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How to cultivate a lifelong network when you suck at networking - without bullshit
I enjoyed this read because I also am terrible at networking. When faced with a room of people mingling and having small-talk about whatever it is people have small-talk about, I tend to want to avoid it all.

> If you want to rapidly build your network, my advice is useless to you, because it takes lots of time — decades.
> But if you want to build a solid network, it may help. My advice is based on being curious, being helpful, and doing a good job. Even if you suck at networking, as I do, you need to do your job. These are just a few tips on how to do it in a way that will support you later in your career.

I haven't been intentional about it, but I think I've been doing something similar to what he describers here.
november 2019 by thingles
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