Why Lightroom CC Is a Big Step Up from Apple’s Photos - TidBITS
I haven't used Lightroom much in the last couple of years but it’s still my go to for power user functionality with photos. Interesting to see Adobe taking a run at a complete rethink of Lightroom. The naming is really confusing, but I might check this out.
5 hours ago
Brandi Carlile - The Mother (Live) - YouTube
I've seen [Brandi Carlile](http://brandicarlile.com) perform this great song a few times live. This video of her singing it to her daughter, who it is about, is fabulous. Album comes out on February 16. 🎶
16 hours ago
10 Reasons Why We Don’t Stick to Things : zen habits
I like that this enumerates the things that we often do, knowingly or not, and how we can fight those negative patterns.
17 hours ago
Jay Rosen: This is what a news organization built on reader trust looks like » Nieman Journalism Lab
There is a lot of soul searching in news for how a news organization should work. I like how this one is approaching it.
17 hours ago
Universal Basic Income explained
Nice video overview of the core concepts of [basic income](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_income) including examples where it has been tried.
17 hours ago
Some thoughts on social networks | mathew's web site
Insightful observation that the negative aspects of platforms like Facebook don't come from their specific implementation of social networking but is instead fundamental to the characteristics of the platform and business model.
17 hours ago
How Duterte Turned Facebook Into a Weapon—With Help From Facebook - Bloomberg
When I read [The Master Switch](https://www.amazon.com/Master-Switch-Rise-Information-Empires/dp/0307390993) I was particularly struck by the claim that large monopolies are really helpful for governments to manage and control things. It makes sense, if the government wants to monitor communications it’s easier if there is one communication service. This was the cozy pairing that AT&T had with the government before it was broken up. This article shows how a malevolent government could leverage the monopoly of Facebook in their company to achieve there ends. Worrisome examples of pretty terrible practices to manipulate a society.
17 hours ago
Learning with Privacy at Scale - Apple
Some details on what _differential privacy_ is and how it works in order to build more intelligent applications that use real data from real users without the negative privacy implications. Are there other companies applying rigor like this for privacy? I continue to see Apple making a long bet on privacy as a feature and I like that.
17 hours ago
Please invest responsibly — an important message from the Coinbase team
I have a Coinbase account and have a very tiny amount of Bitcoin. This letter from the CEO should be read as "please, please don't regulate us"! 😏
Calm Technology
This reminds me of the [slow food manifesto](https://www.slowfoodusa.org/manifesto), basic principles that should be applied to the software and systems we build. 👏
SQS & Lambda: teaming up – IOpipe Blog
Cool open source project to bridge two very useful AWS services that aren't natively connected.
Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You
This has a good writeup on the Maker v. Manager subject that Paul Graham originally wrote up. I like this article because it goes into more examples of how people use these and very importantly how people use both. I find that I need to effectively use both schedule types to achieve my objectives and being clear about which you are using at different points is critical.
Time Well Spent
> We are building a new organization dedicated to reversing the digital attention crisis and realigning technology with humanity's best interests.

