Vamp in the Hole by Sariel Lunar
Spike gets himself into an awkward situation, and then into a more dangerous one.
author:sariel_lunar  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
This Inhuman Place by WmGeorge
Is Xander willing to lose his friends for a future with the man he loves?
author:wmgeorge  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000  words:+50.000 
april 2012
Tainted Returns by Kiristeen
Out for vengeance after 'the bathroom scene', Xander ends up having to rescue Spike.
author:kiristeen  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
Speak No Evil by Skargasm
Sunnydale is gone; so is Wolfram & Hart. Angel has the visions and Spike helps the helpless. And what could be more helpless than a mouthy Scooby who doesn't talk and seems to no longer be himself...
author:skargasm  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
A Sire's Revenge: For My Childe by Cath
After Spike's been captured by the Initiative he is catatonic. Xander brings him to Angel for help. wip
author:cath  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000  warning:wip 
april 2012
Rock Bottom by Creed and Echos Revenge
The hyena is loose after Xander after tries to kill himself with a cursed dagger.
author:creed_and_echos_revenge  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
The Prophecy of the Defender & the Determined Protector by Skargasm
The words of a prophecy force Spike and Xander closer than they ever thought they would ever become but will it be close enough?
author:skargasm  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
Preying On My Mind by Jane Davitt
Spike returns to Sunnydale with no memory of his time with Xander. Sequel to Predatory Acts
author:jane_davitt  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
Predatory Acts by Jane Davitt
and it's sequel: Praying on my Mind
Spike comes to Sunnydale while Xander is possessed by the Hyena
author:jane_davitt  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
Power Plays by Lady Cat
Xander has grown tired of waiting for what he wants. He's ready to take.
author:lady_cat  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
One Night on the Hellmouth by frk_werewolf
While visiting the Hellmouth, Spike has a run in with everyone's favorite hyena boy.
author:frk_werewolf  words:-10.000  words:-1.000  category:hyena!xander 
april 2012
Nervous by frk_werewolf
It was like being taken over. Pinned to the spiritual floor and left to watch as your body performed without you
author:frk_werewolf  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000  words:-1.000 
april 2012
Miscalculation by spikedluv
A teeny tiny miscalculation when Willow and Giles practice a spell has unforseen consequences. .
author:spikedluv  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know by MissE
Spike comes to the Hellmouth early, during Xander's hyena possession
author:misse  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
Loyal Love has Deathless Wings by Tabaqui
After turning him, Xander knew Spike would come back one day
author:tabaqui  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
Irony by Litgal
The Initiative finds a reason to take an interest in Xander, and Xander has long been taking a secret interest in Spike
author:litgal  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000  words:+50.000 
april 2012
Induction by JitkaJaylor
Spike knows that, sometimes, following the rules will get him what he wants.
author:jitkajaylor  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
The Hunter by Just Ink Me
'He loves the hunt. The stalking, chasing, capturing, wickedness of it all. He craves it. Tonight, finally, tonight he will prove that he is a worthy hunter. He will claim what has always been his to take!
author:just_ink_me  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
Home by Devo79
Amazing that the whelp had survived twenty years on the Hellmouth. Couldn’t just be pure bloody luck.
author:devo79  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
The Green Man Series by Whichclothes
It's said that if a mortal sees the Wild Hunt he'll be brought to the land of the dead.
author:whichclothes  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
Five Ways Spike and Xander Didn’t Meet by Spikedluv
A series of five stories detailing five ways Spike and Xander didn't meet.
author:spikedluv  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
Feral!verse by Devo79
The Initiative mix DNA from Xander and Hostile 17 to impregnate a young human woman, creating a hybrid child.

