collect information on people that can then be combined with compromised passwords to answer security questions! Personally I always fill these security questions with random words, generated by [1Password](https://1password.com) and stored there. I use words since you sometimes have to speak these over the phone. Never share the same answers, and they are random.
april 2018
JS - Blog - GraphQL Best Practices
Highlights on things to watch out for when using GraphQL.

> For me personally, the thing that astounds me about GraphQL isn't just the awesome technical solutions it enables, but also the organizational impact of a more decoupled environment where teams can develop independently of one another and focus more on upholding public contracts rather than knowing too much about internal implementations.
april 2018
Thank you for making 10 years of GitHub possible
This is a fun reflection on the first 10 years of GitHub.

> For 10 years, you’ve shared, tinkered, and built on GitHub from all around the world. Before we head into the next decade, we’ve collected some of our favorite moments and milestones—just a few of the ways you’ve pushed software forward.

The impact that GitHub has had on open-source, and coding practices in general is amazing. There are many services that exist today that would not if [git](https://git-scm.com) and GitHub were not created. Let's hope that GitHub stays in good hands.
april 2018
The Nintendo Switch's Parental Controls Are Amazing
I hadn't dug into the Switch Parental Controls but this article caught my eye so I did. Using a completely separate app that a parent installs on their smartphone to manage the switch is a very good idea, and enables a bunch of additional use cases. 👏
april 2018
Farewell Social Media | James Shelley
Thoughtful writing on opting out of social media entirely.

> I’m out. There are many things I hope to do while I am alive… trying to convince somebody’s advertising algorithm to pay attention to me is not one of those things. Multiply this conviction by the sense that spending time on social media is a suboptimal use of time that comes at the expense of things I truly care about and leaving seems evermore desirable. Just one life to live: I refuse to be a collateral pawn in someone else’s attention war.

april 2018
Database Flow
Interesting to see this providing GraphQL endpoints to databases.

> Database Flow is an open source self-hosted SQL client, GraphQL server, and charting application that works with your database. Visualize schemas, query plans, charts, and results. You can run Database Flow locally for your own use, or install to a shared server for the whole team.

april 2018
Back to Basics: Coffee Brewing Methods & Gear — Tools and Toys
☕️ Very nice overview of coffee fundamentals.

> I thought I’d put together a “back to basics” guide on coffee brewing. We’ve certainly covered this topic in a number of ways, so think of this guide as a compilation/remix of all that information.

I would agree with everything in here. It doesn't address the next level topics on espresso, but this is a good starter for doing coffee well.
april 2018
The Decemberists - Full concert (4/7/18 at Palace Theatre in Saint Paul, MN) - YouTube
I really like [The Decemberists](http://www.decemberists.com), and the show we saw last weekend was recorded in full and is on YouTube. Not sure how long this will be up there, but it was a stellar show. 🎶
april 2018
Troubleshooting kernel crashes under pressure
This is a fun read if you are curious to know what it feels like to be debugging a production problem on a major web property in the heat of the moment. This would have been a tricky one to track down. 🐛🔍
april 2018
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