We are all trapped in the “Feed” — Om on Tech
Om has the depth and breadth of experience with the web to provide this perspective. This is a good reason to opt out of “Big Tech” and it’s optimized engagement and seek out personal websites with their quirky and unexpected. I do believe that some feeds, ones that are not machine curated and in time order are fine for efficiency. For me Feedbin is that central place that connects me to the broad web. No ads or engagement metrics to satisfy, because I pay a small annual subscription for the service.
4 hours ago
Your Brain on Reading (Why Your Brain Needs You to Read Every Day)
I’m currently reading [Sapiens](http://www.ynharari.com/book/sapiens/) and that probably makes this post resonate with me even more, but I love all of the benefits highlighted here from reading on a consistent basis. 📚
16 hours ago
Abby Wambach, Remarks as Delivered | Barnard College
[Abby Wambach](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abby_Wambach) deliveres an amazing, inspiring call to action for the women graduating from Barnard in 2018. "BARNARD WOMEN—CLASS OF 2018—WE. ARE. THE. WOLVES."
Don't Get Distracted
A thorough writeup on the authors experience building software used for defense purposes, and the ethical and moral dilemmas associated with it.

> Don’t get distracted by deadlines and feature requests. Think about the consequences of what you’re building. Build in safeguards to prevent misuse, or don’t build it at all because it’s too dangerous.

Technologists need to consider this as we continue to build ever more powerful capabilities.
2 days ago
5 Steps to Building a Culture of Security | AWS Cloud Enterprise Strategy Blog
Some great advice on making your processes embody security objectives.
2 days ago
Updating Our Technical Interview
Refining your interviewing process is a constant process. Some interesting observations and changes from thoughtbot on what they have done.
2 days ago
Second Life: Rethinking Myself Through Exercise, Mindfulness, and Gratitude – MacStories
Federico Viticci is one of my favorite tech authors, and this post has plenty of that, but it’s also a reflection on how he has changed his life after a cancer diagnosis a few years ago.

> It's important to me because I can't squander this opportunity. Because life isn't like an arcade – you can't put more coins in to continue – yet somehow I was given the chance for a do-over and I failed to appreciate it at first. Now I have to make sure I can return the favor with positivity and stories that can help others.

This is a great article on its own, but is also a treasure trove of resources for people who want to use technology to make their lives better.
2 days ago
Xero reveals the impact of mammoth Amazon Web Services migration - Cloud - CRN Australia
Not much depth, but interesting highlights of Xero's migration to AWS.

> Xero also thanked the AWS migration for improving its gross margin by 81 percent.

Significant improvements and additional functionality unlocked as well.
2 days ago
How I use Day One — and an aside about the differences between Bear and Day One – The Sweet Setup
I use many of the apps mentioned in this article - including Day One, Bear and Ulysses. I also add the built-in Notes app to the mix. I found it interesting to see how this person thinks about flow between those.
2 days ago
Email, the Micro-Meetings Eating Our Days – 500ish Words
I think the author is on to something here thinking of emails a bit like a virtual meeting.

> At any given moment, upwards of 50 to 75 percent of the email in my inbox (beyond the spammy stuff or newsletters) are actually to-dos from other people.

The critical issue with all asynchronous communications systems is that they allow tasks to come into you without block. Meetings are limited to time and space, you cannot receive a to do outside of the meeting time. Email however has infinite scale ability to receive work, regardless of your time.
4 days ago
NumWorks - The graphing calculator that makes learning math easier
This looks like a really cool calculator for a high schooler in your life. I love that it can run Python too! 👍
4 days ago
The Cult of the Root Cause - Reinertsen & Associates
Interesting take on working to alleviate issues and how the well known "5 Why's" approach may lead you astray.
4 days ago
How to make journaling in Day One even better with automation – The Sweet Setup
Using automation tools like Workflow can take friction out of journaling. I've tried some of the methods described here in the past with mixed success. I think there is a fine point between journaling and "life logging". Life logging, to me, is a tactical function of recording your day. Journaling feels more introspective. You cannot automate introspection.
4 days ago
Why we owe it to ourselves to spend quiet time alone every day
I can attest to feeling this and know many friends, particularly technologists, who do as well. I've referred to this as "digital fatigue" in the past.

