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Nutty 9-11 Physics
Free Fall

According to Roedy Green's How You Know 9-11 Was an Inside Job:

All three World Trade Towers fell faster over the first half of the collapse than physics allows by free fall. That meant they had to have an assist, e.g. an explosive push from pre-planted demolition charges, not just gravity pulling them down. The maximum collapse for free fall is computed by
distance = g t
where g is the acceleration due to gravity 32 feet per second per second, and t is time in seconds. In other words, free fall collapse should start out slowly and accelerate faster and faster for the big finale.

This is just plain weird. Whether a building falls by deliberate demolition or catastrophic failure, the collapse will be governed by gravity. Even if you used a teleporter to magically make several stories vanish, the part above would only fall as fast as gravity would accelerate it. Only if there was some kind of thruster pushing the building down could it fall faster. Why install a useless Rube Goldberg device? Once the building begins to collapse, who needs anything to accelerate it? Gravity has a pretty reliable record of pulling things down. And where's the evidence for faster than free fall collapse?

The videos show that the towers took 15 seconds to collapse. The free-fall time for something to fall 400 meters is about 9 seconds. So, no, the towers did not fall faster than free fall.
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december 2015 by theskett - Growing Instructions
The Milkweed variety we grow and seeds we sell are the two favorites of the Monarch and they prefer it for raising their young and even the caterpillars will seek it out over many other varieties if given a choice, making it an excellent choice as a backup food supply. Yes, adult Monarch butterflies can smell them from 20 miles away and will seek them out. These varieties occur naturally throughout large areas of North America, but are not native to all areas. Please be responsible in the introduction of any plants into sensitive areas.
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march 2015 by theskett
Lens-free microscope lets almost anyone spot cancer
High-powered microscopes are useful for spotting cancer and other diseases in cells, but they're expensive and complicated. Your local physicians probably won't have a microscope on hand, and you'll probably need at least some skill to use one. However, UCLA scientists have developed a lens-free microscope that could put this tissue scanning power in the hands of many more people. The device creates a holograph-like image of your sample using a CCD or CMOS sensor (like that from your camera) to detect shadow patterns cast by a light source, and reconstructs them in software to present what you'd actually see. The result is a microscope that's just as effective as its conventional optical brethren, but should also be much cheaper and simpler.
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december 2014 by theskett
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