(AN: So this is AU. Xander left Sunnydale before Spike turned up at Giles’s house. Anya never existed. Angel never went semi-evil, so he never let Darla and Dru kill those lawyers. Spike left Sunnydale after Glory and went to work with Angel. Sunnydale still exists. )
author:devo79  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000 
april 2012
Feeding the Soul by Randy Sex Kitten
The hyena wants... The hunt, a worthy mate, everything she can get. In doing so she saves a life, and offers her own
author:randy_sex_kitten  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
Credence by Tabaqui
Instead of escaping the Initiative right away, Spike didn't get out until Buffy and Co. came in to wipe out Adam. And instead of staying in Sunnydale, he went up North and ended in Seattle
author:tabaqui  category:hyena!xander  words:+10.000  words:+50.000 
april 2012
Captive by Skargasm
Held captive, he isn't sure whether to be afraid or turned on.....
author:skargasm  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000  warning:dubious_consent 
april 2012
Animal by Electricalgwen
Xander's Hyena is accidently released and Spike is nominated sitter while the cure is found
author:electricalgwen  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
All consuming need by Skargasm
Sometimes it's just all consuming need....
Warning: Outright smut - don't ask me where it came from!!
author:skargasm  category:hyena!xander  words:-10.000 
april 2012
Abstraction by Paperk8
It was second nature now, to hold tight to that barrier, to reinforce it.
words:-10.000  author:paperk8  category:hyena!xander 
april 2012
Everybody thinks by Skitterby
Non-con of the "But, Spike, I don't wanna--oh, god, do that again!" variety.
author:skitterby  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Episode 23 by Melissa
It was becoming ever more obvious the Scoobies had to meet to discuss the UST between Spike and Xander
author:melissa  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Eleven Pound by Karen
Ever wondered why Dracula owes Spike money?
author:karen  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Dining Out by EntreNous
Xander’s birthday dinner, and Spike’s spoiling it.
author:entrenous  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Fun With Spike and Xander by FireHorse
In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander.
author:firehorse  category:comedy  words:-1.000  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Demons Anonymous by frk_werewolf
The Scoobies decide it's time to get help for their addiction.
author:frk_werewolf  category:comedy  words:-1.000  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Dawn Summers, Matchmaking Genius by Snowpuppies
Dawn Summers is a matchmaking genius. Don't believe her? Just ask her.
author:snowpuppies  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Curious Xander by Saber Shadowkitten
In which yet another author perverts yet another icon of childhood, and we have fun with Spike and Xander.
author:saber_shadowkitten  category:comedy  words:-1.000  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Crazy About the Boy by Twilightofmagic
Spike and Xander have a domestic accident with complicated results.
author:twilightofmagic  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Count Luffton by BmblBee
One night Spike gets more than a little drunk and does something stupid. Sequel to Mouse
author:bmblbee  category:comedy  words:+10.000 
october 2011
Costume Party by Robin the Crossover Junkie
Xander in fancy dress for a halloween party

Spike and Xander get ready to go out to a Halloween party. It’s all just dialogue, but I hope you get the jist anyway.
author:robin_the_crossover_junkie  category:comedy  words:-1.000  words:-10.000 
october 2011
A Consort's Holiday by BmblBee
The newly mated couple decide to take a little holiday. Sequel to What Happens In Vegas
author:bmblbee  category:comedy  words:+10.000 
october 2011
Colour Me Blind by Mwrgana
Spike has to protect his Xan from more than just demons
author:mwrgana  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Checkmate by Lady Cat and Estepheia
Xander and Spike need to undergo a charade, post-Gift. Can they handle what's required of them?
author:lady_cat  author:estepheia  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Charmed by Spikedluv
Willow just wanted people to see past Xander’s dopey exterior, so he could attract someone. When she cast her spell, she didn’t expect it to be Spike.
author:spikedluv  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Chairman of the Bored by Mwrgana
Spike's boredom threshold is gathering a dangerous head of steam - and Xander just happens to be there.
author:mwrgana  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Chain of Fools by Magixa
Spike and Xander's experiment goes a bit wonky
author:magixa  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Candid Yams by Emelye
Spike and Xander host the Harris family Thanksgiving dinner.
author:emelye  category:comedy  words:-1.000  words:-10.000 
october 2011
The Break Up by Rayne Jelly
Xander wouldn't just leave her! There was something terribly wrong!
author:rayne_jelly  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Blighty by Evil Manic Laugh
Giles sends Spike and Xander on a mission to London together
author:evil_manic_laugh  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Birthday by Edibbea
The boys are going out. Xander remembers other outings
author:edibbea  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
The Big Bird Affair by Frk_werewolf
Three men, a Slayer, Big Bird, kissing, and an attempt in teaching self-defense.
author:frk_werewolf  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Bait by Shade
"Hey! If you're going to kill me, at least pay attention to me!"
author:shade  category:comedy  words:-1.000  words:-10.000 
october 2011
The Such Men Series by Mwrgana
For some reason, Xander is feeling... adaptable. Can he persuade Spike it's the real thing?
author:mwrgana  category:comedy  words:+10.000 
october 2011
Amnesia! Spike by Mahaliem
Spike was shocked when Buffy told him that he was a vampire.
author:mahaliem  category:comedy  words:+10.000 
october 2011
The Adventures of Yarn!Spike by Dragon's Phoenix & others
Whichclothes, who knitted a couple of Spikes, mentioned writing stories for them on a day when I ran out of stuff to do at work. This is why they really should keep me busy at the office. Note: I'm calling him Yarn!Spike instead of knitted Spike, which is whichclothes' term for him, in honor of the most awesome superhero, Yarn Man (Megaton Man comics, and am I a geek or what!)

The Adventures of Yarn!Spike
author:dragons_phoenix  author:various  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
Accumulated Interest by Lazuli.Kat
Dracula repaid Spike with the only thing he owned. His thrall…Xander Harris
author:lazuli_kat  category:comedy  words:-10.000 
october 2011
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