Ask Hickey: What are flat Earthers saying about Monday's eclipse? | PhillyVoice
I hadn't ever considered the odd intersection of the Flat Earther folks and solar eclipses! 🌚🌝Maybe I'll tell the kids a giant serpent is covering the sun on Monday. 🙃
Home Screens – Gabe Weatherhead —macsparky
I subscribe to Gabe's [MacDrifter blog](http://macdrifter.com/) so when I saw he did a Home Screen article I was eager to dig in. I think I’m going to buy the [David Lanham wallpapers](http://dlanham.com/shop/). Someday I need to write one of these.
NASA Eclipse 2017 Live - Streaming Video of August 21 Total Solar Eclipse | NASA
This is the go to page if you want to participate in the solar eclipse on Monday on the web. I'll be in Eureka, MO looking up! 👀
Arrange your time and tasks according to these seven categories, and you’ll be a creativity machine
I've done a decent amount of thinking about time allocations and budgeting time. This article is focused on looking at how your time contributes to creative endeavors. My target isn't necessarily that, but the structures that he describes could be put to in place for different desired effects. The basic argument -- time is a finite resource, like money, and you budget money so why wouldn't you budget time -- holds a lot of water with me.
Kubernetes at GitHub | GitHub Engineering
I find these overviews of how big organizations adopt large components of technology good reads. There are a lot of decisions to be made when you do this type of work and there is always something to be learned from others.
iOS 11 has a ‘cop button’ to temporarily disable Touch ID - The Verge
Interesting addition to iOS and good since the courts have determined that law enforcement can force you to provide your fingerprint for Touch ID.
Why We Terminated Daily Stormer
Tough decision from the CEO of CloudFlare. Hosting providers always retain the legal right to take actions like this, but they rarely do. As you remind this remember that WikiLeaks was also denied service from companies like Visa and PayPal. This isn't a right or left thing, but instead about how do companies that provide broad services treat organizations that are on the absolute fringes of society or legality. The directness of Matt Prince in taking this action is admirable.
Five Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal | Day One
I've tried keeping a gratitude journal and it was harder than I expected. Some useful tips here if you want to do this. I continue to really like Day One for a variety of uses.
The e-mail Larry Page should have written to James Damore
The Economist with a very well done piece on the James Damore Google Manifesto situation.
Me on React: an old dog with new tricks
Writeup on diving into a React framework. I’m still trying to understand in my mind where reactive frameworks are better than others? Mobile? Certain domains? Everything?
How to hire executives – Brian Armstrong – Medium
Good article describing how components of hiring an executive is different than other hiring teams do. Good how to.
A Review of Perl 6 – Evan Miller
I used to write Perl 4 code in college and wrote a decent amount of Perl 5 code in the 90's. Perl 6 seemed like a myth. Bigfoot would walk out of the forest and shake your hand before Perl 6. But it is now here and this article is a good overview of what Perl 6 brings.
Ready to Farm for Software Talent? – RoleModel Software
This has to be a component of any technology team that needs to grow and scale over time.
Google paying Apple $3 billion to remain default search - Bernstein
Curious what it’s worth to be the default search engine on iOS? Turns out it’s worth a lot! I switch my default to [DuckDuckGo](https://duckduckgo.com) on all of my devices for privacy reasons.
4 days ago
Honesty app Sarahah is becoming a self-esteem machine - The Verge
Interesting new service [Sarahah](https://www.sarahah.com) provides a way for individuals to get anonymous feedback. This predates and is much simpler and flexible than [Incogneato](https://incognea.to). I created an account, [leave me some feedback](https://thingles.sarahah.com)!
4 days ago
New – AWS SAM Local (Beta) – Build and Test Serverless Applications Locally — AWS Blog
This looks very useful for people building serverless apps on Lambda. Putting the code in a container is definitely nice, but the ability to simulate invokes from other AWS services is a big win too!
