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Mobile phone apps like Citizen aim to curb neighborhood crime — Quartz
I call BS on all of these apps. The marketing angles for services like NextDoor are all about preying on your fear. Add Ring to that as well.

> People have always been curious about crime, fearful for their safety, and yearned for community. But today, technology can supercharge these feelings, and sometimes helps people give into their worst inclinations. Privileged (often white) users are defining safety by excluding those who are already disenfranchised (usually people of color). At the same time, the platforms and devices grant tech companies and law enforcement new ways to build their networks of surveillance.

Do yourself a huge favor, and delete your Nextdoor account if you have one. I tried it for a while, and after noting how they amplify fear in their messaging and use cases decided I had enough.
november 2019 by thingles
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