> The destruction of our inner selves via the wired world is an even more recent, and more subtle, phenomenon. The loss of slowness, of time for reflection and contemplation, of privacy and solitude, of silence, of the ability to sit quietly in a chair for fifteen minutes without external stimulation — all have happened quickly and almost invisibly.

I believe this is part of the reason people are seeking out practices like meditation in seemingly larger numbers than the past.
4 days ago
What’s In My Day One (2018 Edition) – The Sweet Setup
I really like Day One and this article has some great use cases for how to use Day One for a variety of different journal types.
7 days ago
Where the Yanny and Laurel Meme Comes From | WIRED
Following the path of this story, my daughter has found this fascinating. 👂
8 days ago
The Original Hacker's Dictionary
The original jargon.txt file from around 1998. Many of these terms are still in active use.
8 days ago
If you use Safari on macOS and are bugged with certain websites blocking default behavior, this is a fix.

> StopTheMadness is a Safari extension for Mac that stops web sites from making Safari harder to use. Some web sites disable Mac user interface features in Safari that you normally expect to work.

Purchased and installed. ✔
9 days ago
On Gaming & the Breath of the Wild • chrisbowler.com
A good essay on gaming, family and kids. I liked the perspective and agree with the platform and game choices discussed.
9 days ago
Regex Crossword
This is awesome! 💚 Learn Regex and have geeky fun at the same time.
10 days ago
Morning Cup of Coding — Human Readable
This newsletter caught my eye. The first few issues have impressed me with how well they are executed.

> Morning Cup of Coding is a daily programming newsletter featuring long form technical articles of all fields of software engineering.

Subscribed! 📩
10 days ago
Meet Surface Hub 2 - Microsoft Devices BlogMicrosoft Devices Blog
The video here is a compelling way to think about teams collaborating with technology.
10 days ago
Incident Response: 6 Best Practices for the Modern Enterprise | PagerDuty
As more companies use technology at their core, adopting well defined and thought out incident management processes becomes a skill that more organizations need.
10 days ago
My thoughts on OmniFocus 2 versus 3 - Productived.net
I use OmniFocus **all the time** and I’m very eager to get my hands on the new OmniFocus 3!
10 days ago
Some Thoughts on Google Photos vs Apple Photos – Om on Tech
I don't use Google Photos for the same reasons Om sites in this article. I join him In hoping for some improvements in the Apple software side for photos.
10 days ago
The "dumbest publishing platform on the web". Markdown in, URL out.
10 days ago
Shell Style Guide
I like goofing around with bash and this style guide is simple and pragmatic. 🤓
10 days ago
27 things I learned about hiring in tech from looking for a new engineering management role – very much alive.
This is a great post highlighting Lena Reinhard's search for a new role. I really like the "13 things to keep in mind when you're hiring" section. There are some valuable lessons she is reflecting back to employers to consider during the hiring process and your public brand.
11 days ago
The Curious Brain (Why Curiosity is as Important as Intelligence)
Instilling curiosity in your kids is one of the best gifts you can give them.
13 days ago
FutureMe: Write a Letter to your Future Self
What a cool idea -- a service that allows you to send yourself an email in the future! I can think of a number of cool uses for this. It does make me wonder though, how do you have trust that this service will still be around in 5 years? You can set future dates very far out.
13 days ago
Principles by Ray Dalio
I have the audiobook of Principles in my queue. This new 30-minute video overview is very well done. Ray Dalio is an impressive storyteller.
13 days ago
Supply-Chain Security - Schneier on Security
Schneier does a good job of illustrating just how hard (maybe impossible) it is to insure that the software-based devices that run much of our infrastructure and services have not been tampered with for security purposes. One of the very believable items shared in the Snowden papers was that the NSA can install a backdoor in US-made network gear before it is sent overseas. There isn't a clear answer to this issue.
13 days ago
Map of Metal
This is amazing! 🤟 My metal residency lies squarely in Thrash Metal according to this map, and some side trips to Industrial Metal. 🎧 That makes sense with Speed Metal and Original Hardcore Punk being the contributors to Thrash. Independent of the content this is incredibly well done way to present a complex topic. I love how it embeds YouTube videos for the songs too. Also note how time is represented so well! 👍👏
13 days ago
Is GraphQL The Future? - Artsy Engineering
A call to consider GraphQL in a bigger-picture context.

