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Atlassian + Slack | The Official Slack Blog
This is pretty amazing! Atlassian just gave up in the team chat space.

> As part of this partnership, Atlassian will discontinue Hipchat and Stride, and provide a migration path to Slack for all their customers. We are purchasing the IP for Hipchat Cloud and Stride to better support that path to Slack, while Atlassian is making a small, but symbolically important investment in our business.

😲 This [Bloomberg]( article has some of the details on how this went down. I was curious who approached who, and it was Atlassian that approached Slack.

> Taking out a competitor is good for Slack, said Butterfield: “There’s fewer choices for people.”

Slack has more leverage to raise prices. 💰
july 2018 by thingles
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