7 days ago
Announcing the Coco Framework for enterprise blockchain networks | Blog | Microsoft Azure
Microsoft joining IBM and others in providing blockchain ⛓ services for companies to build off of. I continue to watch this space. It still feels like a solution looking for a problem, but due to cryptocurrencies it definitely isn't going away. There definitely could be something here for other systems too.
8 days ago
SPS Commerce to host Hack the Heat Minneapolis | SPS Commerce
I **love** 💙 that we can host this great event for high school students to learn and build!
8 days ago
Swarm Shifts Focus to Become a Personal Travel Timeline – MacStories
My interest was piqued on this recent release of Swarm (from what we used to think of as Foursquare) because a number of IndieWeb people I follow use it. That surprises me since this seems like a privacy nightmare, but the app has evolved to be less social and more private/journal focused. I would however give the Terms and Service and Privacy Policy a detailed read before I did anything with this. I would assume they are selling all your movement and location data to any number of ad networks.
8 days ago
The James Damore Google manifesto is a toxic exercise in generalization - without bullshit
I like [Josh Bernoff](https://withoutbullshit.com/about-me) site and how he cuts through the *bullshit* of documents. This sexist manifesto has been making the rounds this week and his analysis of it is solid.
8 days ago
Why you (yes, you) need to be a better writer (and how to get started) - a n n i e m u e l l e r
I really enjoy Annie Mueller's blog and writing, so I definitely wanted to read her thoughts on being a better writer!
8 days ago
Implementing Webmentions
There continues to be significant thought on how to create the goo things about the social web in the open or IndieWeb. Webmentions are a modern take on the old blog [pingbacks](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pingback). I've enabled my site with them using [webmention.io](https://webmention.io).
8 days ago
Ulysses Is Switching to Subscription Pricing
I use Ulysses and have purchased it on both iOS and macOS. They, like Bear, have become another subscription based writing / note taking app. I subscribed. I get the economics and I want to support key software that I find valuable.
9 days ago
Chalice – 1.0.0 GA Release | AWS Developer Blog
Another serverless framework, this time from AWS themselves.
11 days ago
Jeff Atwood | Civilized Discourse... But How? | Heavybit
Jeff Atwood is a big part of the brains behind [Discourse](https://www.discourse.org) and previously [Stack Overflow](https://stackoverflow.com). He has spent more time than the vast majority of people online trying to figure out how to build healthy communities online.
11 days ago
Encourage children to spend more time online, says former GCHQ head | Society | The Guardian
A contrarian view to the smartphones are terrible for kids comment. I think there is some truth here, being digitally capable is very important. However, I also think that we are long past the time where just using a computing device makes you more capable. There are plenty of ways to do things on your device that provide no benefit other than entertainment.
11 days ago
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
Continuing the dialog around the impact of smartphones on people.
11 days ago
iPhone addiction, Scrooge and regret – 52 Tiger
Some personal reflections on the *addiction* to smart phones and this persons reflections on how that has impacted his family.
11 days ago
Home Screens - Sal Saghoian —macsparky
I really enjoy [MacSparky](https://www.macsparky.com/)'s [home screen series](https://www.macsparky.com/?tag=home+screens#show-archive). I tend to always find some new app or new way of thinking about things. [Sal Soghoian](https://macosxautomation.com) is notable as the author of AppleScript so I took particular note on this one. I also love how he considers the privacy angle of his smart phone.
12 days ago
4 Things That Set Successful CEOs Apart
Good fodder for leaders to consider in how they approach their work and their teams.
12 days ago
FBI: 'Improvised explosive device' caused blast at Bloomington Islamic center | Star Tribune
I just get more and more worried about us as a society. Terrible act of violence.
13 days ago
Why Onboarding is the Most Crucial Part of Your Growth Strategy —Casey Accidental
Good ideas and thoughts on how you introduce users to a new product or service. Also good discussion of key metrics.
14 days ago
YC’s 2017 Summer Reading List
Not necessarily an endorsement of Y Combinator, but I do like seeing what smart folks highlight as recommended reads.
