IMIS 10.6
iMIS is an upgradeable software solution for managing associations, membership, non-profits, and fundraising. iMIS 15, the latest evolution of iMIS, leverages Microsoft's .NET development platform to provide a flexible and open web-based solution.
april 2006
Mule is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) messaging framework.
march 2006
Steve Sutherland's new site.
march 2006
Private network over Internet
march 2006
Service of CharityFocus
february 2006
connecting supporters with causes
february 2006
vectorise a picture using text strings
february 2006
GroundEffect Aerial Imaging
RC Helicopter aerial photography
february 2006
Site with info about putting up an rc camera.
february 2006
TRex Tuning
Information and Reviews for the Align T-Rex 450X
february 2006
Perl program to deliver RSS feeds to SMTP address.
january 2006
Event Driven Debugging
january 2006
Sony Reader
ebook reader from sony
january 2006
The Iconfactory
Your Quality Freeware Icons Hub
january 2006
The Yellow Icon
Quality freeware icons
january 2006
a free US address geocoder
january 2006
Building an Embedded Asterisk PBX
Astlinux is a bundled distribution of the Asterisk open source iPBX private branch exchange (PBX) software and a Linux operating system. Originally developed by Mark Spencer at Digium, Asterisk is the leading open source software in the telephony/VoIP space. Asterisk excels at combining traditional TDM telephony capability - provided through hardware from Digium and others - with VOIP services. These include call routing, media gateway, media server and SIP signaling capabilities.
january 2006
Dane Prairie Systems LLC
Create PDF as easy as printing.
january 2006
EOS 20D Firmware-E
Canon 20D Firmware Update 2.0.3
january 2006
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