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Information Attacks against Democracies - Schneier on Security
Bruce Schneier is a security expert, not a politician, but for this summary of the paper he did provides interesting perspective.

> This framework not only helps us understand how different political systems are vulnerable and how they can be attacked, but also how to bolster security in democracies. First, we need to better defend the common political knowledge that democracies need to function. That is, we need to bolster public confidence in the institutions and systems that maintain a democracy. Second, we need to make it harder for outside political groups to cooperate with inside political groups and organize disinformation attacks, through measures like transparency in political funding and spending. And finally, we need to treat attacks on common political knowledge by insiders as being just as threatening as the same attacks by foreigners.

It’s thought provoking to consider the attack surfaces of political systems in this way.
november 2018 by thingles
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