14 days ago
Ops: It's everyone's job now | Opensource.com
I found this view of the continuing evolution of DevOps interesting. I particularly liked the quote that *"Distributed systems are never 'up'; they exist in a constant state of partially degraded service."* There is a lot of truth there.
15 days ago
Our Minds Have Been Hijacked by Our Phones. Tristan Harris Wants to Rescue Them | WIRED
Interesting read on the impact to people of the massive technology platform that we spend so much time in today.
15 days ago
danah boyd | apophenia » Tech Culture Can Change
[Danah Boyd](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danah_boyd) writing on the deep issues of sexism and gender bias in the tech industry. Her perspective on this and recommendations are worth reading and digesting in full.
15 days ago
Hack The Heat Is Coming Back For More —TechDotMN
[Hack the Heat](http://hacktheheat.net/one-page/index.html) is a really cool event ran by high school students for other students. Very happy that [SPS Commerce](http://www.spscommerce.com) is going to be hosting this 24 hour event again!
15 days ago
Here’s How Unicorns Trick You Into Thinking They’re Real - Bloomberg
News flash -- private valuations aren't very accurate. In other news, the sky is blue. 😲
16 days ago
How to avoid Marketo's outage and the twitter storm —LogicMonitor
Monitoring your DNS expiration and renewal with your registrar is very similar to monitoring SSL certificate renewal. I always monitor SSL certificates but have never monitored the domain name and registrar for registration. The failure cases seem small, and most business domains are on auto-renewal, but you could have a payment failure and an unmonitored email address case a big problem.
22 days ago
National Do Not Call Registry
Make sure to register all your phone numbers here.
22 days ago
What is a Bitcoin fork? – The Coinbase Blog
This seems pretty horrible for the BTC world -- very confusing to anyone not closely involved in the process.
22 days ago
Restore Historic Mission Control by Space Center Houston — Kickstarter
This is the coolest thing! Will definitely be backing this project. Once the restoration is done this will be a cool thing to build a trip around to see. Very smart to have [Gene Kranz](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Kranz) involved.
22 days ago
The Scientifically Proven Way To Have The Best Vacation Ever
The last three items on this list are better in psychological data. How something *ends* is very impactful to how we remember it. 'Ending on a high note' will bias you to remembering any event better than it was. It's also fun to think of the 'memory value' of a vacation. In an odd way, vacations are an investment into your future as you remember them in the past.
23 days ago
Leading with GTD —Next Action Associates
This is a great list and something I've been asked about a lot. I practice GTD and I lead a large team. People have asked me many times how you bring GTD into an organization. This list is a great set of ways to put it into practice, without pushing a process on others.
23 days ago
Incogneato Anonymous Box || The Easiest Online Suggestion Box
Cool new offering by [Ben Edwards](https://alttext.com) of [minnestar](https://minnestar.org) and [SmartThings](https://www.smartthings.com) fame. I could see using this.
23 days ago
Turning a page: Leadpages co-founder Collins taps his own CEO successor - StarTribune.com
Big changes at one of the more widely known startups in the Twin Cities.
23 days ago
Story of a successful migration to Google Cloud Platform
A lot of good advice here that I've given myself. One of the main concepts I recommend is to not rearchitect applications and keep things stable as much as possible. Do the improvements when you get to the cloud.
25 days ago
Roombas have been busy mapping our homes, and now that data could be up for sale - The Verge
This is a great example of hidden garbage in terms of service. Nobody has ever bought a Roomba thinking that they would expose the layout of their home to iRobot for them to then do anything with, much less sell it.
25 days ago
AWS CloudFormation Supports Multiple Account and Region Provisioning with StackSet
Nice add to the AWS toolset and clearly a win as customers, particularly large ones, use AWS accounts as an ultimate isolation and cost management tool.
