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Is it finally time for media companies to adopt a common publishing platform? » Nieman Journalism Lab
As a former media CTO I found this article an interesting read, and close to a topic that I have owned previously in my career. I think this is a really tough call, even today. My perspective on the matter is influenced by some key thoughts.

1. In general, for digital companies, if it’s your business then you build it, if it’s not your business you should buy it. To be clear, "buy it" may not always mean buying it, you may use an open source product. I just mean _don't_ build it. Media companies make content. **Content is their business.** By that thought, you should build this. It’s expensive, but the options that you have to present content to customers is a key market differentiator and if you don't build it you will not be able to differentiate as well as another company.

2. The article references "unique content edge cases". My background in content publishing is all financial services, and that content definitely had "unique content edge cases". Financial stories reference companies and stocks, and those references have meaning that most generic content systems cannot deal with. If you carve out "unique content edge cases" is there anything left? Shouldn't all media companies have a unique content edge?

3. The market of companies that buy these solutions is not great. You have media companies, which are struggling with digital transformation. The lack of investment in that sector will limit the providers selling into that market. I would wonder if you will get a vibrant community of providers for such a small market that has a wide variety of growth rates.

This is a tough call for the digital team at any media company. I think you have to go to the core value that your company delivers, and be really honest about it, and then make the call. Deal with the limitations or benefits that that provides after.
november 2018 by thingles
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