Sounds like a good idea!
SEC.gov | Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings
Here is the SEC giving a warning to Coinbase and others that "hey, we might be regulating you."
Even more sieve extensions | FastMail Blog
I've paid Fastmail a very reasonable fee to host my email for years. They have a great service and I love the power features they have like full support of the sieve mail filtering language. If you feel like signing up use [my affiliate link](https://www.fastmail.com/?STKI=12008209).
Lua for Programmers Part 1: Language Essentials
I continue to have a strange fascination with Lua. I really should find a project to learn it. This is a nice multipart writeup to easily learn basic Lua structure and syntax. If you ever need an embedded language Lua is a great choice.
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
A treatise on the economic and financial challenges facing millennials. An interesting read. Related, I’m on the fence with this new way of packaging special news stories as mini-applications. I find it fun in ways, but it’s also frustrating when they involve new user paradigms that you have to discover through trial and error.
You Give Up a Lot of Privacy Just Opening Emails. Here's How to Stop It | WIRED
This article is worth a read to realize how much tracking can and often does occur in your email client. I think a lot about tracking in the browser but this is a very difficult place to deal with. I don't think any email programs really offer good protection from this type of tracking. And, by the way, if you are using a tracker for personal emails? Yuck. (In full disclosure, the Weekly Thing is sent with MailChimp and it has trackers all over the place. I can't remove them unless I pay MailChimp to take them out. 😕)
The FCC just killed net neutrality - The Verge
As expected the Net Neutrality rules were voted down in a 3-2 vote at the FCC. Expect to hear from opponents of net neutrality that after the vote the internet is still working. Erosion of neutrality will take a while. Companies aren't dumb, they will slowly start charging more. For the foreseeable future it’s important to start thinking about how to manage around this and put pressure on the corporations.
Say Farewell to Putty as Microsoft adds an OpenSSH Client to Windows 10
Wow! Finally Microsoft Windows based admins can just natively `ssh` from there machines! Microsoft really has changed! 😂 ⛄️🔥
Popular Destinations rerouted to Russia | BGPmon
Wow -- this is pretty interesting and a bit scary. A bad actor injecting routes into the [BGP](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Border_Gateway_Protocol) system of the internet and routing large amounts of data onto foreign territory. This seems like it’s intentional and hard to imagine it’s _not_ a state sponsored activity.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Performance Report 2017 - Catchpoint's Blog - Web Performance Monitoring
Interesting data collected by Catchpoint looking at the performance of various retail websites during the busiest time of the year.
Moment – Automatically track your and your family's daily iPhone and iPad use
Interesting application that tracks how many times you look at your phone and how long you've looked at it. Helps you be cognizant of how much time you spend by just informing you in 15 minute increments. Interesting concept. I’m trying it out to see what I think.
In digital innovation era, this technologist focuses on empathy in tech - SiliconANGLE
A very cool interview with Minneapolis-native and awesome tech community leader [Bridget Kromhout](https://bridgetkromhout.com)! Very cool! Her observations on the people side of working in tech are absolutely spot on! 👏 I think the "unconference" Bridget mentions is [Minnebar](https://minnestar.org/minnebar/)! 🤔
Google sent more traffic to publishers than Facebook in 2017 - Recode
Wow! This is great to see. Is there a decline is people relying on Facebook to get their news? Let's hope! 🤞
Lua Records — PowerDNS Recursor 4.1.1-pre documentation
This is really nifty -- putting Lua functions into your DNS server! I didn't realize there were DNS servers that could do this type of function but it opens up some pretty interesting solutions. Word of caution though, perhaps they are a little too interesting. I could see this confusing people when troubleshooting.
Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society - The Verge
Yet another Facebook executive that is frightened and disturbed by what they have built. You have to take a moment and reconsider when the people that build a thing don't think it’s a good idea to use that thing!
Book: Why We Sleep - Feld Thoughts
Tammy read this book and really liked it. She found a lot of compelling information on sleep 💤 and the benefits associated. I put this on my book clubs list to read too. Was interesting to see Brad Feld write it up as well.
Getting Things Done® | Get a Grip on Your Process, or Give It Up
David Allen getting real with some tough love. 💪💛
AWS Lambda in Production: State of Serverless Report 2017
[New Relic](https://newrelic.com) has access to some interesting data on usage of Lambda functions for serverless workloads. This has some really interesting insights into how people are using lambdas.
5 days ago
8 emerging trends in container orchestration
Datadog did some interesting aggregated statistics on container practices inside of [Kubernetes](https://kubernetes.io) and [AWS ECS](https://aws.amazon.com/ecs/). Some cool insights they can see across many deployments across various companies.
5 days ago
By the Time I Get to Phoenix - Wikipedia
This is fabulous story about this song. Thanks to [Steve Yaeger](https://twitter.com/SteveYaeger) for the introduction to this. 👍

