Chrome - How to disable drag and drop in the text editor. | Off Topic | unofficial empeg BBS
Use greasemonkey (or whatever) to add ondragstart="return false" to the textarea element.
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6 days ago
linux - How long does badblocks take on a 1TB drive? - Super User
To answer you question, the closest I can offer is with a 3TB I tested for this. Here are the 3 times tests I did, only changing the parameter values for -c and only doing them up to 10% since they took A LOT of time. Each was done 3 times to get an average.

badblocks -svn /dev/sdb
To get to 1%: 1 Hour
To get to 10%: 8 hours 40 minutes

badblocks -svn -b 512 -c 32768 /dev/sda
To get to 1%: 35 Minutes
To get to 10%: 4 hours 10 minutes

badblocks -svn -b 512 -c 65536 /dev/sda
To get to 1%: 16 Minutes
To get to 10%: 2 hours 35 minutes

So yes, the -c parameter has a very big influence on the time it takes to check the drive. I would guess that for a 1 TB Hard drive, assuming it maintains the same time frame as the 3TB, it would be 1/3 of the time mentioned here, so to get to 10% with -c 65536 on the 1 TB HDD it would be about 50 minutes.
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14 days ago
How to enable remote access to PostgreSQL server? – Plesk Help Center
This link omits the /32 after the host IP, such that PostgreSQL won't start.
Also Servergraph systemd does not have a postgresql.service

# Configure PostgreSQL to listen on all network interfaces
sed -i.bak "s/^#*listen_addresses = [^#]*/listen_addresses = '*'\\t/" \

echo 'host all all your.ip.addr.here/32 trust' >> /usr/servergraph/pgsql_data/pg_hba.conf

# E.g., if the psql client appears to run on :
echo 'host all all trust' >> /usr/servergraph/pgsql_data/pg_hba.conf

# Restart PostgreSQL (which requires restarting Servergraph):
sgp shutdown
sgp run

# Enable remote access to PostgreSQL:
firewall-cmd --add-port 5432/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload

Then connect to database servergraph, with username servergraph
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16 days ago
Restoring a single table from a Postgres database or backup
If you are starting with a live database, you can simply use pg_dump to backup only one table:
pg_dump --data-only --table=tablename sourcedb > onetable.pg

which you can then restore in the other database:
psql destdb < onetable.pg

But even if all you've got is a full dump of the source database, you can still restore that single table by simply extracting it out of the large dump first:

pg_restore --data-only --table=tablename fulldump.pg > onetable.pg

before restoring it as shown above, using psql.

Generally, it's better to do your dumping via
pg_dump -Fc
which lets you then use the full power of pg_restore.
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21 days ago
Debugging Avamar connectivity - Servergraph - Rocket Software Wiki
egrep -v "^#|^$" /data01/avamar/var/mc/server_data/postgres/data/pg_hba.conf

We tried several variations of the 'trust' and 'md5' lines, eventually found that these values / this ordering provided (passwordless, presumably) access from Servergraph:

local all all trust
host mcdb all trust
host all all trust
host all all ::1/128 trust
host mcdb all md5
host mcdb all ::0/0 md5
(The pg_hba.conf lines above configure passwordless access to the mcdb database, from only the Servergraph server's IP address.)

(We saved copies of the original pg_hba.conf files, with a .2016-06-14 date suffix.)

Note that after editing pg_hba.conf , PostgreSQL must be reloaded – and it was necessary to specify the PostgreSQL data directory:

pg_ctl reload -D /data01/avamar/var/mc/server_data/postgres/data
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21 days ago
How do you get rid of the top blank 'dot' hierarch...
My first section looked

[table of contents]
my first header [H1]

Aparently, the newline after [table of contents] was also H1 and it caused the problem. so I deleted it:

[table of contents]my first header

and then entered a (soft?) new line SHIFT-RETURN to seperate them
[table of contents]
my first header [H1]

and the empty dot disappeared.
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23 days ago
Alan Mellor's answer to What are the best books for programmers that are not language-specific (understanding general concepts)? - Quora
What are the best books for programmers that are not language-specific (understanding general concepts)?

Alan Mellor, Programmed since 8 bit. Just use more bits now.
Answered 12h ago

It’s my usual three: Refactoring by Martin Fowler. How to de-tangle your legacy code from hell. Or your own code if you don’t follow:

Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin. Explains how SOLID works at the design level.

And you’ll find this easier to apply if you apply:

Growing Object Oriented software guided by tests by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce. Show a huge, practical case study of writing tests firsts in order to steer your design into nicely decoupled SOLID lumps
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29 days ago
C++ "Hello, World!" Program
tst.cpp :

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
cout << "Hello, World!";
return 0;

make tst
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4 weeks ago
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