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linux - How long does badblocks take on a 1TB drive? - Super User
To answer you question, the closest I can offer is with a 3TB I tested for this. Here are the 3 times tests I did, only changing the parameter values for -c and only doing them up to 10% since they took A LOT of time. Each was done 3 times to get an average.

badblocks -svn /dev/sdb
To get to 1%: 1 Hour
To get to 10%: 8 hours 40 minutes

badblocks -svn -b 512 -c 32768 /dev/sda
To get to 1%: 35 Minutes
To get to 10%: 4 hours 10 minutes

badblocks -svn -b 512 -c 65536 /dev/sda
To get to 1%: 16 Minutes
To get to 10%: 2 hours 35 minutes

So yes, the -c parameter has a very big influence on the time it takes to check the drive. I would guess that for a 1 TB Hard drive, assuming it maintains the same time frame as the 3TB, it would be 1/3 of the time mentioned here, so to get to 10% with -c 65536 on the 1 TB HDD it would be about 50 minutes.
badblocks  bad  blocks  linux  time  speed 
11 weeks ago by theskett
build time only -v option · Issue #14080 · moby/moby · GitHub
Experimental support for buildkit was recently merged, with that comes with an option to RUN --mount=<opts> <command>
-- 17 June 2018
docker  dockerfile  mount  -v  volume  at  build  time 
july 2018 by theskett
vlc show total playlist time duration
As of VLC version 2.1 for Windows and Linux, you can see the total playlist duration next to the playlist menu item on the left side-bar in the playlist view.
vlc  show  total  playlist  time  duration 
march 2017 by theskett
How much time does it take and how much does it cost to successfully develop a h.. | GMO Answers
You are correct that it requires a tremendous investment of both time and resources to bring a new biotech crop to market. A survey completed in 2011 found the cost of discovery, development and authorization of a new plant biotechnology trait introduced between 2008 and 2012 was $136 million. On average, about 26 percent of those costs ($35.1 million) were incurred as part of the regulatory testing and registration process. The same study found that the average time from initiation of a discovery project to commercial launch is about 13 years. The longest phase of product development is regulatory science and registration activities, at about 5.5 years for traits introduced in 2011.
gmo  gm  plant  time  to  develop  bring  go  market 
april 2016 by theskett
Auto Sync Windows XP time on Boot - Super User
JP's XP virtual box starts with the wrong date, so time won't sync. Maybe this fixes?
sync  windows  time  on  boot  xp  salesforce 
september 2013 by theskett • View topic - Clock runs 2x too fast on CentOS 5.3 guest
/etc/init.d/ntpd stop ntpdate hwclock --systohc /etc/init.d/ntpd start
ntp  time  hardware  clock  sync  linux 
february 2013 by theskett
Ryan Howard and Rafael Nadal don't have quicker reflexes - 08.08.11 - SI Vault
the only way to accomplish it—the technique that separates the expert from the amateur—is to see the future.
reaction  time  baseball  fastball  anticipation 
august 2011 by theskett
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