> However, the drive is actually possible, driving at an average of about 65 mph. If he leaves Los Angeles around midnight, he can drive the 373 miles to Phoenix in about six hours to arrive when she "rises" at 6:00 am. If she "stops at lunch" to "give him a call" at 12:30 p.m. when he is in Albuquerque, it gives him six-and-a-half hours to make the 420-mile drive. The drive from Albuquerque to the Oklahoma border is about 390 miles, giving her plenty of time to get home and go to sleep.
6 days ago
Looking Forward to 2018 - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates
I’m a big fan of Let's Encrypt and I think they are fundamentally making the web safer and better with their work. They served **61 million** unique domains SSL certificates in 2017! That is amazing. Consider that SSL certificates easily cost $20/year (on the cheap side) that is over **$1.2 billion** in value!
7 days ago
The 2017 kottke.org Holiday Gift Guide
Kottke's extremely thorough gift guide! 🎁
7 days ago
Introducing ProtonMail Bridge, email encryption for Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail - ProtonMail Blog
This is pretty cool! 👏 Email by default has no security features. And adding encryption to email is shockingly difficult. I've tried doing PGP plugins before and it is a nightmare. [ProtonMail](https://protonmail.com) makes a very robust and entirely encrypted webmail product, but their limitation to a regular mail client is a big gap. This ProtonMail Bridge is a really ingenious way of delivering secure, encrypted email to Mail clients that have no idea how to deal with security!
7 days ago
Google is pulling YouTube off the Fire TV and Echo Show - The Verge
As you consider the arguments around Net Neutrality being removed take a moment to observe that Google and Amazon can't even agree on selling each others devices. Somehow we are supposed to believe that net neutrality isn't needed?
7 days ago
Disqus and Zeta – AVC
I've considered using Disqus many times. The reality though is that Disqus is a commenting toy that you can deploy on your website while exposing your users to tracking and reducing their privacy. The fact that Disqus was bought by "largest independent marketing cloud" should give you confirmation of what I just said. If you use Disqus on your personal website, you should pull it off. Personally I block the Disqus widgets from loading using [1Blocker](https://1blocker.com).
7 days ago
Silicon Valley Is Sneaking Models Into This Year’s Holiday Parties - Bloomberg
First off, this is a service you can buy? 🤦🏼‍♂️ Second, we've got a long ways to go in the tech industry.
7 days ago
iPhone X: A New Frontier – MacStories
Long and super detailed review of the iPhone X. If you are thinking about buying one this has every little nit and nat you could ever care about.
9 days ago
How to use Apple Pay Cash - Six Colors
With the launch this week of Apple Pay Cash this is a nice overview of how to set it up and use it. I've sent $1 around to a bunch of friends. Works amazingly well! I think Apple Pay Cash over iMessage could be a big deal. I could easily see this at Art Fairs and other ad hoc venues to make payment.
9 days ago
Google's AlphaZero Destroys Stockfish In 100-Game Match - Chess.com
It’s absolutely stunning that AlphaZero did this well so quickly.

> Oh, and it took AlphaZero only four hours to "learn" chess. Sorry humans, you had a good run.

This is another case where the algorithm just learned by playing.
9 days ago
iPhone X Camera Review - A Week in Italy — Nanda Kusumadi
The camera in the iPhone X is amazing. These shots are great and straight off the phone. The only place it isn't going to get it done is a long lens for zoom and something for shallow depth of field.
10 days ago
Daring Fireball: Facebook 'Messenger Kids'
Gruber's take on this is so spot on:

> This is like Philip Morris introducing officially licensed candy cigarettes. You’re nuts if you sign your kids up for this.
10 days ago
Software, Tech Talent, Diversity, and the Future of Everything | Mark Hurlburt | TEDxFargo - YouTube
Very good talk from [Mark Hurlburt](https://www.linkedin.com/in/markdhurlburt/) of [Prime Digital Academy](https://www.primeacademy.io) on bringing more diversity into software development. 👏
10 days ago
Vanilla — hide Mac menu bar icons for free
I've used [Bartender](https://www.macbartender.com) for a number of years now and didn't know there was another option. Vanilla is interesting and more subtle. Also has a free version and is only $4 to buy the pro add-ons.
10 days ago
A Quick Way to Sort Projects and Contexts | Using OmniFocus
I had no idea this Sort Once feature was in OmniFocus. That is handy to have. (I skipped all the automation stuff with Keyboard Maestro.)
12 days ago
How We Reorganized Instagram’s Engineering Team While Quadrupling Its Size
More should be written about how technology teams evolve their organizational models as they scale. I liked the goal setting in this one "We picked our top five outcomes, which became our organizational principles." You have to start with something like this and then drive to that objective.
13 days ago
A Holiday Gift List of Crap I Don't Regret
I’m liking some of these holiday gift lists I’m seeing come through my feeds lately.

