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New Solar Power Plants are Incinerating Birds | The Weather Channel
"power towers,"  skyscraping structures that receive beams of focused solar rays to generate electricity.
solar  power  birds  killed  kill  dead  focus  rays 
november 2015 by theskett
Okotoks neighbourhood the future of home heating? - The Globe and Mail
borehole thermal energy storage (BTES). The technology stores solar energy in the ground in the summer to save it for winter, and acts as a large underground heat exchanger.
borehole  thermal  energy  storage  drake's  landing  canada  solar  power  heating  green 
december 2014 by theskett
Around the World Without a Drop of Fuel — Solar Impulse 2 Logs Its First Flight | Singularity Hub
The pilots will endure up to five- or six-day flights in a 3.8 cubic meter unpressurized, unheated (but highly insulated) cockpit. Outside temperatures may vary between +104 °F (+40 °C) and -40 °F (-40 °C).

They’ll have six oxygen bottles, a parachute, a life raft, and food and water for a week.
solar  powered  power  plane  aircraft 
june 2014 by theskett

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