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Palantir Knows Everything About You
Interesting article that highlights Palantir, a company that originally started by servicing defense and government functions, and the spying it can enable.

This tidbit was amazing to me, but made sense when I thought about it for a while. Combine municipal camera systems with this facial data from drivers license and you can monitor people at scale.

> Tapping databases of driver’s license and ID photos, law enforcement agencies can now identify more than half the population of U.S. adults.

We are dealing with systems that will change how we behave -- constantly being surveilled.

> JPMorgan’s experience remains instructive. “The world changed when it became clear everyone could be targeted using Palantir,” says a former JPMorgan cyber expert who worked with Cavicchia at one point on the insider threat team. “Nefarious ideas became trivial to implement; everyone’s a suspect, so we monitored everything. It was a pretty terrible feeling.”

I've read a bit about how companies are using video feeds along with machine learning to monitor employees. I’m guessing that is all very entry level and basic compared to what state of the art is.
april 2018 by thingles
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