1. [Nintendo Switch](https://www.nintendo.com/switch/) is on my list for this year. I continue to hear very good things about the Switch from everyone that I ask.
2. The Magnetic Pencil Sleeve is a good idea.
3. I have [AirPods](https://www.apple.com/airpods/) and completely agree that they are amazing.
4. The Caps for Apple Pencil is also a good idea for folks that have more than one.
5. I just got a [ScanSnap iX500](http://www.fujitsu.com/us/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/ix500/) myself and it is a great device.
13 days ago
MindNode 5 Screencasts by David Sparks - YouTube
I like David Sparks screencasts and he just produced nearly an hour of new ones for the new release of MindNode 5.
13 days ago
Oura Ring | Sleep Tracker and Smart Ring with a Heart Rate Monitor
Some interesting and cool tech. Many (most?) people wear rings all the time. This seems like the simplest, least intrusive option there could be to passively collect biometric data on a person. It’s interesting that they are first focusing on sleep.
13 days ago
Is the economy suffering from the crisis of attention? | Bank Underground
Interesting article theorizing on a possible connection between economic growth and the rise of mobile and social technology. The suggestion is that one of two things is happening: time on social is taking away from productive time or time on social is yielding a distracted population that is less productive. I would suggest both are likely true. Cal Newport [gave a thoughtful summary](http://calnewport.com/blog/2017/11/30/on-the-complicated-economics-of-attention-capital/) of this article as well.
13 days ago
Microservice Architecture: All the Best Practices You Need to Know | Coding Sans
Long but good post describing the various aspects of microservices architecture.
14 days ago
Kubernetes: Getting Started
Good index of starters into the various aspects of the Kubernetes ecosystem.
14 days ago
The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding State Surveillance - Motherboard
Practical advice in a number of areas to protect yourself against surveillance. There is almost certainly one or two things nearly anyone could apply from this. 👍
14 days ago
ongoing by Tim Bray · Unapocalyptic Software
I love this writeup by Tim Bray on what software development is actually like.

> It’s like this: You sit down to im­prove a piece of soft­ware, make a cou­ple of changes, and sud­den­ly a lot of unit tests are fail­ing, leav­ing ug­ly red trails on your screen. (In fac­t, if you made changes and didn’t break unit test­s, you wor­ry that something’s wrong.) But then you dig in­to them one by one, and af­ter not too long, it’s all back to green; which is re­al­ly a good feel­ing.

Fun read, and very accurate.
14 days ago
I’m a big fan of [The Decemberists](http://www.decemberists.com) and a friend said this game was really awesome. On the Christmas list! 😁
14 days ago
Very cool website that allows you to see what information your browser is giving away on you and how well it fights against advertising and tracking technology. I had no idea this existed and it’s great that it does. Found it via this [announcement](https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/11/panopticlick-30) about the new version.
14 days ago
Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons - YouTube
Cal Newport has made it a mission of his to get folks off of social media. This is a worthwhile 14 minutes to consider all aspects of this medium.
14 days ago
Amazon Comprehend – Continuously Trained Natural Language Processing | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → I’m sure this has some great use cases around sentiment analysis but the surveillance capabilities creep me out.
14 days ago
Amazon SageMaker – Accelerating Machine Learning | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → Picking models for machine learning training is an often overlooked complexity with doing this right. This bundles that into one tool and should make it easier. We'll see.
14 days ago
In The Works – Amazon Aurora Serverless | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → What is a Serverless database? I’m not sure I know, but the idea of a database that has no cost other than storage when it’s idle is pretty amazing for certain workloads. Sadly this is only available for MySQL at the moment, but they promise PostgreSQL coming soon.
14 days ago
Amazon Transcribe – Accurate Speech To Text At Scale | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → It just got significantly easier to add speech-to-text capabilities to various applications.
14 days ago
S3 Select and Glacier Select – Retrieving Subsets of Objects | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → Wow, this is pretty cool. Take a bunch of data and dump it into an S3 bucket and then execute SQL-like `select` commands against that data. This enables some very interesting capabilities.
14 days ago
Introducing AWS Fargate – Run Containers without Managing Infrastructure | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → New offering from AWS that promises to deal with the backend of container orchestration.
14 days ago
Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → Happy to see AWS supporting [Kubernetes](https://kubernetes.io) natively! This is a first step that should result in a better solution for customers that are trying to navigate through platform decisions.
14 days ago
Amazon Neptune – A Fully Managed Graph Database Service | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → Graph databases are a bear to pick, use and run. AWS offering a cloud hosted graph database will hopefully address all of these issues. There are a large number of use cases where graph databases make a lot of sense but so many people have been burned by them that they tend to solve a graph problem using a document or relational database.

