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unix - How to concatenate two files line by line using bash - Stack Overflow
paste command, or:


awk 'BEGIN {OFS=" "}{
getline line < "file2"
print $0,line
} ' file1


exec 6<"file2"
while read -r line
read -r f2line <&6
echo "${line}${f2line}"
done <"file1"
exec 6<&-
paste  two  files  together  join 
june 2017 by theskett
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The Germans disliked the Americans, because of the way they projected their vast wealth. They said we fought like rich men. Example, Germans frequently abandoned tanks that were damaged or broke down in a battle, to return later and fix them. If an American tank broke down, it was pushed out of the way by a new one, at least that was their impression. Anecdotes, a German 88 gunner had a commanding position overlooking a road that approached his position. A Sherman tank started up the road, and he shot it through the star on the front, killing the tank. A few moments later, another Sherman approached and pushed the first aside, and started toward him. He killed that one. The Americans kept coming. Asked how it ended, he shrugged and said “I ran out of 88 ammo before they ran out of tanks. Another German officer encountered a US supply depot, really just a pile of stuff nearly a mile long, a few days after D Day. He told his driver the war was lost. The driver asked why, and he said, in effect, “this stuff wasn't even here three days ago, it was in England, and here is a pile of food and equipment, the likes of which I haven't seen during my entire time in the army. Hats, boots, butter. They came ashore with us fighting them and still managed to bring this here. We cannot beat them. “
americans  world  war  ii  two  american  soldiers 
may 2017 by theskett
MySQL Compare Two Tables to Find Unmatched Records
SELECT pk, c1
   SELECT, t1.c1
   FROM t1
   SELECT, t2.c1
   FROM t2
)  t
GROUP BY pk, c1
Compare  two  tables  difference  sql  mysql 
february 2016 by theskett
Surviving the Nazis, Only to Be Jailed by America -
“Nobody wanted them. They became an inconvenience to the world.”
holocaust  camps  jews  world  war  2  two  displaced  persons  concentration  survivors  nazi 
february 2015 by theskett

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