> It lets you model the resources and processes provided by a server as a domain-specific language (DSL). Clients can use it to send scripts written in your DSL to the server to process and respond to as a batch.

I hadn't considered the connections the author is making here, but they seem valid and extend the way you can build on GraphQL in very novel ways.
13 days ago
You Can’t Handle the Truth About Facebook Ads, New Harvard Study Shows
Interesting study suggesting the ads become less effective when people understand the data tracking informing the ad. As I read this I wondered if this is maybe the same part of our decision process that turns people away from foods that have “imitation” or “artificial” prominent in the packaging. Do we see overly complex delivery systems as not being genuine?

Also, I’m so tired of ad industry representatives justifying a complete disregard of privacy and intrusive surveillance tactics under the guise of “people want **relevant** advertising”. This is a poorly formed bit of verbal jujitsu to get us to try and think people want to be surveilled?
13 days ago
The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause
I like the easy to remember "C's" in this article and can see that being a good way to communicate to your team as well as when hiring. Organizations and leaders should have solid, clear messages on all three of these.

The discussion about Millennials to me feels off though. I would suggest the weighting of different values is more connected to where a person is in their lifespan, not about the generation of their birth. Cause, which I would suggest is closely connected to the "Why?", grows in importance with age. I believe that's true for Baby Boomers, Gen X/Y and Millennials.
15 days ago
Google AI Blog: Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone
The audio examples and natural language of Google Duplex is amazing. Almost too good. Separately, how long will it take telemarketers to drop their costs further by just having the machines do it all? 🤨
16 days ago
Against Facebook
This is a powerful and comprehensive essay targeted at Facebook, but applies to all social media. The description given below is a great definition of the [addictive software patterns I've written about](https://www.thingelstad.com/2018/identify-addictive-application-patterns/).

> These gadgets are designed to create a “supernormal stimulus,” that is, a stimulus that produces a stronger than natural response. We can even internalize the supernormal stimulus—an example is the “phantom vibrate” we sometimes feel in our pocket when no vibration occurs. In the case of social media, the supernormal stimulus is used to exploit our response to novelty in order to elicit a behavior that works in the interests of the social media provider.

I found this characterization of sharing jarring, and insightful.

> Over time, these platforms transform us all into unpaid advertising agencies. We promote goods, services, lifestyles and desires to our friends, weaponizing images to generate feelings of jealousy and FOMO amongst our peers during those idle moments when they feel most bored.

This might be one of the most succinct characterizations of the end-state of social media platforms.

> As a result, we end up building relationships to the platform — not to each other.

This is a long but well written thought piece on social platforms, and a very complete index of reasons to disengage from Facebook.
16 days ago
Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Advice on Borrowing Money and Getting Financial Freedom
I've enjoyed reading Taleb's books. You can see his personality in this short Q&A.
16 days ago
The Subtle Sexism Of Your Open Plan Office
I’m a big proponent of open office spaces, but have not considered potential gender issues in an open office space. This reminded me of the [inclusivity objectives of the new Github's office](https://work.qz.com/1267108/githubs-refurbished-san-francisco-headquarters-is-designed-for-inclusivity/).
16 days ago
Apple, Influence, and Ive
In depth interview with Jony Ive and the creation story of the Apple Watch. The beginning of the article is gushing description of Apple Park as well. Hodinkee is a publishing for watch aficionados, which most are probably also design aficionados. Ive comes across as a very straightforward and uncomplicated person.
16 days ago
We’re in the Uncanny Valley of Targeted Advertising | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The EFF calls out Facebooks use of AI in it’s targeting systems. It’s notable that everything written here could be applied to Google as well.