It’s cool to see that this supports RDF and SPARQL, core concepts of the [Semantic Web](https://www.w3.org/standards/semanticweb/). It also supports [TinkerPop3](https://tinkerpop.apache.org/) (really? can we get better names?).
14 days ago
Keeping Time With Amazon Time Sync Service | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → AWS offering an internal [NTP service](http://www.ntp.org) makes total sense. I would imagine that NTP traffic alone for AWS could be significant to other time servers.
14 days ago
Announcing Alexa for Business: Using Amazon Alexa’s Voice Enabled Devices for Workplaces | AWS News Blog
AWS re:Invent 📣 → I actually bought an Echo for us to try and use in our operations area. Idea was to make some read-only data available via voice. It didn't go anywhere in large part because the security side was too complicated. Theoretically this would solve that, but I’m pretty bearish that this offering is something that many folks would care about.
15 days ago
App: The Human Story - A documentary coming soon.
This documentary looks pretty interesting. I like the focus of the intersection of how people use digital tools. Not just the human or digital side, but the power of both used positively together.
15 days ago
Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities
A [FOSS](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_and_open-source_software) option for managing notes and to do's.

> Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. The notes are in Markdown format.
15 days ago
Another option for storing secrets for your systems and infrastructure. 🔐
17 days ago
MindNode 5 - It starts with a thought - MindNode
New major release of one of my favorite mind mapping tools (the other is [iThoughts](https://www.toketaware.com/ithoughts-ios)). I like MindNode's simpler and light user interface. It’s a great place to do brainstorming. Also, a [good review of this on MacStories](https://www.macstories.net/reviews/mindnode-5-digital-mind-mapping-finally-clicked-for-me/).
17 days ago
MediaWiki Pivot Skin
Very impressive skin/template for [MediaWiki](https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki) by [Tom Hutchison](https://github.com/Hutchy68). Tom and I collaborated extensively on the [Foreground](https://foreground.wikiproject.net/wiki/Main_Page) skin when I was working on that for [WikiApiary](https://wikiapiary.com/wiki/Main_Page). Pivot looks great! 👍
19 days ago
Chaos Toolkit
Nice to see more general tooling coming to the chaos engineering space.

> The Chaos Toolkit aims at simplifying your journey through the Principles of Chaos Engineering and more generally considers that you should embrace continuously observing and poking your system to empower your team in face of adversity.
20 days ago
Sugar industry accused of hiding evidence of sucrose's negative health effects 50 years ago | The Independent
This behavior sounds really familiar — 🚬! Food research and health effects are notoriously fuzzy and change over time so it’s easy to discount this stuff. However, an industry acting to cover-up data is alarming no matter what the outcome is.
20 days ago
RememBear: Secure Password Manager
A new entrant into the Password (Secret) Manager space. I've been a [1Password](https://1password.com) user for years (and the whole family is safe with [1Password for Families](https://1password.com/families/)) and will stick with it. This is from the same company that makes the [TunnelBear](http://tunnelbear.com) VPN offering which I have used in the past.
20 days ago
Carp | Veit's Blog
I find it fun to read through takes on various computer languages. There are so many languages and the vast majority never got any traction. A thorough blog post reviewing a language is sort of like a vacation to another country to explore it’s traditions and taste the flavors and importantly come back home shortly after. I had never heard of [Carp](https://github.com/carp-lang/Carp) but this is a thorough review of it. A Lisp language that compiles down to C to then be compiled natively.
20 days ago
CEOs Don’t Steer
Interesting and thought provoking article on the role of a CEO.

> The primary CEO function, and the trait the good ones are selected for, is to provide the gyroscopic stability required to keep a company vectored in the chosen direction.

There is a lot that makes sense in this article, and a lot I’ve seen up close many times. 🤔
21 days ago
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