25 days ago
The Best Notes App for iPhone and iPad: Bear — The Sweet Setup
Nice overview of the notes app that I use for meeting notes. I've gotten comfortable with multiple notes locations, mainly Bear and Apple Notes. I use Bear for meetings and professional things, and Apple Notes for everything else. The tagging and automation features of Bear are a huge win in a work context, but the Note sharing and ease-of-use of Apple Notes wins out at home and for personal items. I actually really like segmenting these.
25 days ago
Managing Check Lists —Macdrifter
Overview of a lot of different ways to manage lists, specifically focused on what the author is looking for. Useful overview of a bunch of different list managers. It seems like [OmniFocus](https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus) with a project template solution would meet the requirements but that isn't listed in his solutions.
25 days ago
A completely secure, in transit and rest, open-source email system born from the ashes of [Lavabit](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavabit), which you may remember as the email service that [Edward Snowden](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Snowden) used and which was shut down from legal threats and protecting it’s users email. I have long argued that email is no longer something 'citizens' can do, it's a professional activity filled with spam and virus threats. However, I'm also a big fan of encrypted email and massively distributed email. The more encryption and the more distributed email is (not centralized at one or two providers) the harder it is for people to harvest and monitor it. An open-source encrypted email system is a nice step in that direction. Even better would be for it to be containerized so you could run it with little technical knowledge.
25 days ago
Trust - Our World In Data
Huge article that I mostly skimmed for the graphs. I like the visuals, and the data itself is very interesting. Seems notable that trust in other people has droped 15% in last 40 years in the United States. It's also more variable than I would have thought. Compare that to Sweden. The entire site is full of stuff like this, you could spend a lot of time here. ✨ Thanks [@swensn](https://twitter.com/swensn) for the link.
26 days ago
The Rules of Creation – a n n i e m u e l l e r
Great thoughts on how to think about the creative process. I think you could apply this to any creative endeavor, but I like to think about how it applies to the creation of software (which is a creative endeavor!).
27 days ago
Sustainability - Give Your Amazon Box New Life
I had no idea that your old Amazon boxes can be filled with things you no longer need and mailed to a charitable organization!
27 days ago
A quick guide to Stripe’s culture
Technology firms have taken great effort to be very specific in thinking about their culture. I do this as well and think it is critical to organizations. As a result, the culture statements are often more verbose than you may think. This one from Stripe is interesting both for it’s verbosity as well as the 'Questions you should ask yourself' sections. Interesting content, I’m not sure about all of it but I like that they have a defined way to share feedback and it’s open to the public.
27 days ago
What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team
Long article that could use a TL;DR section but nothing hugely surprising here. Highlights the need for **dependability**, **structure and clarity**, **meaning**, **impact** and **psychological safety**.
27 days ago
Niantic Pokémon GO Fest Chicago Update - Pokémon GO
The [first ever Pokemon GO Fest](http://www.businessinsider.com/pokmon-go-chicago-event-issues-ticket-refunds-after-widespread-outage-2017-7) was in Chicago this last weekend. The event was interesting with a lot of special activities surrounding it. Even with what I’m sure was detailed planning and any amount of cloud infrastructure needed the service still ran into performance issues. They took action on it right away but another data point on how hard it is to scale technology infrastructure and systems for events.
28 days ago
Introducing Cosette – University of Washington Database Group – Medium
This looks like a very powerful tool to analyze SQL queries, particularly when you are optimizing for performance. This seems like it would be extremely difficult to write.
4 weeks ago
How to Make a Strategic, Value-Driven Business Case for Your DevOps…
Good article focusing on connecting DevOps principles to business drivers. Good reading for technical folks trying to sell the business value of infrastructure work in general. The section on the board of directors is a bit odd to me though. How the work is executed is rarely a board discussion (and is almost always bad if it is), but the values may bubble up to that level of priority.
4 weeks ago
Serverless Hosting Comparison – headmelted
Nice overview of serverless (cloud function) offerings from various providers.
4 weeks ago
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