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Alan Mellor's answer to What are the best books for programmers that are not language-specific (understanding general concepts)? - Quora
What are the best books for programmers that are not language-specific (understanding general concepts)?

Alan Mellor, Programmed since 8 bit. Just use more bits now.
Answered 12h ago

It’s my usual three: Refactoring by Martin Fowler. How to de-tangle your legacy code from hell. Or your own code if you don’t follow:

Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin. Explains how SOLID works at the design level.

And you’ll find this easier to apply if you apply:

Growing Object Oriented software guided by tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. Show a huge, practical case study of writing tests firsts in order to steer your design into nicely decoupled SOLID lumps
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october 2018 by theskett
The Top Best Python Books- A Comprehensive List
Fundamentals of Python: First Programs.
Python Crash Course.
Core Python Applications Programming Third Edition.
Starting out with Python.
Learn Python The Hard way.
The Python Standard Library by Example.

Tkinter GUI Application Development Blueprints.
This GUI Python book is for those that want to develop GUI applications like text editor, Chess game,audio player, weather reporter, phone book application etc
WxPython 2.8 Application Development Cookbook.
WxPython interface is better than Tkinter at building complex GUIs, primarily because it has a large base of natively supported widgets.
This Python book is for those that what to build GUI applications using WxPython.

PySide GUI Application Development
If you want to develop more dynamic and robust GUI applications
using PySide, this is a good book to start with.

Python Data Visualization Cookbook
Bioinformatics with Python Cookbook – This book is great for research in computational biology.
Managing Your Biological Data with Python – Another great book for computational biology.
Python for Secret Agents
Building Machine Learning Systems with Python – This book is for Python programmers who want to learn how to perform machine learning using open source libraries.
Best Python Database Books.
MySQL for Python
Best Python Books for Game Developers.
Python Game Programming By Example
More Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner – This Python book is very friendly to beginners yet very good to make you among the top python game developers. It’s the bomb!!!…
Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame From Novice to Professional.

Best Python web framework books.
Django books:
I recommend the following books for web developers who want to get started with Django for web development.
Learning Django Web Development.
Pro Django.
Web Development with Django Cookbook.
Lightweight Django.
Flask web framework books:
Flask Blueprints.
Flask Framework Cookbook.

Python Networking Books
Python Network Programming Cookbook.
Twisted Network Programming Essentials.
Foundations of Python Network Programming.
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june 2017 by theskett
The True Believer Revisited | Issue 34 | Philosophy Now
The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements was written by Eric Hoffer
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february 2015 by theskett
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