> The concern that you’re being surveilled persists, essentially, because you are being surveilled…

Good call to action for running your own tools to defend against this [pervasive surveillance](http://crackedlabs.org/en/corporate-surveillance).
16 days ago
iOS 11.4 to Disable USB Port After 7 Days: What It Means for Mobile Forensics | ElcomSoft blog
This seems like a way to keep an entire array of security vectors away from iOS devices:

> The functionality of USB Restricted Mode is actually very simple. Once the iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest version of iOS supporting the feature, the device will disable the USB data connection over the Lightning port one week after the device has been last unlocked.

Big win for securing and protecting your data. 👏
16 days ago
I Committed To An Email-Free Morning For 5 Days, Here’s What I Learned
This is **exactly** me. 🤦‍♂️

> Full disclosure: I don’t do morning routines. The only thing I do every day is groggily roll over in bed when my alarm goes off and check my email. According to everything I’ve ever read on the subject, it’s just about the worst thing you can do for your productivity–and I was starting to feel like those articles were right.

I've done that for 15 years or longer. I've done that for as long as I can remember waking up. And like the author, I know that isn't a good thing. Good read to encourage considering a change of habit.🤔
16 days ago
Exclusive: Android P is Google’s most ambitious update in years - The Verge
The time spent metrics and tools to limit engagement with certain applications are nice additions to Android. I'd like to see iOS do something similar.
17 days ago
Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency – Learning By Shipping
This is a near treatise on the topic of meetings. I like the enumerations of issues with meetings, types of meetings, types of meeting dysfunctions. I also like the enumeration of successful meetings: Shared goals, Agreed schedule, Consistent participation, and Predictable processes.
18 days ago
12 Manager READMEs from Silicon Valley’s Top Tech Companies
Another article on manager readme's or user manuals. I continue to find this an interesting thing but I've never attempted to write one for myself. I like that this has a number of real examples.
18 days ago
Retrobatch Public Beta
New software from the maker of Acorn. If you deal with a good amount of image manipulation this looks like a very powerful way to build workflows to make those processes much easier.
18 days ago
6 things I’ve learned in my first 6 months using serverless
Good read on one organizations path to serverless and the lessons learned along the way. I really like the end state.
18 days ago
Introducing Watchtower 2.0: The turret becomes a castle - AgileBits Blog
The ability to proactively notify you of compromised accounts and unacceptable security risks is a wonderful side benefit of 1Password moving into the cloud. Watchtower is one of my favorite features of 1Password now. It helps me manage my risk and increase my families security. My ask? I want Watchtower to allow me as an admin to run reports on everyone in my families accounts.
18 days ago
Three-day no-meeting schedule for engineers – Pinterest Engineering – Medium
Another data point on the [Manager v. Maker time](http://paulgraham.com/makersschedule.html) topic. I like that this article has some survey data as well, and allows for a hybrid. My main takeaway from these is that being deliberate about your time is important. Manage and plan your time to align with your objectives for each day.
18 days ago
Home - Ballerina.io
A cloud native programming language? 🤷‍♂️
18 days ago
Sublime Text 3.1 Released —sublimehq
My favorite text editor gets a nice bump.
19 days ago
Nest Cam vs. WyzeCam: Clash of the connected cameras — iMore
I’m amazed at how good the WyzeCam did at a fraction of the cost! 🙄
22 days ago
GitHub's refurbished San Francisco headquarters is designed for inclusivity — Quartz at Work
The pictures of this space look amazing. I love the light walls. This is the first I have heard of a company considering their diversity objectives in space layout, and it makes a lot of sense. 🤔
23 days ago
When Your Employees Post Passwords Online — Krebs on Security
Services that offer both private and public functions can easily leak private information out.

> KrebsOnSecurity spent the past week using Google to discover unprotected personal Trello boards that listed employer passwords and other sensitive data.

The Uber example is not rare. A solution to this is to write small jobs to insure compliance with your security and governance processes.
23 days ago
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